Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Bedford County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ayres, Diana  Abt 1754Bedford County, Virginia I121386
2 Board, Esther  18 Sep 1783Bedford County, Virginia I108541
3 Bondurant, Sarah  1800Bedford County, Virginia I006304
4 Bondurant, Thomas  Abt 1770Bedford County, Virginia I005771
5 Callaway, Keziah  8 Aug 1768Bedford County, Virginia I077523
6 Clarke, Elizabeth  1774Bedford County, Virginia I121380
7 Cobbs, Pleasant  5 Nov 1760Bedford County, Virginia I035869
8 Davies, Joseph Hamilton  4 Mar 1774Bedford County, Virginia I026090
9 Day, Elizabeth  1755Bedford County, Virginia I026860
10 Drury, Margaret (Peggy)  1767Bedford County, Virginia I005786
11 Ferrell, Jane  Abt 1770Bedford County, Virginia I036494
12 Gill, Charles Wood  17 Dec 1799Bedford County, Virginia I067589
13 Gill, Henry Stephens  18 Feb 1803Bedford County, Virginia I067591
14 Gill, Mary Clarke  30 Nov 1801Bedford County, Virginia I067590
15 Grayson, Spence Monroe  Bedford County, Virginia I115449
16 Gregory, John London  30 Nov 1802Bedford County, Virginia I115002
17 Grundy, George  1764Bedford County, Virginia I053579
18 Haile, Abednego  12 Aug 1741Bedford County, Virginia I069129
19 Haile, John  13 Sep 1743Bedford County, Virginia I069130
20 Haile, Meshack  19 Aug 1738Bedford County, Virginia I069128
21 Hardy, Elizabeth Osborne  1807Bedford County, Virginia I039762
22 Hix, Elizabeth 'Hicks'  5 May 1793Bedford County, Virginia I036492
23 Hix, Hannah S. 'Hicks'  Abt 1797Bedford County, Virginia I036495
24 Logan, Mary  Bef 1772Bedford County, Virginia I056276
25 McFarland, Benjamin  Abt Oct 1769Bedford County, Virginia I012415
26 Meade, Elizabeth  30 Jul 1764Bedford County, Virginia I069111
27 Meade, John Haile  20 Nov 1755Bedford County, Virginia I069115
28 Meade, Mahlon  26 Mar 1757Bedford County, Virginia I069117
29 Meade, Nicholas  16 Feb 1750/51Bedford County, Virginia I069114
30 Meade, Samuel  23 Dec 1761Bedford County, Virginia I069118
31 Meade, Stith  25 Sep 1767Bedford County, Virginia I069119
32 Pollard, Sarah M.  2 Aug 1788Bedford County, Virginia I036486
33 Poteet, William  1750Bedford County, Virginia I054812
34 Rosbrugh, Robert  16 Mar 1807Bedford County, Virginia I039763
35 Scott, Joseph  26 Oct 1757Bedford County, Virginia I056270
36 Smelser, Paulser  Between 1766 and 1774Bedford County, Virginia I069155
37 Talbot, Edmund  Bef 1779Bedford County, Virginia I069153
38 Thorpe, Catherine 'Kitty' Callaway  Bef 1784Bedford County, Virginia I061506
39 Trigg, John  1748Bedford County, Virginia I121383
40 Trigg, Stephen  1768Bedford County, Virginia I121379
41 Vardeman, Dorcas  Abt 1785Bedford County, Virginia I006797
42 Vardeman, Molly  Abt 1770Bedford County, Virginia I006798
43 Vardeman, Naomi  Abt 1771Bedford County, Virginia I004993
44 Vardeman, Prudence  Abt 1770Bedford County, Virginia I004994
45 Vardeman, Prudence MNU  Abt 1744Bedford County, Virginia I008623
46 Vardeman, Thomas  Bef 1787Bedford County, Virginia I006796
47 Wells, David Jones  5 Dec 1816Bedford County, Virginia I036485
48 Wells, Frances  1804Bedford County, Virginia I036482
49 Wells, Lucinda J.  Abt 1809Bedford County, Virginia I036484
50 Wells, Mary 'Polly'  Abt 1806Bedford County, Virginia I036483


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Robert  1773Bedford County, Virginia I108377
2 Ayers, Hannah MNU  Bedford County, Virginia I121384
3 Ayres, James  Bedford County, Virginia I121385
4 Banister, William  Aft 1763Bedford County, Virginia I069121
5 Beall, Archibald Brooke  Aft 1781Bedford County, Virginia I071231
6 Bondurant, Richard  Bedford County, Virginia I088386
7 Boteler, Edward  Aft 1785Bedford County, Virginia I052061
8 Brent, Eleanor  Aft 1765Bedford County, Virginia I073268
9 Cobbs, Robert  1773Bedford County, Virginia I035870
10 Davies, Nicholas  Aft 1733Bedford County, Virginia I039722
11 Day, Elizabeth  1778Bedford County, Virginia I026860
12 Dent, Elizabeth  Bedford County, Virginia I009378
13 Dent, John  9 Sep 1820Bedford County, Virginia I009376
14 Dent, John Chapman  Abt 1829Bedford County, Virginia I043384
15 Dent, Peter  Between 1799 and 1800Bedford County, Virginia I008510
16 Drury, Joseph  Abt 1804Bedford County, Virginia I095563
17 Durrett, Richard  14 May 1783Bedford County, Virginia I062650
18 Farrow, Elizabeth  Aft 1797Bedford County, Virginia I041376
19 Ferguson, Caleb  Abt 1858Bedford County, Virginia I036498
20 Ferrell, Jane  Aft 1798Bedford County, Virginia I036494
21 Ferrell, William  22 Oct 1780Bedford County, Virginia I036496
22 Gatewood, Dudley  1787Bedford County, Virginia I115838
23 Gatton, Susannah  1839Bedford County, Virginia I068035
24 Gill, Charles  21 May 1838Bedford County, Virginia I019593
25 Goad, John  23 Jul 1771Bedford County, Virginia I042390
26 Gregory, Thomas  Bedford County, Virginia I115003
27 Haile, Anne  22 Jul 1769Bedford County, Virginia I069113
28 Hall, Cecelia Anne  Bedford County, Virginia I088387
29 Halley, Anne MNU  Aft 1799Bedford County, Virginia I108539
30 Halley, Chloe  1813Bedford County, Virginia I108538
31 Halley, Henry  28 Nov 1799Bedford County, Virginia I108546
32 Hampton, Sarah  1807Bedford County, Virginia I046349
33 Hardy, Baptist  1818Bedford County, Virginia I012042
34 Hardy, Elizabeth Osborne  1880Bedford County, Virginia I039762
35 Hewton, Mary  1806Bedford County, Virginia I016324
36 Hudnall, William  31 Jan 1813Bedford County, Virginia I078259
37 Innes, Elizabeth  Apr 1872Bedford County, Virginia I059527
38 Johns, Mary  Aft 1750Bedford County, Virginia I121403
39 Lazenby, Robert  13 Jan 1835Bedford County, Virginia I039774
40 Leftwich, Augustine  1795Bedford County, Virginia I111540
41 London, Mary  Bedford County, Virginia I115004
42 Long, Anne  Aft 1763Bedford County, Virginia I088417
43 Marshall, Elizabeth 'Betsy'  Aft 1846Bedford County, Virginia I036478
44 Marshall, Sarah  Aft 1816Bedford County, Virginia I036451
45 Marshall, William  Oct 1839Bedford County, Virginia I036471
46 Marshall, Wilmoth  Aft 1860Bedford County, Virginia I036475
47 McGeorge, Margaret  Oct 1851Bedford County, Virginia I041386
48 Meade, Samuel  1793Bedford County, Virginia I069118
49 Neale, Charles  1780Bedford County, Virginia I083992
50 Neale, Mary Anne  1806Bedford County, Virginia I016817

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Banister / Long  26 Apr 1763Bedford County, Virginia F32127
2 Barton / Wigginton  22 Dec 1788Bedford County, Virginia F23419
3 Bayne / Thomas  22 Oct 1805Bedford County, Virginia F15870
4 Bondurant / Drury  26 Jan 1792Bedford County, Virginia F00720
5 Bondurant / Wheat  Abt 1770Bedford County, Virginia F04399
6 Childress / Wigginton  22 Feb 1794Bedford County, Virginia F23422
7 Dent / Board  23 Oct 1800Bedford County, Virginia F43001
8 Ferguson / Marshall  21 Sep 1809Bedford County, Virginia F21245
9 Foster / Wigginton  16 Oct 1792Bedford County, Virginia F23421
10 French / Callaway  27 Jun 1783Bedford County, Virginia F34592
11 Gill / Rives  21 Dec 1809Bedford County, Virginia F31623
12 Grayson / Thorpe  1801Bedford County, Virginia F20337
13 Hardy / Lazenby  12 Nov 1797Bedford County, Virginia F22730
14 Hix / Ferrell  27 Oct 1787Bedford County, Virginia F21251
15 Johnston / Steptoe  Abt 1803Bedford County, Virginia F23218
16 Marshall / Hix  21 Dec 1810Bedford County, Virginia F21249
17 Marshall / Hix  24 Mar 1817Bedford County, Virginia F21246
18 Marshall / Pollard  28 Jan 1811Bedford County, Virginia F21241
19 Matherly / Wigginton  18 Dec 1800Bedford County, Virginia F23423
20 Neale / Neale  1754Bedford County, Virginia F41930
21 Pickett / Day  4 Jan 1773Bedford County, Virginia F03656
22 Pollard / Hunt  1778Bedford County, Virginia F21250
23 Pollard / Marshall  24 Jan 1820Bedford County, Virginia F21248
24 Poteet / Poteet  Abt 1769Bedford County, Virginia F27816
25 Rosbrugh / Hardy  1838Bedford County, Virginia F22724
26 Scott / Cooksey  1790Bedford County, Virginia F32875
27 Scott / Talbot  1788Bedford County, Virginia F28237
28 Stinnett / Marshall  7 Dec 1802Bedford County, Virginia F21242
29 Talbot / Davis  29 Apr 1765Bedford County, Virginia F31636
30 Thomas / Halley  28 Jun 1779Bedford County, Virginia F42999
31 Trigg / Ayres  17 Dec 1770Bedford County, Virginia F47894
32 Upshaw / Bradley  24 Oct 1769Bedford County, Virginia F37905
33 Van Pelt / Marshall  25 Dec 1803Bedford County, Virginia F21244
34 Vardeman / Vardeman  Abt 1760Bedford County, Virginia F03723
35 Wigginton / McGeorge  6 Sep 1787Bedford County, Virginia F23418
36 Wigginton / Reynolds  22 Dec 1788Bedford County, Virginia F23420