Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Queen Anne County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Browne, Robert  Bef 1751Queen Anne County, Maryland I112302
2 Coursey, Edward  Abt 1724Queen Anne County, Maryland I128595
3 Coursey, Henry  Abt 1726Queen Anne County, Maryland I128596
4 Coursey, Maria Henrietta  1812Queen Anne County, Maryland I041201
5 Coursey, William  Bef 1703Queen Anne County, Maryland I128592
6 Coursey, William  22 Mar 1728/29Queen Anne County, Maryland I128594
7 Coursey, William  1756Queen Anne County, Maryland I128597
8 Coursey, William  1794Queen Anne County, Maryland I128590
9 Downs, Hawkins  Bef 1752Queen Anne County, Maryland I128563
10 Hollyday, James  Bef 1751Queen Anne County, Maryland I112298
11 Hopper, Elizabeth  11 Nov 1739Queen Anne County, Maryland I100601
12 Hopper, William  11 Jul 1707Queen Anne County, Maryland I100602
13 Hyndman, James  Bef 1751Queen Anne County, Maryland I112297
14 Sweatnam, Ester  Abt 1711Queen Anne County, Maryland I100603
15 Triggs, Margaret  1724Queen Anne County, Maryland I105328
16 Wells, Brown  Abt 1730Queen Anne County, Maryland I100005
17 Wells, Tobias  Abt 1730Queen Anne County, Maryland I100006


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Carter, Ruth  Aft 1752Queen Anne County, Maryland I099984
2 Clayton, Rachel  Bef 1775Queen Anne County, Maryland I128591
3 Coursey, Edward  Aft 1769Queen Anne County, Maryland I128595
4 Coursey, Henry  Bef 1703Queen Anne County, Maryland I092401
5 Coursey, Henry  Aft 1769Queen Anne County, Maryland I128596
6 Coursey, William  Aft 1769Queen Anne County, Maryland I128594
7 Coursey, William  1797Queen Anne County, Maryland I128597
8 Coursey, William  12 Jan 1822Queen Anne County, Maryland I128590
9 Digby, Elizabeth  Aft 1724Queen Anne County, Maryland I105330
10 Elbert, Mary  Bef 1752Queen Anne County, Maryland I100011
11 Elbert, Rebecca  Aft 1773Queen Anne County, Maryland I100015
12 Gill, Elizabeth  Aft 1721Queen Anne County, Maryland I100492
13 Hopper, Elizabeth  13 Jul 1806Queen Anne County, Maryland I100601
14 Hopper, William  15 Apr 1772Queen Anne County, Maryland I100602
15 Jarman, Joseph  1762Queen Anne County, Maryland I098047
16 Kirby, Elizabeth MNU  Aft 1720Queen Anne County, Maryland I098833
17 Kirby, James  Queen Anne County, Maryland I098861
18 Nicholson, Joseph  22 Sep 1786Queen Anne County, Maryland I100604
19 Spry, Francis  9 Jul 1746Queen Anne County, Maryland I099996
20 Sumpter, Robert  Aft 1741Queen Anne County, Maryland I100490
21 Sweatnam, Ester  21 Oct 1740Queen Anne County, Maryland I100603
22 Thomas, Penelope  Aft 1748Queen Anne County, Maryland I123410
23 Triggs, Wilson  Aft 1724Queen Anne County, Maryland I105329
24 Wells, George  Aft 1752Queen Anne County, Maryland I099985
25 Wells, John  10 Dec 1739Queen Anne County, Maryland I099982
26 Wells, Mary Anne  Aft 1752Queen Anne County, Maryland I100007
27 Wells, Tobias  Aft 1752Queen Anne County, Maryland I100006
28 Yoe, Stephen  Aft 1757Queen Anne County, Maryland I094200


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hopper / Sweatnam  26 Oct 1731Queen Anne County, Maryland F39628
2 Newman / Elbert  Aft 1744Queen Anne County, Maryland F50324
3 Nicholson / Hopper  28 Jul 1757Queen Anne County, Maryland F38142
4 Peale / Triggs  Abt 1740Queen Anne County, Maryland F41061
5 Trigg / Fouracres  1757Queen Anne County, Maryland F42773
6 Triggs / Digby  1709Queen Anne County, Maryland F41063
7 Wells / Carter  Queen Anne County, Maryland F39527