Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Princess Anne County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ballard, Elizabeth  1753Princess Anne County, Virginia I71925
2 Keeling, William  Bef 1716Princess Anne County, Virginia I85613
3 Lawson, Anne  Bef 1698Princess Anne County, Virginia I60674
4 Lawson, Anthony  Abt 1696Princess Anne County, Virginia I60688
5 Lawson, Frances  Bef 1695Princess Anne County, Virginia I60685
6 Lawson, George  Abt 1700Princess Anne County, Virginia I60689
7 Lawson, Thomas  27 Oct 1703Princess Anne County, Virginia I60690
8 Moseley, Edward Hack  Abt 1713Princess Anne County, Virginia I114652
9 Moseley, Hillary  Bef 1693Princess Anne County, Virginia I114654
10 Moseley, Mary  Bef 1741Princess Anne County, Virginia I114651
11 Moseley, Samuel  12 May 1761Princess Anne County, Virginia I116594
12 Newton, Anne Elizabeth  Bef 1729Princess Anne County, Virginia I71927
13 Sanford, Mary  Abt 1696Princess Anne County, Virginia I69820
14 Thorowgood, John  Bef 1699Princess Anne County, Virginia I69816
15 Walke, Anthony  1692Princess Anne County, Virginia I69819


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Ballard, Robert  1768Princess Anne County, Virginia I71926
2 Boush, Frances  Abt 28 Mar 1795Princess Anne County, Virginia I116595
3 Cocke, Christopher  1716Princess Anne County, Virginia I114112
4 Lawson, Mary  Princess Anne County, Virginia I69809
5 Lawson, Thomas  Bef 7 May 1735Princess Anne County, Virginia I60690
6 Newton, Anne Elizabeth  Abt 1770Princess Anne County, Virginia I71927
7 Newton, Elizabeth  30 Oct 1724Princess Anne County, Virginia I60672
8 Newton, Nathaniel  24 Nov 1762Princess Anne County, Virginia I60658
9 Pead, William  14 Apr 1719Princess Anne County, Virginia I30930
10 Philpott, John  2 Feb 1746Princess Anne County, Virginia I1749
11 Sanford, Mary  Bef 20 Jun 1719Princess Anne County, Virginia I69820
12 Stringer, Frances  Abt 1703Princess Anne County, Virginia I102336
13 Thorowgood, Adam  Bef 6 Apr 1709Princess Anne County, Virginia I36757


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Ballard / Newton  1745Princess Anne County, Virginia F37149
2 Cocke / Lawson  Bef 7 Dec 1709Princess Anne County, Virginia F32936
3 Lawson / Thorowgood  4 Jan 1693Princess Anne County, Virginia F11631
4 McKenzie / Moseley  Abt 1731Princess Anne County, Virginia F48539
5 Moseley / Bassett  Abt 1733Princess Anne County, Virginia F48536
6 Moseley / Moseley  Abt 1713Princess Anne County, Virginia F48538
7 Moseley / Stringer  Bef 18 Sep 1688Princess Anne County, Virginia F45826
8 Sayer / Lawson  Abt 1704Princess Anne County, Virginia F36344
9 Walke / Armistead  4 Apr 1725Princess Anne County, Virginia F36348
10 Walke / Moseley  8 May 1757Princess Anne County, Virginia F48535
11 Walke / Newton  Princess Anne County, Virginia F32934
12 Walke / Randolph  1750Princess Anne County, Virginia F48497
13 Walke / Sanford  11 Mar 1712Princess Anne County, Virginia F36347