Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Montgomery County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beall, Anne Gartrell  1787Montgomery County, Kentucky I38374
2 Clements, William  12 Apr 1797Montgomery County, Kentucky I74769
3 Hathaway, Dorcas  6 Nov 1786Montgomery County, Kentucky I12269
4 Hathaway, Katharine Caturah  4 Apr 1780Montgomery County, Kentucky I12266
5 Moreland, Elizabeth  7 Mar 1806Montgomery County, Kentucky I106441
6 Moreland, John  11 Oct 1808Montgomery County, Kentucky I106442
7 Prewitt, Clifton  3 Oct 1847Montgomery County, Kentucky I14499
8 Riggs, Daniel J.  10 Mar 1805Montgomery County, Kentucky I12439
9 Riggs, Mary  1802Montgomery County, Kentucky I12438
10 Riggs, William  6 May 1803Montgomery County, Kentucky I12437
11 Wilson, Nancy Evelyn  22 Jan 1849Montgomery County, Kentucky I130021


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Battaile, Hay  Aft 1821Montgomery County, Kentucky I26363
2 Beall, Zepheniah  Aft 1800Montgomery County, Kentucky I38373
3 Belfield, Anne 'Nancy'  Montgomery County, Kentucky I77129
4 Botts, Joseph  27 Apr 1814Montgomery County, Kentucky I41405
5 Boyd, George  Aft 1788Montgomery County, Kentucky I106822
6 Carrington, Samuel  6 May 1818Montgomery County, Kentucky I103309
7 Catlett, Bersheba  1830Montgomery County, Kentucky I82413
8 Clements, Roger  31 Jul 1835Montgomery County, Kentucky I74771
9 Daniel, James  14 Dec 1835Montgomery County, Kentucky I113301
10 Daniel, Jesse  Montgomery County, Kentucky I115760
11 Davis, Jeremiah  Montgomery County, Kentucky I61670
12 Ferguson, Verlinda  Aft 1811Montgomery County, Kentucky I13221
13 Fox, James  Abt 1820Montgomery County, Kentucky I32432
14 Garrett, Susannah  9 Dec 1825Montgomery County, Kentucky I56964
15 Gattrell, Anne  Aft 1800Montgomery County, Kentucky I8299
16 Hardy, Anna  20 Jan 1842Montgomery County, Kentucky I44550
17 Harris, Elexius  8 Feb 1844Montgomery County, Kentucky I28053
18 Hendley, Sarah MNU  Aft 1778Montgomery County, Kentucky I106902
19 Holley, Mary Eleanor  Aft 1801Montgomery County, Kentucky I54378
20 Jameson, Thomas  1819Montgomery County, Kentucky I77121
21 Madden, Elizabeth  Aft 1798Montgomery County, Kentucky I38402
22 Marshall, Martha Hannah  Aft 1830Montgomery County, Kentucky I107792
23 McDaniel, Amelia  1840Montgomery County, Kentucky I56775
24 Mountague, Elizabeth  17 Jan 1826Montgomery County, Kentucky I113302
25 Nelson, Frances Anderson  Montgomery County, Kentucky I115758
26 Prewitt, Clifton  30 Jul 1938Montgomery County, Kentucky I14499
27 Riggs, Greenberry  30 Aug 1844Montgomery County, Kentucky I12283
28 Shortridge, Susannah "Sukey"  Aft 1860Montgomery County, Kentucky I28083
29 Smith, Enoch  8 Jul 1824Montgomery County, Kentucky I50157
30 Smith, Sarah  8 Dec 1850Montgomery County, Kentucky I77120
31 Smith, William  11 Nov 1816Montgomery County, Kentucky I50162
32 Stone, Richard  Aft 1803Montgomery County, Kentucky I13504
33 Thompson, Elizabeth Keturah  Bef Apr 1820Montgomery County, Kentucky I74774
34 West, Female MNU  Bef 1769Montgomery County, Kentucky I106904
35 Wilkerson, Moses  Bef Aug 1806Montgomery County, Kentucky I117736
36 Williams, Rawleigh  1829Montgomery County, Kentucky I118300
37 Wilson, Nancy Evelyn  24 Feb 1919Montgomery County, Kentucky I130021
38 Young, Sinnett  14 Feb 1811Montgomery County, Kentucky I92549


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Jameson / Smith  Between 1803 and 1804Montgomery County, Kentucky F38879
2 Magruder / Duvall  Montgomery County, Kentucky F37694
3 Prewitt / Wilson  Montgomery County, Kentucky F9975
4 Riggs / Hathaway  22 Dec 1796Montgomery County, Kentucky F8462