Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Stafford County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Mary MNU  Stafford County, Virginia I080098
2 Bell, Elizabeth  Stafford County, Virginia I110476
3 Chalmers, John  Stafford County, Virginia I080133
4 Day, Solomon  Stafford County, Virginia I115303
5 Hewitt, Francis  Stafford County, Virginia I126144
6 Hewitt, William  Stafford County, Virginia I126143
7 Peyton, Lucy  Stafford County, Virginia I114293
8 Spicer, William  Stafford County, Virginia I127079
9 Stark, Nancy Maria  Stafford County, Virginia I035052
10 Thornbury, Margaret MNU  Stafford County, Virginia I034296
11 Tyler, John  Stafford County, Virginia I116209
12 Heabeard, John {Herbert}  Bef 1638Stafford County, Virginia I011280
13 Hathaway, Thomas  1641Stafford County, Virginia I030182
14 Doyle, Elizabeth  Bef 1642Stafford County, Virginia I025276
15 Booze, Christopher  Abt 1642Stafford County, Virginia I072689
16 Heabeard, Lucy  Bef 1646Stafford County, Virginia I024290
17 Thompson, Mary  1647Stafford County, Virginia I020525
18 Whitson, Alse  1647Stafford County, Virginia I048505
19 Fossaker, Richard  Bef 1650Stafford County, Virginia I030180
20 Brent, Mary MNU  Between 1650 and 1654Stafford County, Virginia I015478
21 Swinburne, Nicholas  1651Stafford County, Virginia I013679
22 Jones, Richard  Bef 1652Stafford County, Virginia I037795
23 Mason, Edward  Bef 1655Stafford County, Virginia I022846
24 Ellzey, Sarah  Abt 1656Stafford County, Virginia I049291
25 Mason, Isaac  Bef 1658Stafford County, Virginia I048265
26 Fletcher, James  Bef 1660Stafford County, Virginia I048251
27 Anderson, David  Abt 1660Stafford County, Virginia I028999
28 Barton, Thomas  Abt 1660Stafford County, Virginia I080145
29 Mason, George  1660Stafford County, Virginia I001740
30 Mason, George {Addl Records}  1660Stafford County, Virginia I117283
31 Sudduth, Lawrence  Between 1660 and 1672Stafford County, Virginia I049263
32 Peyton, Anne MNU  Abt 1661Stafford County, Virginia I032618
33 Bernard, Nicholas  Bef 1662Stafford County, Virginia I048539
34 Fletcher, Eleanor MNU  Bef 1662Stafford County, Virginia I048252
35 Mason, Richard  Abt 1662Stafford County, Virginia I026393
36 Matthews, Mary  Abt 1662Stafford County, Virginia I084162
37 Mason, Frances MNU  Abt 1663Stafford County, Virginia I048793
38 Mason, William  Abt 1663Stafford County, Virginia I029623
39 Matheny, Daniel  Abt 1663Stafford County, Virginia I048429
40 Norgrave, Margaret  Abt 1663Stafford County, Virginia I048137
41 Withers, Mary  Abt 1663Stafford County, Virginia I030181
42 Dowding, Anne MNU  Bef 1664Stafford County, Virginia I048276
43 King, William  Bef 1664Stafford County, Virginia I048901
44 Matthews, Anne  Bef 1664Stafford County, Virginia I030619
45 Redman, William  Bef 1664Stafford County, Virginia I039323
46 Alexander, Philip  1664Stafford County, Virginia I017034
47 Barton, Edward  1664Stafford County, Virginia I047316
48 Gilson, Thomas  1665Stafford County, Virginia I026043
49 Matheny, William Wentworth  Abt 1665Stafford County, Virginia I026492
50 Norgrave, William  Abt 1665Stafford County, Virginia I048140

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adie, William  Stafford County, Virginia I057928
2 Anderson, Jane MNU  Stafford County, Virginia I029004
3 Bridwell, Margaret  Stafford County, Virginia I039358
4 Browne, Anne MNU  Stafford County, Virginia I048441
5 Carter, Loyal  Stafford County, Virginia I061295
6 Craxon, Mary  Stafford County, Virginia I011168
7 Daniel, Hannah Ball  Stafford County, Virginia I113551
8 Elkins, Elizabeth Anne  Stafford County, Virginia I039322
9 Ellzey, Margaret MNU  Stafford County, Virginia I086008
10 Hansbrough, Peter  Stafford County, Virginia I041949
11 Hedgman, George Grayson  Stafford County, Virginia I104495
12 Ireland, Anne Dent  Stafford County, Virginia I009826
13 Knight, John  Stafford County, Virginia I011287
14 Knight, Sarah MNU  Stafford County, Virginia I031966
15 Massey, Thomas  Stafford County, Virginia I032378
16 Normansell, Frances  Stafford County, Virginia I037258
17 Pearson, Thomas  Stafford County, Virginia I012992
18 Pratt, Unknown  Stafford County, Virginia I049664
19 Rowland, Elizabeth  Stafford County, Virginia I023949
20 Selden, Anne Mercer  Stafford County, Virginia I113912
21 Summers, Female  Stafford County, Virginia I049663
22 Taverner, Elizabeth  Stafford County, Virginia I046511
23 Thomas, Jacob  Stafford County, Virginia I113555
24 Travers, Hannah  Stafford County, Virginia I029656
25 Wilkerson, Rebecca  Stafford County, Virginia I032042
26 Withers, Mary  Stafford County, Virginia I030181
27 Billington, Alicia  1648Stafford County, Virginia I023967
28 Rookwood, John  Bef 20 Aug 1651Stafford County, Virginia I065053
29 Hinton, Palmer  Aft 1651Stafford County, Virginia I050060
30 Harmer, Jane MNU  Aft 1652Stafford County, Virginia I072552
31 Lucy, Mary  Aft 1653Stafford County, Virginia I035044
32 Piddel, Corbet  Aft 1653Stafford County, Virginia I000434
33 Harrison, Jeremiah Dr.  Bef 6 Oct 1654Stafford County, Virginia I074568
34 Harrison, John  Between 1655 and 1666Stafford County, Virginia I070585
35 Higginson, Humphrey  Aft 1654Stafford County, Virginia I070583
36 Johnson, Cornelius  Aft 1654Stafford County, Virginia I043558
37 Cutts, Baker  Bef 1656Stafford County, Virginia I072169
38 Williams, John  Bef 1657Stafford County, Virginia I128950
39 Knott, William  Aft 1656Stafford County, Virginia I071701
40 Mason, Female MNU  Bef 1658Stafford County, Virginia I048460
41 Footman, Henry  Aft 1657Stafford County, Virginia I070606
42 Foster, George  Aft 1657Stafford County, Virginia I074576
43 Goodwin, James  Aft 1657Stafford County, Virginia I070608
44 Molten, Thomas  Aft 1657Stafford County, Virginia I072206
45 Egerton, Henry  Aft 1658Stafford County, Virginia I070614
46 Frost, William  Aft 1658Stafford County, Virginia I063934
47 Lewis, John  Aft 1658Stafford County, Virginia I072339
48 Marshall, Andrew  Aft 1658Stafford County, Virginia I072358
49 Raven, John  Aft 1658Stafford County, Virginia I072200
50 Whitgreave, Frances  Aft 1658Stafford County, Virginia I027263

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Rosanna  Stafford County, Virginia I028197
2 Botts, Rowland (Roland) Gaines  Stafford County, Virginia I026853


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Benson / Sanford  Stafford County, Virginia F29449
2 Brooke / Selden  Stafford County, Virginia F45095
3 Browne / Cooke  Stafford County, Virginia F37311
4 Daniel / Lewis  Stafford County, Virginia F44918
5 Dermott / James  Stafford County, Virginia F43951
6 Derrick /   Stafford County, Virginia F15537
7 Ellzey / Owsley  Stafford County, Virginia F25770
8 Gaddis / Kendall  Stafford County, Virginia F26456
9 Hayward / Washington  Stafford County, Virginia F20601
10 Hedgman / Daniel  Stafford County, Virginia F44924
11 Hening / Waller  Stafford County, Virginia F45533
12 Hooe / James  Stafford County, Virginia F17120
13 Hord / Wilkerson  Stafford County, Virginia F19113
14 Hunt / Toward  Stafford County, Virginia F33734
15 Martin / Russell  Stafford County, Virginia F25824
16 Matthews /   Stafford County, Virginia F26289
17 McCarty / McCarty  Stafford County, Virginia F26267
18 Mountjoy / Mountjoy  Stafford County, Virginia F17707
19 Payne / Stark  Stafford County, Virginia F20546
20 Redman / Elkins  Stafford County, Virginia F18329
21 Riley / Riley  Stafford County, Virginia F21225
22 Rose / Jordan  Stafford County, Virginia F22201
23 Sudduth / Ellzey  Stafford County, Virginia F22834
24 Sweatnam / Ford  Stafford County, Virginia F32017
25 Wigginton / Wigginton  Stafford County, Virginia F23299
26 Thornton / Rowland  27 Mar 1648Stafford County, Virginia F14368
27 Mason / Mason  Abt 1650Stafford County, Virginia F12489
28 Withers / Withers  Aft 1654Stafford County, Virginia F17132
29 Harrison / Burditt  Abt 1657Stafford County, Virginia F08158
30 Heabeard / Doyle  Bef 1658Stafford County, Virginia F07431
31 Norgrave / Norgrave  Bef 1658Stafford County, Virginia F25397
32 Mason / French  Abt 1658Stafford County, Virginia F01083
33 Barton / Barron  Bef 1660Stafford County, Virginia F02253
34 Brent / Green  Abt 1660Stafford County, Virginia F02102
35 Waugh / Hute  Abt 1660Stafford County, Virginia F12487
36 Williams / Baldwin  Bef Jul 1660Stafford County, Virginia F19566
37 Mason / Allerton  Abt 1661Stafford County, Virginia F12490
38 Mothershead / Mothershead  Abt 1662Stafford County, Virginia F22461
39 Alexander / Alexander  Bef 1663Stafford County, Virginia F10894
40 Thomas / Massey  1663Stafford County, Virginia F19265
41 Gilson / Bernard  1664Stafford County, Virginia F16089
42 Browne / Browne  Bef 1666Stafford County, Virginia F25610
43 Green / Green  Abt 1666Stafford County, Virginia F10083
44 Rowley / Rosser  Bef 1668Stafford County, Virginia F12378
45 King / King  Abt 1668Stafford County, Virginia F25603
46 Baxter / Baxter  Bef 1669Stafford County, Virginia F12620
47 Mason / Norgrave  Between 1669 and 1670Stafford County, Virginia F12491
48 Howson / Hewitt  Bef 1670Stafford County, Virginia F18027
49 James / James  Bef 1670Stafford County, Virginia F17067
50 Brent / Brent  Abt 1670Stafford County, Virginia F10014

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