Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

New Kent County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Susannah  1671New Kent County, Virginia I038465
2 Allen, Elizabeth  Bef 1750New Kent County, Virginia I089337
3 Anderson, Anne  14 Sep 1709New Kent County, Virginia I109391
4 Anderson, Robert  1663New Kent County, Virginia I114175
5 Armistead, Frances  Abt 1766New Kent County, Virginia I089335
6 Armistead, Gill  Bef 1746New Kent County, Virginia I089336
7 Axford, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1703New Kent County, Virginia I035862
8 Bathurst, Elizabeth  Abt 1684New Kent County, Virginia I029375
9 Bathurst, Lawrence  Bef 1670New Kent County, Virginia I068070
10 Bathurst, Mary  Abt 1683New Kent County, Virginia I026525
11 Boucher, Mary  1670New Kent County, Virginia I035856
12 Brock, Mary  Abt 1682New Kent County, Virginia I089421
13 Brooks, Susannah  1720New Kent County, Virginia I081935
14 Burnley, Hardin  2 Nov 1703New Kent County, Virginia I101956
15 Burnley, Zachariah  1730New Kent County, Virginia I101926
16 Byrd, Mary  Abt 1671New Kent County, Virginia I124304
17 Byrd, William 'Frontiersman'  1678New Kent County, Virginia I124303
18 Campbell, Anne  Bef 1662New Kent County, Virginia I081596
19 Carr, Anne Winston  Abt 1742New Kent County, Virginia I048531
20 Carr, Mary  Abt 1704New Kent County, Virginia I038504
21 Carr, William Chiles  1707New Kent County, Virginia I076152
22 Chiles, Female MNU  Abt 1684New Kent County, Virginia I114187
23 Claiborne, Mary  1674New Kent County, Virginia I045398
24 Claiborne, Thomas  17 Aug 1647New Kent County, Virginia I044646
25 Claiborne, Ursula  Abt 1660New Kent County, Virginia I045408
26 Claiborne, William  1671New Kent County, Virginia I045410
27 Clayton, William  Bef 1646New Kent County, Virginia I115803
28 Clopton, William  Abt 1685New Kent County, Virginia I115611
29 Crawford, David  9 Jun 1697New Kent County, Virginia I110437
30 Crawford, Elizabeth  25 Oct 1699New Kent County, Virginia I110436
31 Crawford, John  22 Jan 1700/01New Kent County, Virginia I110439
32 Crawford, Judith  9 Jul 1705New Kent County, Virginia I110440
33 Crawford, Mitchell  4 May 1708New Kent County, Virginia I110442
34 Dabney, Female MNU  Abt 1678New Kent County, Virginia I038829
35 Dabney, George  2 Jan 1698/99New Kent County, Virginia I109390
36 Ellis, William  1732New Kent County, Virginia I109181
37 Fleming, Anne  Abt 1709New Kent County, Virginia I060122
38 Fleming, Elizabeth  23 Oct 1687New Kent County, Virginia I038041
39 Fleming, Susanna  23 Oct 1688New Kent County, Virginia I038043
40 Fleming, Ursula  1690New Kent County, Virginia I038053
41 Fox, Anne  20 May 1684New Kent County, Virginia I045401
42 Fox, Thomas  1686New Kent County, Virginia I045405
43 Frye, John  Bef 1665New Kent County, Virginia I019360
44 Garrett, John Ware  1675New Kent County, Virginia I026868
45 Gill, Joseph  1673New Kent County, Virginia I066491
46 Hampton, Andrew  2 Feb 1714/15New Kent County, Virginia I079488
47 Hampton, Anthony  24 Feb 1714/15New Kent County, Virginia I046351
48 Hampton, Elizabeth  8 May 1720New Kent County, Virginia I038947
49 Hampton, Henry  27 Mar 1721New Kent County, Virginia I046352
50 Hampton, James  3 Sep 1723New Kent County, Virginia I046358

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abrahall, Thomas  Bef 15 Sep 1680New Kent County, Virginia I074441
2 Anderson, Anne  Aft 1749New Kent County, Virginia I109391
3 Armistead, John  New Kent County, Virginia I089338
4 Bates, Susanna  1675New Kent County, Virginia I111834
5 Bathurst, Lancelot  Bef 11 Feb 1703/04New Kent County, Virginia I068068
6 Biggs, Henry  Aft 1665New Kent County, Virginia I018481
7 Blagrave, Henry  1706New Kent County, Virginia I048490
8 Blagrave, Sarah MNU  New Kent County, Virginia I048491
9 Booth, Anne  4 Mar 1716/17New Kent County, Virginia I114978
10 Boucher, Mary  1705New Kent County, Virginia I035856
11 Brashears, John  1709New Kent County, Virginia I069843
12 Bray, Thomas  Bef 1732New Kent County, Virginia I045402
13 Byrd, Wilhelmia  New Kent County, Virginia I115063
14 Carr, William  1738New Kent County, Virginia I114170
15 Chamberlayne, Thomas  New Kent County, Virginia I115064
16 Claiborne, John  Aft 1687New Kent County, Virginia I045601
17 Claiborne, Mary  Aft 1705New Kent County, Virginia I045398
18 Clare, Ambrose  Aft 1671New Kent County, Virginia I072767
19 Clopton, Robert  30 Dec 1742New Kent County, Virginia I115608
20 Clopton, Walter  26 Jun 1758New Kent County, Virginia I115609
21 Clopton, William  Between 23 Apr 1728 and 12 Jul 1733New Kent County, Virginia I114990
22 Clopton, William  Jul 1729New Kent County, Virginia I115611
23 Dabney, George  8 Nov 1768New Kent County, Virginia I109390
24 Duncomb, John  Aft 1667New Kent County, Virginia I072723
25 Ellyson, Robert  Bef 28 Sep 1671New Kent County, Virginia I078724
26 Fenn, Sarah  18 Oct 1716New Kent County, Virginia I045399
27 Field, Peter  24 Jul 1707New Kent County, Virginia I088458
28 Fleming, Charles  7 Oct 1717New Kent County, Virginia I038038
29 Gerard, Elizabeth {Unproven}  Bef 1671New Kent County, Virginia I078750
30 Gill, Stephen  14 Mar 1708/09New Kent County, Virginia I066490
31 Harris, Anne Amelia  12 Jul 1835New Kent County, Virginia I101955
32 Harrison, Anthony  Abt 1680New Kent County, Virginia I022750
33 Haynes, Anthony  Aft 1658New Kent County, Virginia I072345
34 Hite, Female  Bef 1779New Kent County, Virginia I109409
35 Holmes, Catherine MNU  Aft 11 Oct 1675New Kent County, Virginia I116890
36 Holmes, Thomas  Bef 11 Oct 1675New Kent County, Virginia I116892
37 Holt, David  Aft 1706New Kent County, Virginia I067284
38 Jennings, Sarah Anne  New Kent County, Virginia I114164
39 Jones, Frances  9 Apr 1785New Kent County, Virginia I115545
40 Macon, Gideon  New Kent County, Virginia I037947
41 Maddison, John  Between 10 Jun 1678 and 24 Sep 1680New Kent County, Virginia I033682
42 Maddison, John  Aft 1728New Kent County, Virginia I033680
43 Mansell, Mary  Aft Oct 1687New Kent County, Virginia I048488
44 Massey, Elizabeth  Aft 1674New Kent County, Virginia I086774
45 Massey, John  Aft 1664New Kent County, Virginia I086768
46 Massey, Peter  Aft 1690New Kent County, Virginia I086769
47 Minor, Isabella  Bef 1726New Kent County, Virginia I033679
48 Morris, Eleanor MNU  Aft 1681New Kent County, Virginia I074465
49 Morris, George  Between 1685 and 1690New Kent County, Virginia I068645
50 Morris, George {Addl Records}  Between 1685 and 1690New Kent County, Virginia I117077

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Armistead / Allen  New Kent County, Virginia F37436
2 Baylor / Todd  1698New Kent County, Virginia F19181
3 Burnley / Terrill  New Kent County, Virginia F40013
4 Byrd / Holmes  Bef 11 Oct 1675New Kent County, Virginia F46365
5 Carr / Chiles  Bef 1704New Kent County, Virginia F45237
6 Carr / Winston  New Kent County, Virginia F18406
7 Cauthorne / Abrahall  Bef 1680New Kent County, Virginia F46423
8 Chiles / Boucher  Abt 1686New Kent County, Virginia F20946
9 Custis / Dandridge  15 May 1750New Kent County, Virginia F14620
10 Dandridge / Jones  22 Jul 1730New Kent County, Virginia F14621
11 Duke / Hampton  Bef 30 Nov 1670New Kent County, Virginia F22367
12 Eastham / Byrd  Bef 1695New Kent County, Virginia F26457
13 Fleming / Tarleton  1683New Kent County, Virginia F19437
14 Hampton / Wade  25 Mar 1712New Kent County, Virginia F22021
15 Hoard / Mansell  1687New Kent County, Virginia F25759
16 Holmes / Holmes  Bef 1670New Kent County, Virginia F46369
17 Jerdone / Macon  10 Feb 1742/43New Kent County, Virginia F48982
18 Lewis / Lewis  Abt 1688New Kent County, Virginia F45010
19 Lewis / Terrill  Bef 1717New Kent County, Virginia F42207
20 Lindsey / Lewis  Abt 1710New Kent County, Virginia F43737
21 Lumpkin / Curtis  Bef 1677New Kent County, Virginia F46485
22 Macon / Hartwell  24 Sep 1719New Kent County, Virginia F14616
23 Macon / Hite  New Kent County, Virginia F43318
24 Major / Campbell  1682New Kent County, Virginia F23112
25 Major / Ironmonger  Abt 1710New Kent County, Virginia F23111
26 Meriwether / Holmes  Abt 1713New Kent County, Virginia F20992
27 Morris / Morris  New Kent County, Virginia F19764
28 Mott / Pigg  Abt 1668New Kent County, Virginia F13870
29 Pettus / Overton  Aft 1692New Kent County, Virginia F45931
30 Petty / Morris  1656New Kent County, Virginia F16787
31 Terrill / Axford  Abt 1719New Kent County, Virginia F20951
32 Terrill / Crump  New Kent County, Virginia F20956
33 Terrill / Foster  Mar 1685/86New Kent County, Virginia F20937
34 Terrill / Martin  Abt 1745New Kent County, Virginia F20952
35 Wade / Hampton  Bef 1682New Kent County, Virginia F22364
36 Wade / Wade  1688New Kent County, Virginia F22022
37 Ware / Adams  3 Feb 1689/90New Kent County, Virginia F22137
38 Winston / Overton  1723New Kent County, Virginia F45233