Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bay, Andrew  South Carolina I109352
2 Bennett, Rebecca  Bef 1765South Carolina I78871
3 Burnes, John Day  Abt 1807South Carolina I116729
4 Johnson, Virginia Jane  27 May 1788South Carolina I36311
5 Livingston, Mary  Abt 1674South Carolina I38881
6 McCollum, Elizabeth  1793South Carolina I1192
7 McCollum, Thomas  1775South Carolina I89537
8 Middleton, Nancy  Jan 1796South Carolina I47217
9 Moore, Melissa Mildred  Abt 1795South Carolina I41252
10 Neal, Elizabeth  Abt 1760South Carolina I74776
11 Patterson, Jane  23 Nov 1806South Carolina I39626
12 Peake, Mary  1734South Carolina I36306
13 Steadman, Catherine  Abt 1812South Carolina I72060
14 Stewart, David Gen.  22 Oct 1746South Carolina I68012
15 Stewart, Margaret  Abt 1756South Carolina I68011
16 Stobo, Jane  24 Jun 1764South Carolina I67315


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Allentharp, Benjamin  Abt 1781South Carolina I40225
2 Bashaw, Elizabeth  Aft 1751South Carolina I131369
3 Beall, Margaret  Aft 1755South Carolina I11914
4 Bickley, Mary  Aft 1798South Carolina I133481
5 Bruce, James  7 Jul 1880South Carolina I113925
6 Collins, William  Aft 1751South Carolina I82036
7 Condon, Anne  South Carolina I30920
8 Dewitt, Charles  1770South Carolina I126229
9 Dillard, William  1782South Carolina I40842
10 Edwards, Sanford  1815South Carolina I36554
11 Elgin, Robert  Aft 1800South Carolina I41186
12 Fletcher, Elizabeth  Aft 1751South Carolina I40230
13 Foote, George  South Carolina I42303
14 Ford, Christopher  Aft 1765South Carolina I113604
15 Fryer, Richard  Aft 1786South Carolina I111388
16 Garrett, Frances  South Carolina I131057
17 Goulding, Richard  Aft 1777South Carolina I132601
18 Hill, Henry Robey  1792South Carolina I7749
19 Kelly, William  Aft 1785South Carolina I77440
20 Kennerly, Mary Margaret MNU  Aft 1754South Carolina I126234
21 Kennerly, Thomas  Aft 1754South Carolina I81312
22 Kincheloe, Margaret  South Carolina I30419
23 Lee, James  1804South Carolina I30919
24 Lewis, Lucy  1788South Carolina I113603
25 Lewis, Mary  Jul 1803South Carolina I113601
26 Long, James  Aft 1796South Carolina I67803
27 Marshall, Elizabeth  Aft 1811South Carolina I21792
28 Martin, Zachariah  1767South Carolina I38366
29 Meriwether, Francis  Aft 1765South Carolina I113609
30 Meriwether, Nicholas  Aft 1798South Carolina I133669
31 O'Canny, Elizabeth  1711South Carolina I38551
32 Odell, Thomas  Between 1763 and 1789South Carolina I11702
33 Pendleton, Henry  6 Jan 1789South Carolina I62729
34 Pickett, George  South Carolina I21793
35 Robinson, Agnes  Aft 1805South Carolina I39847
36 Stobo, Jane  1813South Carolina I67315
37 Sweatnam, Thomas  1781South Carolina I69246
38 Taylor, James  Feb 1772South Carolina I85418
39 Vass, Reuben  Aft 1774South Carolina I465
40 Walters, Dorcas  Aft 1763South Carolina I85419
41 Waters, Bordroyne  15 Sep 1783South Carolina I51561
42 Wells, Benjamin  Aft 1751South Carolina I75440


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Harrison / Dargan  1766South Carolina F19107
2 Waye / Duvall  3 Sep 1728South Carolina F12715