Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Warwick County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beheathland, Mary  Bef 1615Warwick County, Virginia I023663
2 Bernard, Beheathland  Abt 1635Warwick County, Virginia I026045
3 Best, Peter  1640Warwick County, Virginia I022642
4 Browne, Francis  Bef 1698Warwick County, Virginia I088736
5 Cary, Anne  1735Warwick County, Virginia I030118
6 Cary, Henry  Bef 1656Warwick County, Virginia I114080
7 Cary, Martha  1686Warwick County, Virginia I041500
8 Cary, Miles  1701Warwick County, Virginia I115847
9 Cary, William  Bef 1666Warwick County, Virginia I041501
10 Cole, Jane  1719Warwick County, Virginia I114058
11 Cole, Robert  Abt 1720Warwick County, Virginia I116174
12 Cole, Susannah  1665Warwick County, Virginia I027032
13 Dawson, George  Bef 1642Warwick County, Virginia I116615
14 Dawson, Henry  Bef 1640Warwick County, Virginia I116616
15 Langhorne, Maurice  Abt 1721Warwick County, Virginia I051237
16 Lee, Thomas  1666Warwick County, Virginia I062094
17 Scarbrooke, Martha  Bef 1670Warwick County, Virginia I041503
18 Thomas, Robert  Bef 1655Warwick County, Virginia I023433
19 Trotter, Elizabeth  Bef 1743Warwick County, Virginia I051238
20 Whitby, William  Bef 1650Warwick County, Virginia I000481
21 Wills, Matthew  Abt 1710Warwick County, Virginia I085769


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bagnall, Roger  Aft 1635Warwick County, Virginia I075773
2 Beheathland, Mary MNU  Between 1651 and 1670Warwick County, Virginia I044608
3 Beheathland, Robert  Bef 1627Warwick County, Virginia I044607
4 Bernard, Thomas  Bef 10 Nov 1651Warwick County, Virginia I024823
5 Cary, Miles  1667Warwick County, Virginia I028477
6 Cary, Miles  1724Warwick County, Virginia I114077
7 Cole, William  4 Mar 1693/94Warwick County, Virginia I054973
8 Cole, William  1729Warwick County, Virginia I027040
9 Condon, David  Jan 1701/02Warwick County, Virginia I046559
10 Cooksey, William  Aft 1628Warwick County, Virginia I075763
11 Dawson, Henry  Aft 1662Warwick County, Virginia I116616
12 Digges, Anne  22 Nov 1688Warwick County, Virginia I027039
13 Flint, Thomas  Aft 1648Warwick County, Virginia I044609
14 Hill, Thomas  Bef 1657Warwick County, Virginia I029410
15 Mungo, John  Aft 1684Warwick County, Virginia I072971
16 Piersey, Mary  Warwick County, Virginia I029411
17 Scarbrooke, Elizabeth  Warwick County, Virginia I046558
18 Selden, Miles  20 Mar 1785Warwick County, Virginia I115845
19 Tucker, William  Bef 1653Warwick County, Virginia I030734
20 Whitby, William  9 Oct 1655Warwick County, Virginia I114267


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bernard / Beheathland  1631Warwick County, Virginia F14419
2 Cary / Scarbrooke  Bef 1686Warwick County, Virginia F23371
3 Flint / Beheathland  Bef 14 Mar 1628/29Warwick County, Virginia F24448
4 Langhorne / Trotter  1759Warwick County, Virginia F05647
5 Selden / Cary  1747Warwick County, Virginia F45956
6 Whitby / Gorsuch  Abt 1649Warwick County, Virginia F45245