Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Chesterfield County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Archer, Agnes  23 Apr 1739Chesterfield County, Virginia I55372
2 Bullock, John  16 Apr 1752Chesterfield County, Virginia I38445
3 Gill, Peter  Bef 1751Chesterfield County, Virginia I67577
4 Goode, Bennett  1710Chesterfield County, Virginia I9743
5 Hancock, Augustine  14 Oct 1756Chesterfield County, Virginia I90278
6 Hancock, Edward  8 Mar 1752Chesterfield County, Virginia I90277
7 Hancock, George  13 Jun 1754Chesterfield County, Virginia I39787
8 Hancock, Mary  4 Nov 1759Chesterfield County, Virginia I90279
9 Jones, Thomas Atkinson  1781Chesterfield County, Virginia I109379
10 Markham, John  20 Jan 1770Chesterfield County, Virginia I26382
11 Marshall, Archibald  Abt 1742Chesterfield County, Virginia I925
12 Marshall, Daniel  Abt 1733Chesterfield County, Virginia I924
13 Marshall, Elizabeth  13 Jan 1730Chesterfield County, Virginia I930
14 Marshall, John  1734Chesterfield County, Virginia I923
15 Marshall, Thomas  Abt 1736Chesterfield County, Virginia I922
16 Marshall, William  Abt 1734Chesterfield County, Virginia I921
17 Moody, Arthur  1746Chesterfield County, Virginia I7912
18 Railey, Charles Logan  26 Oct 1766Chesterfield County, Virginia I38444
19 Railey, Elizabeth  26 Apr 1757Chesterfield County, Virginia I38443
20 Railey, Isham Randolph  15 Jul 1758Chesterfield County, Virginia I38442
21 Railey, John  Dec 1721Chesterfield County, Virginia I38440
22 Randolph, Mary  Abt 1778Chesterfield County, Virginia I76327
23 Randolph, Susan Frances  1800Chesterfield County, Virginia I115005
24 Ward, Lucy  Bef 1762Chesterfield County, Virginia I76329
25 Worsham, Elizabeth  1656Chesterfield County, Virginia I42084


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Black, William  Aft 1796Chesterfield County, Virginia I114762
2 Booker, Richard  1793Chesterfield County, Virginia I113868
3 Clay, Henry  3 Aug 1760Chesterfield County, Virginia I44662
4 Gill, Daniel  1782Chesterfield County, Virginia I67576
5 Gill, Peter  7 Jun 1751Chesterfield County, Virginia I67578
6 Gill, Unknown  1763Chesterfield County, Virginia I67571
7 Hancock, Johan MNU  Abt 1760Chesterfield County, Virginia I90917
8 Hancock, Samuel  Abt 1760Chesterfield County, Virginia I90916
9 Jefferson, Thomas  15 Feb 1731Chesterfield County, Virginia I88471
10 Lewis, Anne  Aft 1785Chesterfield County, Virginia I126006
11 Lewis, Elizabeth  Aft 1785Chesterfield County, Virginia I126004
12 Markham, John  1771Chesterfield County, Virginia I114025
13 Matthews, Catherine  Bef 20 Oct 1770Chesterfield County, Virginia I114026
14 Mitchell, Mary  7 Aug 1777Chesterfield County, Virginia I44664
15 Moody, James  Aft 1762Chesterfield County, Virginia I44514
16 Quarles, John  Aft 1752Chesterfield County, Virginia I124861
17 Randolph, Elizabeth  11 Sep 1782Chesterfield County, Virginia I38439
18 Randolph, Henry  Chesterfield County, Virginia I76328
19 Randolph, Mary  25 Nov 1781Chesterfield County, Virginia I33782
20 Richards, Elizabeth  7 Nov 1777Chesterfield County, Virginia I131949
21 Shippey, Thomas  1676Chesterfield County, Virginia I107667
22 Sowell, Mann  Aft 1785Chesterfield County, Virginia I134093
23 Sowell, Thomas  Aft 1785Chesterfield County, Virginia I134092
24 Ward, Lucy  Chesterfield County, Virginia I76329
25 Worsham, Daniel  17 Aug 1727Chesterfield County, Virginia I113870


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bland / Bolling  8 Oct 1761Chesterfield County, Virginia F47384
2 Browning / Covington  25 Dec 1809Chesterfield County, Virginia F53823
3 Bullock / Railey  9 Sep 1785Chesterfield County, Virginia F24283
4 Bullock / Rice  4 Feb 1755Chesterfield County, Virginia F24285
5 Downman / Archer  5 Feb 1769Chesterfield County, Virginia F18816
6 Marshall / Walthall  17 Jul 1787Chesterfield County, Virginia F517
7 Moody / Marshall  Abt 1766Chesterfield County, Virginia F586
8 Railey / Randolph  1756Chesterfield County, Virginia F24280
9 Randolph / Ward  Chesterfield County, Virginia F38630
10 Thornton / Randolph  21 Sep 1805Chesterfield County, Virginia F16546
11 Wilson / Lacy  1765Chesterfield County, Virginia F26508