Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

James City County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barron, Catherine  1672James City County, Virginia I025605
2 Berry, William  1635James City County, Virginia I032529
3 Booker, Frances  Aft 1710James City County, Virginia I113846
4 Booker, Martha  Aft 1710James City County, Virginia I113849
5 Booker, Purefoy  Bef 1740James City County, Virginia I113852
6 Booker, Rebecca  Abt 1710James City County, Virginia I074108
7 Booker, Richard  Aft 1709James City County, Virginia I113845
8 Booker, William  11 Jun 1714James City County, Virginia I113851
9 Bray, Davis  1666James City County, Virginia I085484
10 Cary, Archibald  24 Jan 1720/21James City County, Virginia I033781
11 Cary, Mary  4 Dec 1766James City County, Virginia I057339
12 Edloe, Matthew  Bef 1617James City County, Virginia I075784
13 Eggleston, Elizabeth Anne  Abt 1709James City County, Virginia I057828
14 Ellyson, Gerrard Robert  Bef 1658James City County, Virginia I078725
15 Ellyson, Hannah  Bef 1651James City County, Virginia I078068
16 Freeman, Bridges  23 Jan 1636/37James City County, Virginia I115737
17 Freeman, Jane  Bef 1675James City County, Virginia I115736
18 Grymes, John  1641James City County, Virginia I114294
19 Grymes, Sarah  1652James City County, Virginia I031875
20 Hartwell, Mary  1703James City County, Virginia I037946
21 James, Richard  Bef 1675James City County, Virginia I041499
22 Jaquelin, Mary  1 Mar 1713/14James City County, Virginia I117448
23 Johnson, Robert  Abt 1643James City County, Virginia I095570
24 Jones, Peter  Abt 1655James City County, Virginia I114069
25 Meriwether, William  1688James City County, Virginia I023528
26 Page, Francis  1638James City County, Virginia I109961
27 Walker, Alexander  Abt 1670James City County, Virginia I115732
28 Wood, Margaret  Abt 1638James City County, Virginia I114065


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ambler, Jaquelin  10 Feb 1798James City County, Virginia I004887
2 Archer, Sarah  1710James City County, Virginia I108741
3 Bagwell, Thomas  Aft 1638James City County, Virginia I075759
4 Beall, Samuel  1793James City County, Virginia I036734
5 Blaikley, William  30 May 1736James City County, Virginia I068659
6 Blair, Archibald Dr.  1736James City County, Virginia I038019
7 Bland, Edward  Bef 1652James City County, Virginia I072555
8 Bland, Jane MNU  Aft 1652James City County, Virginia I072556
9 Bray, Judith MNU  26 Oct 1720James City County, Virginia I085485
10 Brumfield, John  Aft 1656James City County, Virginia I072153
11 Cary, Henry  James City County, Virginia I114084
12 Cary, Martha  1738James City County, Virginia I041500
13 Croxon, Alice  Aft 1636James City County, Virginia I075781
14 Edloe, Matthew  Aft 1637James City County, Virginia I075784
15 Ellis, Thomas  Aft 1637James City County, Virginia I062075
16 Fairfax, Margaret MNU  Aft 1639James City County, Virginia I072104
17 Fairfax, William  Aft 1639James City County, Virginia I072103
18 Freeman, Bridges  10 Nov 1682James City County, Virginia I115737
19 Fuller, Judith  Aft 1695James City County, Virginia I088454
20 Goodrich, Alice MNU  Aft Mar 1694/95James City County, Virginia I072423
21 Goodrich, Benjamin  Aft 1708James City County, Virginia I072969
22 Greenleafe, Robert  Bef 1635James City County, Virginia I075749
23 Hacker, Sarah  Bef Apr 1614James City County, Virginia I075754
24 Hamlin, Jane  Aft 1675James City County, Virginia I115738
25 Harvey, Thomas  Aft 1640James City County, Virginia I088063
26 James, Rachel MNU  1706James City County, Virginia I041496
27 James, Richard Rev.  Bef 1676James City County, Virginia I041497
28 Jaquelin, Edward  1730James City County, Virginia I041498
29 Jones, Evan  Aft 1619James City County, Virginia I072099
30 Kemp, Richard  Abt 1649James City County, Virginia I050314
31 Lawson, Christopher  Aft 1638James City County, Virginia I072633
32 Lightfoot, John  Bef 21 Jan 1628/29James City County, Virginia I032961
33 Lowry, Margaret  Bef 1741James City County, Virginia I032054
34 Lowther, Bridgett MNU  Aft 1632James City County, Virginia I075765
35 Ludwell, Philip  Bef 1696James City County, Virginia I041494
36 Marshall, John  Aft 1644James City County, Virginia I023537
37 Orchard, John  Aft 1636James City County, Virginia I075782
38 Osborn, John  Aft 1639James City County, Virginia I072096
39 Osborn, John  Aft 1739James City County, Virginia I072098
40 Osborn, Margaret MNU  Aft 1639James City County, Virginia I072097
41 Pace, Isabella MNU  Aft 1621James City County, Virginia I075762
42 Pettus, Unknown  Abt 1631James City County, Virginia I115773
43 Pierce, Jane  Aft 1624James City County, Virginia I075751
44 Pierce, William  Aft 1645James City County, Virginia I075752
45 Smallwood, John  Aft 1637James City County, Virginia I030759
46 Smith, Roger  Aft 30 Nov 1629James City County, Virginia I075755
47 Soane, Henry  1661James City County, Virginia I072554
48 Sorrell, Edward  Aft 1695James City County, Virginia I130219
49 Sothoron, John  Aft 1624James City County, Virginia I075761
50 Tinsley, Thomas  Aft 1652James City County, Virginia I086359

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blair / Wilson  Abt 1711James City County, Virginia F21859
2 Booker / Booker  Bef 1741James City County, Virginia F45061
3 Booker / Lowry  Abt 1708James City County, Virginia F19119
4 Burwell / Thacker  21 Jan 1744/45James City County, Virginia F24486
5 Camp / Barron  Abt 1689James City County, Virginia F03812
6 Holt / Bailey  Abt 1627James City County, Virginia F41967
7 Jaquelin / Cary  1706James City County, Virginia F03569
8 Jaquelin / James  Abt 1698James City County, Virginia F23370
9 Kemp / Wormley  Between 1644 and 1648James City County, Virginia F45452
10 Rolfe / Pierce  1620James City County, Virginia F23631
11 Sherwood / James  Bef 1676James City County, Virginia F15692
12 Smith / Pierce  1622James City County, Virginia F14351
13 Stith / Blaikley  19 Aug 1743James City County, Virginia F23570
14 Wadding / Brooks  Aft 15 May 1672James City County, Virginia F45144
15 Walker / Freeman  Bef 1698James City County, Virginia F45901