Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Augusta County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allison, John  Bef 1747Augusta County, Virginia I69680
2 Bohannon, William  Abt 1775Augusta County, Virginia I135873
3 Bowen, Hardin Allen  1782Augusta County, Virginia I59265
4 Bowen, John Henley  1779Augusta County, Virginia I59263
5 Bowen, Louisa  1781Augusta County, Virginia I59264
6 Bowen, Tabitha  Between 1778 and 1780Augusta County, Virginia I59262
7 Bowen, William  1742Augusta County, Virginia I59261
8 Caldwell, Anne  Abt 1779Augusta County, Virginia I26213
9 Caldwell, Catherine  13 Jun 1781Augusta County, Virginia I26208
10 Caldwell, Elizabeth  Abt 1775Augusta County, Virginia I26210
11 Caldwell, Jane  Bef 1790Augusta County, Virginia I26223
12 Caldwell, John  Abt 1768Augusta County, Virginia I26212
13 Caldwell, Samuel  Bef 1779Augusta County, Virginia I26211
14 Caldwell, Sarah  Abt 1773Augusta County, Virginia I26217
15 Caldwell, Thomas  Bef 1780Augusta County, Virginia I26225
16 Clements, John  1725Augusta County, Virginia I74773
17 Clements, Roger  1 Jan 1762Augusta County, Virginia I74771
18 Craig, William  31 Mar 1786Augusta County, Virginia I130923
19 Elliott, John  1772Augusta County, Virginia I137048
20 Estill, Mary 'Nancy'  Abt 1774Augusta County, Virginia I38312
21 Estill, Samuel  Abt 1775Augusta County, Virginia I38316
22 Fenley, David  1 Jun 1754Augusta County, Virginia I28012
23 Fenley, John  Abt 1738Augusta County, Virginia I28005
24 Fenley, Samuel  1756Augusta County, Virginia I28013
25 Fenley, Sarah  Aft 1761Augusta County, Virginia I47048
26 Fenley, Sarah MNU  Aft 1742Augusta County, Virginia I28006
27 Fenley, Thomas  11 Feb 1757Augusta County, Virginia I28014
28 Frogg, Agatha  Abt 1748Augusta County, Virginia I87300
29 Frogg, Jane  Abt 1746Augusta County, Virginia I87299
30 Frogg, Margaret  Abt 1742Augusta County, Virginia I86865
31 Frogg, Mary  Abt 1744Augusta County, Virginia I87298
32 Frogg, William  Abt 1740Augusta County, Virginia I77761
33 Gaines, James Mathews  1 Dec 1793Augusta County, Virginia I7047
34 Gaines, John Pollard  22 Sep 1795Augusta County, Virginia I7151
35 Gaines, William Haney  30 Jun 1797Augusta County, Virginia I7152
36 Gillespie, James  Bef 1744Augusta County, Virginia I27818
37 Hall, Alexander  4 May 1759Augusta County, Virginia I42269
38 Hall, Benjamin  17 Feb 1765Augusta County, Virginia I42258
39 Hall, Eleanor  7 Aug 1762Augusta County, Virginia I42276
40 Hall, Elizabeth  27 Dec 1756Augusta County, Virginia I42275
41 Hall, Isaac  12 May 1747Augusta County, Virginia I42272
42 Hall, Janet  20 Jan 1745Augusta County, Virginia I42271
43 Hall, John  31 May 1767Augusta County, Virginia I42277
44 Hall, Sarah  19 Dec 1751Augusta County, Virginia I42273
45 Hall, Thomas  31 Aug 1754Augusta County, Virginia I42274
46 Lewis, John  14 Sep 1746Augusta County, Virginia I4881
47 Lewis, John  24 Aug 1758Augusta County, Virginia I113723
48 Lewis, Thomas  1752Augusta County, Virginia I76622
49 Marshall, Anne  26 Aug 1749Augusta County, Virginia I26149
50 Marshall, Catherine  1 Feb 1785Augusta County, Virginia I26207

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Elizabeth  29 Nov 1802Augusta County, Virginia I4886
2 Allison, Robert  Aft 1746Augusta County, Virginia I69678
3 Bohannon, Mary Anne  Aft 1745Augusta County, Virginia I126951
4 Bowen, John  5 May 1761Augusta County, Virginia I59270
5 Bruce, John  Aft 1756Augusta County, Virginia I62310
6 Caldwell, David  Aft 1761Augusta County, Virginia I26221
7 Caldwell, George  Aft 1755Augusta County, Virginia I26230
8 Caldwell, James  Aft 1787Augusta County, Virginia I26228
9 Caldwell, Mary MNU  Aft 1794Augusta County, Virginia I26215
10 Caldwell, Robert  Aft 1750Augusta County, Virginia I26222
11 Caldwell, Samuel  Aft 1755Augusta County, Virginia I26229
12 Caldwell, William  Aft 1796Augusta County, Virginia I26216
13 Campbell, Charles  Aft 1745Augusta County, Virginia I126954
14 Campbell, Mary Anne  Aft 1745Augusta County, Virginia I126952
15 Campbell, Patrick  Aft 1745Augusta County, Virginia I126953
16 Cunningham, Robert  Aft 1743Augusta County, Virginia I126637
17 Doak, Thankful  Augusta County, Virginia I27819
18 Downs, Henry  Aft 1757Augusta County, Virginia I126286
19 Fenley, Elizabeth  Augusta County, Virginia I27817
20 Field, Susannah  Augusta County, Virginia I48659
21 Gilkerson, Jennett  Augusta County, Virginia I27587
22 Gill, James  Aft 1745Augusta County, Virginia I119796
23 Harvey, Daniel  1791Augusta County, Virginia I90003
24 Henderson, John  20 Aug 1766Augusta County, Virginia I27822
25 Hogg, Peter  20 Apr 1782Augusta County, Virginia I110933
26 Hughes, Samuel  Aft 1742Augusta County, Virginia I126558
27 Key, Henry  Aft 1749Augusta County, Virginia I46691
28 Kirtley, Francis  Aft 1779Augusta County, Virginia I106687
29 Latham, Richard  Aft 1756Augusta County, Virginia I126120
30 Lewis, Zebulon  Aft 1783Augusta County, Virginia I130961
31 Lillington, Margaret  1760Augusta County, Virginia I50756
32 Lockhart, James Horatio  Abt 1775Augusta County, Virginia I50757
33 Lockhart, Margaret  Augusta County, Virginia I11483
34 Long, Nicholas  Aft 1750Augusta County, Virginia I67811
35 Long, Philip  Aft 1745Augusta County, Virginia I89185
36 Lyne, Jane  Bef 1788Augusta County, Virginia I35132
37 Marshall, Catherine  5 Oct 1868Augusta County, Virginia I26207
38 Marshall, George  Augusta County, Virginia I26199
39 Marshall, Henry  Aft 1786Augusta County, Virginia I26227
40 Marshall, James  1788Augusta County, Virginia I26224
41 Marshall, Rachel MNU  Bef 1828Augusta County, Virginia I26200
42 Marshall, Thomas  Aft 1806Augusta County, Virginia I26201
43 Martin, Patrick  Aft 1740Augusta County, Virginia I2283
44 Matthews, Sampson  Augusta County, Virginia I50749
45 Matthews, William  Augusta County, Virginia I105442
46 McClanahan, Robert  Aft 1741Augusta County, Virginia I107385
47 McClung, John  1817Augusta County, Virginia I4885
48 Meade, John Haile  1798Augusta County, Virginia I69115
49 Meade, William  30 Dec 1805Augusta County, Virginia I69112
50 Moore, Mary  Abt 1805Augusta County, Virginia I42252

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allison / Allison  Bef 1785Augusta County, Virginia F36287
2 Asbury / Fenley  Bef 1788Augusta County, Virginia F22563
3 Black / Marshall  15 Nov 1778Augusta County, Virginia F8671
4 Bohannon / Caldwell  24 Aug 1795Augusta County, Virginia F17508
5 Bowen / Russell  1777Augusta County, Virginia F27710
6 Bragg / Whitson  22 May 1753Augusta County, Virginia F18886
7 Buchanan / Caldwell  13 Apr 1789Augusta County, Virginia F17510
8 Caldwell / Davis  15 Jun 1789Augusta County, Virginia F17507
9 Carrington / Adams  30 Sep 1787Augusta County, Virginia F46138
10 Clements / Thompson  Between 1751 and 1752Augusta County, Virginia F38163
11 Dobyns / Marshall  1771Augusta County, Virginia F17474
12 Estill / Pullin  16 Nov 1773Augusta County, Virginia F24208
13 Fenley / Doak  Abt 1748Augusta County, Virginia F18253
14 Fenley / Fenley  Abt 1758Augusta County, Virginia F18469
15 Fenley / Thomson  1737Augusta County, Virginia F18363
16 Gaines / Matthews  8 Dec 1792Augusta County, Virginia F4922
17 Hall / Stuart  Augusta County, Virginia F26185
18 Hall / Stuart  24 Apr 1744Augusta County, Virginia F26186
19 Hall / Stuart  1786Augusta County, Virginia F26190
20 Harvey / Taliaferro  17 Nov 1761Augusta County, Virginia F32356
21 Hogg / Taylor  1754Augusta County, Virginia F47671
22 Lewis / Givens  Abt 1745Augusta County, Virginia F3815
23 Lewis / Strother  26 Jan 1750Augusta County, Virginia F17547
24 Lewis / Thompson  24 Jul 1788Augusta County, Virginia F48265
25 Marshall / Caldwell  12 Jun 1799Augusta County, Virginia F17502
26 Marshall / Caldwell  7 Feb 1805Augusta County, Virginia F17500
27 Marshall / Marshall  Augusta County, Virginia F17511
28 Marshall / Marshall  1770Augusta County, Virginia F17084
29 Marshall / Rozell  Bef 1795Augusta County, Virginia F4586
30 Marshall / Stewart  Augusta County, Virginia F26054
31 Matthews / Gaines  5 Jul 1796Augusta County, Virginia F13643
32 Matthews / Wright  28 Nov 1763Augusta County, Virginia F4955
33 McClelland / Stark  Bef 16 Feb 1744Augusta County, Virginia F52403
34 Paxton / McClung  23 Mar 1786Augusta County, Virginia F3673
35 Peyton / Threlkeld  Abt 1758Augusta County, Virginia F26078
36 Preston / Smith  17 Jul 1761Augusta County, Virginia F39380
37 Stuart / McClung  4 Jun 1789Augusta County, Virginia F26187
38 Stuart / Moore  1769Augusta County, Virginia F26182
39 Stuart / Patterson  1754Augusta County, Virginia F26181
40 Tankersley / Davidson  29 Jul 1797Augusta County, Virginia F17516
41 Tankersley / Hughes  18 Jan 1798Augusta County, Virginia F16201
42 Walker / Stuart  1786Augusta County, Virginia F26189
43 White / White  Bef 1740Augusta County, Virginia F42813