Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Charles County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Achilles, Agnes {Unproven}  Abt 1675Charles County, Maryland I075342
2 Acton, Aaron  Abt 1711Charles County, Maryland I012514
3 Acton, Anne Smallwood  19 Jan 1766Charles County, Maryland I010744
4 Acton, Barbara  1707Charles County, Maryland I007514
5 Acton, Bartemus  25 Apr 1799Charles County, Maryland I075565
6 Acton, Caroline L.  Abt 1822Charles County, Maryland I018165
7 Acton, Christina  Bef 1803Charles County, Maryland I079156
8 Acton, Eleanor  Abt 1734Charles County, Maryland I007521
9 Acton, Elizabeth  1769Charles County, Maryland I010746
10 Acton, Elizabeth MNU  Aft 1758Charles County, Maryland I075567
11 Acton, Hannibal  Charles County, Maryland I105403
12 Acton, Henry  1732Charles County, Maryland I007520
13 Acton, Henry  1755Charles County, Maryland I008447
14 Acton, Henry  Bef 1776Charles County, Maryland I019801
15 Acton, John 'Sr'  1704Charles County, Maryland I007517
16 Acton, Osborn  Abt 1754Charles County, Maryland I075566
17 Acton, Smallwood  1759Charles County, Maryland I010743
18 Acton, Unknown  Abt 1754Charles County, Maryland I102713
19 Acton, Unknown  Abt 1758Charles County, Maryland I102712
20 Adams, Abednego  1721Charles County, Maryland I009622
21 Adams, Andrew  Bef 1739Charles County, Maryland I077914
22 Adams, Anne  Charles County, Maryland I103224
23 Adams, Anne  Abt 1706Charles County, Maryland I056429
24 Adams, Anne  Abt 1730Charles County, Maryland I011009
25 Adams, Anne  Abt 1751Charles County, Maryland I018934
26 Adams, Anne  1751Charles County, Maryland I101997
27 Adams, Anne  1757Charles County, Maryland I037927
28 Adams, Anne  Bef 1758Charles County, Maryland I053178
29 Adams, Anne Verlinder  Aft 1789Charles County, Maryland I101914
30 Adams, Atheliah  1737Charles County, Maryland I058171
31 Adams, Aurelia  Charles County, Maryland I059910
32 Adams, Barbara  Aft 1693Charles County, Maryland I015887
33 Adams, Benjamin  1673Charles County, Maryland I007899
34 Adams, Benjamin  1706Charles County, Maryland I009615
35 Adams, Benjamin  Abt 1726Charles County, Maryland I047624
36 Adams, Benjamin  Bef 1761Charles County, Maryland I044910
37 Adams, Celia  1737Charles County, Maryland I058170
38 Adams, Charity  Abt 1730Charles County, Maryland I011012
39 Adams, Charles  1673Charles County, Maryland I007898
40 Adams, Charles  Abt 1710Charles County, Maryland I015886
41 Adams, Chloe  1739Charles County, Maryland I058172
42 Adams, Daniel Jenifer  Abt 1749Charles County, Maryland I018932
43 Adams, Eleanor  Abt 1782Charles County, Maryland I009445
44 Adams, Elizabeth  Charles County, Maryland I103223
45 Adams, Elizabeth  1680Charles County, Maryland I007891
46 Adams, Elizabeth  Aft 1732Charles County, Maryland I099228
47 Adams, Elizabeth  Bef 1742Charles County, Maryland I047622
48 Adams, Elizabeth  Aft 1750Charles County, Maryland I021237
49 Adams, Elizabeth  20 Jul 1754Charles County, Maryland I037926
50 Adams, Elizabeth  Bef 1761Charles County, Maryland I042833

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Mary  Aft 1751Charles County, Maryland I020210
2 Achilles, Peter  Between 17 Jul 1707 and 1713Charles County, Maryland I023355
3 Acton, Barbary  Aft 1798Charles County, Maryland I010798
4 Acton, Christina  1829Charles County, Maryland I079156
5 Acton, Eleanor  Abt 1800Charles County, Maryland I007521
6 Acton, Elizabeth MNU  Aft 1817Charles County, Maryland I075567
7 Acton, Henry  Between 1771 and 1776Charles County, Maryland I007519
8 Acton, Henry  22 Dec 1796Charles County, Maryland I007520
9 Acton, John 'Jr'  Aft 1803Charles County, Maryland I010797
10 Acton, John 'Sr'  Aft 1773Charles County, Maryland I007517
11 Acton, Unknown  Charles County, Maryland I102712
12 Acton, Unknown  Charles County, Maryland I102713
13 Adams, Abednego  Aft 1806Charles County, Maryland I101912
14 Adams, Adam  Aft 1835Charles County, Maryland I075693
15 Adams, Anne  Aft 17 Sep 1767Charles County, Maryland I101997
16 Adams, Anne  Aft 1773Charles County, Maryland I018934
17 Adams, Anne  Aft 1783Charles County, Maryland I056429
18 Adams, Anne  Aft 1793Charles County, Maryland I103224
19 Adams, Anne  Aft 1795Charles County, Maryland I053178
20 Adams, Anne  Aft 1800Charles County, Maryland I011009
21 Adams, Anne Verlinder  Aft 1805Charles County, Maryland I101914
22 Adams, Aurelia  Aft 1793Charles County, Maryland I059910
23 Adams, Barbara  Aft 1740Charles County, Maryland I015887
24 Adams, Benjamin  Aft 1709Charles County, Maryland I007899
25 Adams, Benjamin  Aft 1809Charles County, Maryland I044910
26 Adams, Charity  Between 1758 and 1776Charles County, Maryland I011012
27 Adams, Charles  Aft 1739Charles County, Maryland I015886
28 Adams, Eleanor  Aft 1816Charles County, Maryland I009445
29 Adams, Elizabeth  Bef 1758Charles County, Maryland I047622
30 Adams, Elizabeth  Aft 1771Charles County, Maryland I099228
31 Adams, Elizabeth  Aft 1792Charles County, Maryland I042833
32 Adams, Elizabeth  Aft 1793Charles County, Maryland I103223
33 Adams, Elizabeth  24 Apr 1854Charles County, Maryland I079146
34 Adams, Elizabeth Mason  Aft 1773Charles County, Maryland I018933
35 Adams, Esther  Aft 1770Charles County, Maryland I099231
36 Adams, Female  1845Charles County, Maryland I102707
37 Adams, Female  Bef 1848Charles County, Maryland I055496
38 Adams, Female MNU  Aft 1793Charles County, Maryland I103226
39 Adams, Francis Ignatius  1830Charles County, Maryland I102702
40 Adams, George  5 Mar 1733/34Charles County, Maryland I003286
41 Adams, George  Aft 1771Charles County, Maryland I099229
42 Adams, Gustavus Augustine  1850Charles County, Maryland I102701
43 Adams, Henley  Aft 1795Charles County, Maryland I075383
44 Adams, Ignatius  Aft 1787Charles County, Maryland I058238
45 Adams, Ignatius  Aft 1790Charles County, Maryland I058576
46 Adams, Ignatius  Aft 1807Charles County, Maryland I009621
47 Adams, James  Aft 1778Charles County, Maryland I011007
48 Adams, Jane Emily  23 Feb 1925Charles County, Maryland I079124
49 Adams, Jane MNU  Aft 1767Charles County, Maryland I113744
50 Adams, Jeremiah  Aft 1771Charles County, Maryland I099230

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Briscoe, Richard Sothoron  Charles County, Maryland I020257


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ashford / Neville  Nov 1677Charles County, Maryland F01167
2 Bayne / Courts  Abt 1660Charles County, Maryland F01073
3 Beale / Bayne  22 Jun 1700Charles County, Maryland F01072
4 Blanchet / Blanchet  Bef 1689Charles County, Maryland F01097
5 Breeding / Breeding  Bef 1671Charles County, Maryland F00807
6 Breeding / Breeding  Bef 1701Charles County, Maryland F00805
7 Breeding / Lampton  1706Charles County, Maryland F00806
8 Briscoe / Dent  Abt 1751Charles County, Maryland F01078
9 Browne / Black  Aft 1745Charles County, Maryland F01094
10 Bruce / Briscoe  Between 1722 and 1728Charles County, Maryland F00847
11 Carpenter / Barron  Bef 1731Charles County, Maryland F01110
12 Cawood / Cawood  Aft 1751Charles County, Maryland F01141
13 Chandler / Burditt  Abt 2 Oct 1684Charles County, Maryland F01123
14 Chandler / Sewell  Abt 1674Charles County, Maryland F01122
15 Chandler / Thoroughgood  Abt 1648Charles County, Maryland F00828
16 Covert / Gray  Aft 1746Charles County, Maryland F00834
17 Dent / Herbert  1713Charles County, Maryland F00857
18 Dent / Marshall  27 Feb 1753Charles County, Maryland F00858
19 Dent / Warren  Abt 1729Charles County, Maryland F01079
20 Doncastle / Hawkins  Bef 1748Charles County, Maryland F00977
21 Douglass / Hanson  Aft 1721Charles County, Maryland F00974
22 Douglass / Hanson  1736Charles County, Maryland F01152
23 Douglass / Howard  Abt 1734Charles County, Maryland F01041
24 Douglass / Land  Abt 1709Charles County, Maryland F01043
25 Elgin / Musgrove  1740Charles County, Maryland F00904
26 Estep / Brooke  Abt 1761Charles County, Maryland F01074
27 Estep / Estep  Abt 1720Charles County, Maryland F01075
28 Fendall / Fendall  Abt 1661Charles County, Maryland F00851
29 Fendall / Hanson  Between 23 Feb 1699/00 and 1 May 1702Charles County, Maryland F00850
30 Fendall / Lee  18 Nov 1729Charles County, Maryland F00994
31 Fendall / Magruder  Aft 1759Charles County, Maryland F00995
32 Fendall / Stoddert  31 Mar 1765Charles County, Maryland F01000
33 Fowke / Burditt  31 Dec 1686Charles County, Maryland F01100
34 Fowke / Hanson  1745Charles County, Maryland F01086
35 Fowke / Lomax  Abt 1682Charles County, Maryland F01106
36 Fowke / Stone  Abt 1716Charles County, Maryland F01084
37 Fowke / Thoroughgood  12 Feb 1660/61Charles County, Maryland F01083
38 Garrett / Gates  Aft 1750Charles County, Maryland F00522
39 Gifford / Douglass  Abt 1686Charles County, Maryland F00802
40 Goldring / Ward  Abt 1719Charles County, Maryland F00234
41 Gwinn / Gwinn  Bef 1692Charles County, Maryland F00966
42 Hamilton / Green  Abt 1743Charles County, Maryland F00496
43 Hamilton / McAtee  1770Charles County, Maryland F00495
44 Hanson / Beall  26 Sep 1758Charles County, Maryland F00808
45 Hanson / Boswell  1749Charles County, Maryland F01162
46 Hanson / Brooke  14 Apr 1747Charles County, Maryland F01160
47 Hanson / Browne  Abt 29 Aug 1774Charles County, Maryland F01150
48 Hanson / Fendall  1730Charles County, Maryland F00882
49 Hanson / Hanson  Abt 1655Charles County, Maryland F01031
50 Hanson / Hanson  1690Charles County, Maryland F00975

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