Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Pittsylvania County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Briscoe, Sarah "Sally"  19 Mar 1787Pittsylvania County, Virginia I009745
2 Carter, Sarah  2 Jan 1776Pittsylvania County, Virginia I061303
3 Hardy, Thomas  Bef 1751Pittsylvania County, Virginia I051788
4 Hogan, Elizabeth  19 Feb 1760Pittsylvania County, Virginia I006375
5 Hubbard, Moses  17 May 1774Pittsylvania County, Virginia I054481
6 Lane, Tidence  Abt 1750Pittsylvania County, Virginia I037182
7 Latimer, Chloe  1780Pittsylvania County, Virginia I051628
8 Latimer, Samuel  Bef 1782Pittsylvania County, Virginia I051624
9 Muse, John  Bef 1789Pittsylvania County, Virginia I105025
10 Muse, Thomas  Bef 1796Pittsylvania County, Virginia I105026
11 Perkins, Elizabeth  1761Pittsylvania County, Virginia I059117
12 Stone, Agnes Pryor  22 Apr 1799Pittsylvania County, Virginia I059126
13 Stone, Arthur S  30 Nov 1807Pittsylvania County, Virginia I059139
14 Stone, Mary W.  23 Sep 1803Pittsylvania County, Virginia I059137
15 Stone, Nicholas P  22 Dec 1805Pittsylvania County, Virginia I059138
16 Stone, William Alfred  27 Oct 1801Pittsylvania County, Virginia I059135
17 Swanson, Elizabeth  3 Jun 1790Pittsylvania County, Virginia I105031
18 Swanson, Nancy  Bef 1793Pittsylvania County, Virginia I105027


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bowling, Elizabeth  Aft 1816Pittsylvania County, Virginia I105028
2 Brawner, John  Bef Sep 1797Pittsylvania County, Virginia I009925
3 Bryant, Moses  6 Sep 1779Pittsylvania County, Virginia I084754
4 Burditt, William  Aft 1801Pittsylvania County, Virginia I067239
5 Chambers, Thomas  Aft 1771Pittsylvania County, Virginia I069429
6 Cheney, Jacob  21 Sep 1801Pittsylvania County, Virginia I064893
7 Church, Jonathan Montgomery  Aft 1780Pittsylvania County, Virginia I021171
8 Corbin, Thomas  21 Jan 1793Pittsylvania County, Virginia I081399
9 Creel, John  1787Pittsylvania County, Virginia I087566
10 Dodson, Alice  Aft 1799Pittsylvania County, Virginia I103622
11 Dodson, Elisha  27 Apr 1797Pittsylvania County, Virginia I078256
12 Dodson, Lazarus  1799Pittsylvania County, Virginia I103626
13 Dodson, Rhoda  1792Pittsylvania County, Virginia I087614
14 Dodson, Thomas  21 Oct 1783Pittsylvania County, Virginia I030592
15 Durrett, Francis  16 Jul 1792Pittsylvania County, Virginia I024729
16 Durrett, Mary  10 Feb 1774Pittsylvania County, Virginia I042450
17 Everett, Sarah  Abt 1796Pittsylvania County, Virginia I095390
18 Goad, Abraham  21 Sep 1779Pittsylvania County, Virginia I057195
19 Halley, Thomas  1819Pittsylvania County, Virginia I108549
20 Hamton, William  Aft 1784Pittsylvania County, Virginia I105017
21 Hardin, Henry  26 May 1797Pittsylvania County, Virginia I075229
22 Hardy, Benjamin  Aft 1791Pittsylvania County, Virginia I012024
23 Hardy, George  Aft 1781Pittsylvania County, Virginia I051782
24 Hardy, George  Aft 1791Pittsylvania County, Virginia I075200
25 Hardy, Thomas  Aft 1773Pittsylvania County, Virginia I051788
26 Harrison, Jane Paine  Bef 1798Pittsylvania County, Virginia I059121
27 Hubbard, Alice MNU  Aft 1781Pittsylvania County, Virginia I124300
28 Hubbard, Matthew  Aft 1781Pittsylvania County, Virginia I085041
29 Hubbard, Moses  7 Jun 1856Pittsylvania County, Virginia I054481
30 Hughes, Nathaniel  Bef 13 Feb 1783Pittsylvania County, Virginia I087881
31 Isaac, Alice  Aft 26 Jun 1792Pittsylvania County, Virginia I021170
32 Lewis, Jane  1794Pittsylvania County, Virginia I125819
33 Lynch, Judith  1796Pittsylvania County, Virginia I078651
34 Marr, Abigail MNU  Bef 1780Pittsylvania County, Virginia I115594
35 Mitchell, James  Abt Jul 1795Pittsylvania County, Virginia I013669
36 Moody, William  22 Oct 1794Pittsylvania County, Virginia I044509
37 Muse, Anne Barbary  22 Nov 1796Pittsylvania County, Virginia I105058
38 Muse, Frances Allen  Aft 1806Pittsylvania County, Virginia I105018
39 Muse, Frances Chattin  Aft 1803Pittsylvania County, Virginia I105029
40 Muse, Jane  Aft 1784Pittsylvania County, Virginia I105016
41 Muse, Joel  Aft 1805Pittsylvania County, Virginia I105021
42 Muse, John  Aft 1784Pittsylvania County, Virginia I105005
43 Muse, John  Bef 20 Feb 1809Pittsylvania County, Virginia I105015
44 Muse, John  Aft 1809Pittsylvania County, Virginia I105025
45 Muse, John T.  5 Sep 1843Pittsylvania County, Virginia I105065
46 Muse, Samuel Allen  Aft 1801Pittsylvania County, Virginia I105020
47 Muse, Thomas  Aft 1816Pittsylvania County, Virginia I105026
48 Muse, Thomas  7 Mar 1832Pittsylvania County, Virginia I105062
49 Poe, Sarah  1793Pittsylvania County, Virginia I099627
50 Porter, Ambrose  18 Jun 1773Pittsylvania County, Virginia I123622

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dodson / Dodson  Between 1770 and 1775Pittsylvania County, Virginia F40565
2 Garrett / Marshall  1 Dec 1812Pittsylvania County, Virginia F00402
3 Hamton / Muse  23 Sep 1784Pittsylvania County, Virginia F41055
4 Mitchell / Philpott  29 Mar 1779Pittsylvania County, Virginia F08974
5 Morton / Riggs  1801Pittsylvania County, Virginia F08081
6 Muse / Bowling  13 Mar 1816Pittsylvania County, Virginia F41061
7 Muse / Swanson  15 Jun 1801Pittsylvania County, Virginia F41056
8 Muse / Swanson  18 Nov 1805Pittsylvania County, Virginia F41058
9 Muse / Swanson  20 Feb 1809Pittsylvania County, Virginia F41060
10 Muse / Swanson  2 Dec 1816Pittsylvania County, Virginia F41062
11 Richards / Durrett  18 Jan 1765Pittsylvania County, Virginia F23850
12 Stone / Perkins  29 May 1798Pittsylvania County, Virginia F28913
13 Swanson / Muse  15 Jun 1801Pittsylvania County, Virginia F41052
14 Swanson / Muse  21 Nov 1803Pittsylvania County, Virginia F41057
15 Thompson / Muse  25 Sep 1806Pittsylvania County, Virginia F41059
16 Warren / Dabney  15 Nov 1784Pittsylvania County, Virginia F42960