Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Yorkshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ambler, Richard  24 Dec 1690Yorkshire, England I033832
2 Attwood, James  Bef 1658Yorkshire, England I072958
3 Barber, Anne  Between 1658 and 1662Yorkshire, England I083852
4 Barber, Edward  1650Yorkshire, England I003301
5 Barber, Elizabeth  1642Yorkshire, England I017614
6 Barber, Luke  1652Yorkshire, England I003300
7 Barber, Mary  1645Yorkshire, England I092464
8 Bartlett, Mary  18 Jul 1676Yorkshire, England I093970
9 Bladen, William  27 Feb 1670/71Yorkshire, England I010078
10 Calvert, Anne  23 Jun 1645Yorkshire, England I003967
11 Cannon, Anne  1639Yorkshire, England I096434
12 Dawson, Elizabeth  Bef 1644Yorkshire, England I018043
13 de Vere, Anne  Abt 1617Yorkshire, England I037967
14 Fairfax, Ferdinando (2nd Lord Fairfax)  29 Mar 1584Yorkshire, England I095444
15 Fairfax, Mary  30 Jul 1638Yorkshire, England I037968
16 Hardcastle, Ellen  Bef 1550Yorkshire, England I033959
17 Harper, Mary MNU  Yorkshire, England I028036
18 Harper, Ralph  Bef 1576Yorkshire, England I028028
19 Hewitt, Elizabeth  1633Yorkshire, England I025419
20 Higdon, John  1657Yorkshire, England I015859
21 Howard, Thomas  Abt 1640Yorkshire, England I046384
22 Kendall, Ambrose  Bef 1629Yorkshire, England I027998
23 Lawson, John  1575Yorkshire, England I027258
24 Lee, Thomas  1640Yorkshire, England I041215
25 Marshall, Alice  Bef 1633Yorkshire, England I027989
26 Mauleverer, Beatrice  Aft 1633Yorkshire, England I032386
27 Metcalfe, John  Bef 1614Yorkshire, England I041162
28 Metcalfe, John  Bef 1704Yorkshire, England I025049
29 Middleton, Robert  Bef 1607Yorkshire, England I051423
30 Nicholson, Sarah  Abt 1629Yorkshire, England I002094
31 Pritchett, Tabitha  1682Yorkshire, England I027763
32 Rozer, Elizabeth Clare  20 May 1779Yorkshire, England I033631
33 Sheffield, Mary  Abt 1586Yorkshire, England I095445
34 Shircliffe, William  1648Yorkshire, England I002584
35 Skaife, John Rev.  Abt 1682Yorkshire, England I113712
36 Sothoron, Elizabeth  Bef 1677Yorkshire, England I022057
37 Sothoron, John  Abt 1663Yorkshire, England I011743
38 Sothoron, Richard  Bef 1677Yorkshire, England I024909
39 Sothoron, Samuel  Abt 1663Yorkshire, England I011755
40 Utie, Anne MNU  Abt 1604Yorkshire, England I037895
41 Utie, John  Abt 1596Yorkshire, England I037867
42 Utie, John  Abt 1620Yorkshire, England I037896
43 Walker, Isabel  Bef 1580Yorkshire, England I028038
44 Ward, Damaris MNU  1645Yorkshire, England I011317
45 Ward, John  Bef 1630Yorkshire, England I010008
46 Wentworth, Thomas  Bef 1639Yorkshire, England I024108
47 Wickliffe, David  1610Yorkshire, England I025471
48 Winston, Elizabeth  1688Yorkshire, England I114171
49 Winston, Isaac  1682Yorkshire, England I113966
50 Winston, William  3 Oct 1638Yorkshire, England I114166

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dent, George  1694Yorkshire, England I002091
2 Hewitt, Richard  Apr 1673Yorkshire, England I033998
3 Ingleby, Mary  1798Yorkshire, England I116592
4 Marshall, William  Aft 1580Yorkshire, England I102225
5 Mauleverer, Beatrice  Yorkshire, England I032386
6 Wright, George  6 Jun 1674Yorkshire, England I032385


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barber / Young  1640Yorkshire, England F01947
2 Fairfax / de Vere  20 Jun 1637Yorkshire, England F21834
3 Fairfax / Harrison  27 Sep 1684Yorkshire, England F15376
4 Fairfax / Sheffield  1607Yorkshire, England F21836
5 Hardy / Council  1632Yorkshire, England F24997
6 Harper / Harper  20 Jan 1629/30Yorkshire, England F15540
7 Hewitt / Cooper  Bef 1633Yorkshire, England F15667
8 Shircliffe / Spinke  Abt 1636Yorkshire, England F01698
9 Utie / Utie  Abt 1620Yorkshire, England F21780
10 Wentworth / Fairfax  Abt 1618Yorkshire, England F38671
11 Wentworth / Saville  11 Jul 1627Yorkshire, England F38682
12 Wright / Mauleverer  Yorkshire, England F19270