Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Nicholas County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hollar, Benjamin Francis  1 May 1824Nicholas County, Kentucky I026615
2 Hollar, Catherine Hannah  16 Jun 1811Nicholas County, Kentucky I004446
3 Hollar, Franklin M.  19 Dec 1808Nicholas County, Kentucky I026609
4 Hollar, John  14 Jun 1814Nicholas County, Kentucky I026612
5 Hollar, Jonah Michael  4 Jan 1817Nicholas County, Kentucky I026613
6 Hollar, Joseph H.  7 Jul 1806Nicholas County, Kentucky I004444
7 Hollar, Lucille  1826Nicholas County, Kentucky I004450
8 Hollar, Mary "Polly" Anne  15 May 1821Nicholas County, Kentucky I026614
9 Marshall, Enoch H.  1821Nicholas County, Kentucky I004436
10 Marshall, Hugh  Abt 1809Nicholas County, Kentucky I026616
11 Marshall, John H.  1849Nicholas County, Kentucky I004608
12 Marshall, Marsha  1844Nicholas County, Kentucky I004611
13 Marshall, Mary E.  1845Nicholas County, Kentucky I004606
14 Marshall, Mary H.  1846Nicholas County, Kentucky I004612
15 Marshall, Mary Polly  1807Nicholas County, Kentucky I004443
16 Marshall, Milly A.  1842Nicholas County, Kentucky I004610
17 Marshall, Nancy E.  1849Nicholas County, Kentucky I004613
18 Marshall, Permelia  1814Nicholas County, Kentucky I018913
19 Marshall, Rachel  12 Apr 1812Nicholas County, Kentucky I004445
20 Marshall, Rebecca MNU  1808Nicholas County, Kentucky I004604
21 Marshall, Sally  Abt 1810Nicholas County, Kentucky I004448
22 Marshall, Samuel  Dec 1814Nicholas County, Kentucky I004447
23 Marshall, Samuel A.  1847Nicholas County, Kentucky I004607
24 Marshall, Sarah  1818Nicholas County, Kentucky I026603
25 Marshall, Talitha J.  1839Nicholas County, Kentucky I004609
26 Ritchey, William  Abt 1810Nicholas County, Kentucky I026610


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dent, Sarah  Aft 1799Nicholas County, Kentucky I089380
2 Goe, Philip  Mar 1805Nicholas County, Kentucky I031414
3 Holland, Zadock  4 Nov 1852Nicholas County, Kentucky I075894
4 Hollar, Benjamin Francis  6 Apr 1899Nicholas County, Kentucky I026615
5 Hollar, John  Jan 1824Nicholas County, Kentucky I026607
6 Hollar, John  12 Dec 1895Nicholas County, Kentucky I026612
7 Hooe, Mary Anne  8 Oct 1807Nicholas County, Kentucky I039020
8 Marshall, Hugh  Bef 1834Nicholas County, Kentucky I026616
9 Marshall, Hugh J.  1834Nicholas County, Kentucky I004442
10 Marshall, Rachel  23 Feb 1875Nicholas County, Kentucky I004445
11 Metcalfe, John  8 May 1799Nicholas County, Kentucky I086779
12 Metcalfe, Thomas Gov.  18 Aug 1855Nicholas County, Kentucky I124081
13 Mockbee, Priscilla  Aft 1850Nicholas County, Kentucky I075899
14 Riggs, Charlotte  Nicholas County, Kentucky I012284
15 Shaw, James  Nicholas County, Kentucky I048232
16 Shaw, Luke  2 May 1878Nicholas County, Kentucky I048212
17 Shaw, Priscilla MNU  Abt 1835Nicholas County, Kentucky I048204
18 Taylor, Hester  Nicholas County, Kentucky I048237
19 Throckmorton, Thomas Reade  27 Apr 1826Nicholas County, Kentucky I039019
20 Tinney, Lucinda Elizabeth  Abt 1880Nicholas County, Kentucky I048230


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allison / Marshall  Nicholas County, Kentucky F16357
2 Bowles / Marshall  Nicholas County, Kentucky F11844
3 Hollar / Magdaline  17 Dec 1802Nicholas County, Kentucky F03410
4 Hollar / Marshall  29 Sep 1825Nicholas County, Kentucky F03409
5 Hollar / Marshall  31 Jul 1834Nicholas County, Kentucky F03411
6 Marshall / Clifton  13 Oct 1813Nicholas County, Kentucky F00068
7 Marshall / Marshall  Nicholas County, Kentucky F03404
8 Marshall / Waggoner  1 Feb 1802Nicholas County, Kentucky F03469
9 Marshall / Yates  21 Jan 1830Nicholas County, Kentucky F16360
10 McCarty / Price  3 Jul 1806Nicholas County, Kentucky F24133
11 Ritchie / Marshall  Nicholas County, Kentucky F03414
12 Shaw / Taylor  20 Jan 1867Nicholas County, Kentucky F25590
13 Snapp / Hollar  Nicholas County, Kentucky F03415