Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Georgetown, District of Columbia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boarman, Mary Rose  Bef 1810Georgetown, District of Columbia I102582
2 Mackall, Harriet Beall  23 Jan 1807Georgetown, District of Columbia I103231
3 Mackall, Louis  31 Jan 1801Georgetown, District of Columbia I106077
4 Mudd, Elizabeth  1 Apr 1814Georgetown, District of Columbia I080814
5 Mudd, Henrietta  14 Mar 1816Georgetown, District of Columbia I080815
6 Mudd, Ignatius  14 Feb 1819Georgetown, District of Columbia I080817
7 Mudd, Mary Jane  11 Apr 1807Georgetown, District of Columbia I080812
8 Mudd, Mary Joseph  21 Sep 1811Georgetown, District of Columbia I080811
9 Mudd, Rebecca  10 May 1817Georgetown, District of Columbia I080816
10 Mudd, Thomas James  14 Feb 1819Georgetown, District of Columbia I080818
11 Sayrs, John Johnson  Georgetown, District of Columbia I104441


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Balch, Stephen Bloomer  22 Sep 1833Georgetown, District of Columbia I106765
2 Beall, Elizabeth  21 Jun 1827Georgetown, District of Columbia I050883
3 Beall, Harriett  23 Mar 1843Georgetown, District of Columbia I036713
4 Beatty, Thomas  20 Feb 1815Georgetown, District of Columbia I103063
5 Boarman, Raphael W.  Aft 1816Georgetown, District of Columbia I102580
6 Braden, Elizabeth  2 May 1819Georgetown, District of Columbia I105841
7 Brent, Teresa  4 Dec 1839Georgetown, District of Columbia I079008
8 Burch, Elizabeth  Aft 1816Georgetown, District of Columbia I079866
9 Dawson, Rebecca  13 Dec 1846Georgetown, District of Columbia I006705
10 Duke, Deborah Manduit  12 Oct 1846Georgetown, District of Columbia I080250
11 Duvall, Rebecca  1 Nov 1862Georgetown, District of Columbia I073292
12 Fox, Bartleson  6 Jan 1816Georgetown, District of Columbia I107790
13 Hepburn, John Muir  27 Aug 1850Georgetown, District of Columbia I114883
14 Johnston, Elizabeth Stith  1 Nov 1864Georgetown, District of Columbia I068307
15 Kurtz, David  Aft 1816Georgetown, District of Columbia I079867
16 Mackall, Benjamin  1823Georgetown, District of Columbia I106073
17 Mackall, Benjamin  5 Sep 1830Georgetown, District of Columbia I006706
18 Mackall, Louis  18 Apr 1906Georgetown, District of Columbia I106076
19 Maddox, William Alfred Truman  1 Jan 1889Georgetown, District of Columbia I106128
20 Magruder, Eleanor MNU  Aft 1800Georgetown, District of Columbia I077387
21 Magruder, Lewis  1830Georgetown, District of Columbia I084044
22 Magruder, Ninian  3 Mar 1823Georgetown, District of Columbia I077386
23 Magruder, William Washington  30 Dec 1879Georgetown, District of Columbia I064029
24 Mason, Virginia  21 Jan 1838Georgetown, District of Columbia I020352
25 Mudd, Thomas James  Georgetown, District of Columbia I041428
26 Offutt, Rezin Beall  2 Mar 1837Georgetown, District of Columbia I076066
27 Orme, Archibald  9 May 1812Georgetown, District of Columbia I025024
28 Plater, Sophia  Aft 1760Georgetown, District of Columbia I087448
29 Pye, Margaret  Bef 1814Georgetown, District of Columbia I017544
30 Ridgely, William Greenbury  Aft 1760Georgetown, District of Columbia I087449
31 Sayrs, John Johnson  6 Jan 1809Georgetown, District of Columbia I104437
32 Scott, Sarah Doyne  3 Sep 1815Georgetown, District of Columbia I103061
33 Simms, Joseph  28 Mar 1832Georgetown, District of Columbia I043337
34 Simms, Mary Charlotte  28 Dec 1831Georgetown, District of Columbia I103869
35 Simms, Mary Jane  Georgetown, District of Columbia I080813
36 Simms, Richard Thompson  1823Georgetown, District of Columbia I056739
37 Simms, Thomas  Bef 28 Jul 1792Georgetown, District of Columbia I072650
38 Smith, Mary 'Polly'  Aft 1816Georgetown, District of Columbia I102578
39 Snyder, Christiana  3 Jul 1850Georgetown, District of Columbia I088900
40 Sothoron, Harriett  31 Aug 1842Georgetown, District of Columbia I078498
41 Sothoron, William  15 Aug 1851Georgetown, District of Columbia I088889
42 Speake, Sophia  Aft 1809Georgetown, District of Columbia I104442
43 Sprigg, William Osborn  Aft 1802Georgetown, District of Columbia I053283
44 Williams, Elie  31 Dec 1822Georgetown, District of Columbia I101889
45 Williams, Elisha Owen  14 Dec 1805Georgetown, District of Columbia I036714


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bowie / Suter  15 Feb 1838Georgetown, District of Columbia F44171
2 Dement / Kennedy  21 Feb 1815Georgetown, District of Columbia F28606
3 Dyer / Tarbell  12 Feb 1833Georgetown, District of Columbia F43817
4 Howard / Key  9 Nov 1825Georgetown, District of Columbia F34863
5 Kurtz / Burch  17 Apr 1816Georgetown, District of Columbia F35092
6 Mackall / Mackall  1828Georgetown, District of Columbia F41360
7 Marshall / Lyles  8 Sep 1846Georgetown, District of Columbia F00905
8 Mudd / Swain  12 Jan 1792Georgetown, District of Columbia F40416
9 Pearce / Pearce  Aft 1776Georgetown, District of Columbia F44335
10 Peters / Johns  17 Sep 1799Georgetown, District of Columbia F20051
11 Rankins / Scott  10 Dec 1801Georgetown, District of Columbia F43669
12 Simms / Beatty  10 Sep 1816Georgetown, District of Columbia F40268
13 Simms / Scott  9 Oct 1814Georgetown, District of Columbia F40265
14 Taylor / Mackall  16 Jun 1835Georgetown, District of Columbia F40333
15 Williams / Beall  6 May 1784Georgetown, District of Columbia F21284