Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Norfolk County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boush, Frances  Aft 1721Norfolk County, Virginia I116595
2 Cocke, Nicholas  Bef 1689Norfolk County, Virginia I60687
3 Fitzgerald, Henry  Bef 1675Norfolk County, Virginia I67076
4 Greniffe, Hannah  21 Jan 1690Norfolk County, Virginia I36794
5 Hatton, Elizabeth  Bef 1675Norfolk County, Virginia I67085
6 Hatton, Robert  Bef 1673Norfolk County, Virginia I67084
7 Hobson, Phillis  Abt 1684Norfolk County, Virginia I60650
8 Ivey, William  Abt 1699Norfolk County, Virginia I60669
9 Monroe, Alexander  Bef 1780Norfolk County, Virginia I55185
10 Newton, Anne  17 Feb 1721Norfolk County, Virginia I60683
11 Newton, Elizabeth  22 Jul 1707Norfolk County, Virginia I60678
12 Newton, Frances  24 Feb 1729Norfolk County, Virginia I60686
13 Newton, George  Abt 1678Norfolk County, Virginia I60676
14 Newton, George  4 Mar 1722Norfolk County, Virginia I60684
15 Newton, James Wilson  9 Apr 1718Norfolk County, Virginia I60682
16 Newton, Lemuel  26 Feb 1712Norfolk County, Virginia I60679
17 Newton, Lemuel  22 Jun 1715Norfolk County, Virginia I60681
18 Newton, Thomas  14 Mar 1713Norfolk County, Virginia I60680
19 Pead, John  Abt 1660Norfolk County, Virginia I30936
20 Pead, Pembroke  Bef 1662Norfolk County, Virginia I30933
21 Pead, William  Bef 1658Norfolk County, Virginia I30930
22 Porten, Daniel  Abt 1674Norfolk County, Virginia I47057
23 Preston, Rhoda  Abt 1639Norfolk County, Virginia I92014
24 Tatum, Miriam  Bef 1701Norfolk County, Virginia I50279
25 Theobald, Elizabeth  1652Norfolk County, Virginia I3711
26 Theobald, Thomas  1656Norfolk County, Virginia I8984
27 Tucker, Alice  15 May 1760Norfolk County, Virginia I116066
28 Tucker, Anne  27 Aug 1757Norfolk County, Virginia I116064
29 Tucker, Carolina Henrietta  16 Mar 1765Norfolk County, Virginia I116069
30 Tucker, Courtney  30 Apr 1756Norfolk County, Virginia I116063
31 Tucker, Elizabeth  4 May 1753Norfolk County, Virginia I116061
32 Tucker, Frances  6 Apr 1740Norfolk County, Virginia I116051
33 Tucker, Gawin Corbin  31 Jan 1755Norfolk County, Virginia I116062
34 Tucker, Joanna  12 Apr 1744Norfolk County, Virginia I114198
35 Tucker, John  29 Dec 1745Norfolk County, Virginia I116057
36 Tucker, John  16 Jan 1759Norfolk County, Virginia I116065
37 Tucker, John Pulman  18 Jan 1762Norfolk County, Virginia I116067
38 Tucker, Martha  9 Feb 1743Norfolk County, Virginia I116056
39 Tucker, Martha  11 Jan 1751Norfolk County, Virginia I116060
40 Tucker, Mary  2 Jan 1749Norfolk County, Virginia I116059
41 Tucker, Richard  20 Jul 1763Norfolk County, Virginia I116068
42 Tucker, Robert  14 Sep 1741Norfolk County, Virginia I116055
43 Tucker, Sarah  13 Oct 1747Norfolk County, Virginia I116058
44 Willoughby, John  Bef 1703Norfolk County, Virginia I60613
45 Willoughby, John  Bef 1736Norfolk County, Virginia I60663
46 Willoughby, Thomas  Bef 1684Norfolk County, Virginia I60619
47 Wilson, Apphia  Bef 1690Norfolk County, Virginia I60677


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bruce, Thomas  Aft 1757Norfolk County, Virginia I62271
2 Corbin, Joanna  1804Norfolk County, Virginia I114196
3 Daingerfield, Hannah Bassett  5 Apr 1834Norfolk County, Virginia I110426
4 Follin, Sanford  1812Norfolk County, Virginia I78324
5 Green, Elizabeth  Aft 1699Norfolk County, Virginia I67054
6 Hatton, Elizabeth MNU  Aft 1682Norfolk County, Virginia I67083
7 Hobson, Phillis  1760Norfolk County, Virginia I60650
8 Jarvis, Thomas  Aft 1688Norfolk County, Virginia I19485
9 Lockhart, John  1746Norfolk County, Virginia I50753
10 Mason, George  13 Jan 1711Norfolk County, Virginia I60633
11 Mason, Thomas  Aft 1697Norfolk County, Virginia I60609
12 Merry, Prettyman  Abt 1710Norfolk County, Virginia I131921
13 Moseley, Samuel  1827Norfolk County, Virginia I116594
14 Newton, George  Abt 1730Norfolk County, Virginia I60676
15 Newton, James Wilson  1763Norfolk County, Virginia I60682
16 Newton, Thomas  13 Dec 1794Norfolk County, Virginia I60680
17 Pead, John  Bef 1695Norfolk County, Virginia I30936
18 Pead, Mary MNU  Aft 1678Norfolk County, Virginia I30937
19 Richards, Elizabeth  24 Sep 1826Norfolk County, Virginia I42296
20 Slaughter, Augustine  13 Dec 1814Norfolk County, Virginia I114575
21 Tucker, Frances  21 May 1740Norfolk County, Virginia I116051
22 Tucker, Robert  1 Jul 1767Norfolk County, Virginia I114197
23 Willoughby, John  1776Norfolk County, Virginia I60663
24 Wilson, Apphia  Abt 1730Norfolk County, Virginia I60677


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Egerton / Tatum  31 Jul 1717Norfolk County, Virginia F7503
2 Fitzgerald / Fitzgerald  Bef 1675Norfolk County, Virginia F35298
3 Hargrave / Pead  Bef 1678Norfolk County, Virginia F20301
4 Hatton / Hatton  Bef 1673Norfolk County, Virginia F35301
5 Merryman / Boynton  1656Norfolk County, Virginia F20805
6 Newton / Lawson  Bef 2 Aug 1714Norfolk County, Virginia F32926
7 Newton / Wilson  1706Norfolk County, Virginia F32935
8 Pollard / Taylor  26 May 1784Norfolk County, Virginia F42669
9 Theobald / Theobald  Abt 1651Norfolk County, Virginia F2108
10 Tucker / Corbin  17 May 1739Norfolk County, Virginia F48403