Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Culpeper County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Nancy Anne "Annie"  Abt 1730Culpeper County, Virginia I027695
2 Adams, John  1765Culpeper County, Virginia I049729
3 Adams, Sarah  1780Culpeper County, Virginia I061016
4 Allen, Deborah Montgomery  Bef 1761Culpeper County, Virginia I059275
5 Allen, Jane  Bef 1750Culpeper County, Virginia I006929
6 Alsop, Susanah "Polly"  Abt 1783Culpeper County, Virginia I033027
7 Anderson, Elijah  Abt 1787Culpeper County, Virginia I007476
8 Anderson, John  Abt 1783Culpeper County, Virginia I007444
9 Anderson, Patsy  Abt 1780Culpeper County, Virginia I007460
10 Anderson, Polley  Abt 1783Culpeper County, Virginia I007443
11 Anderson, Rutha  Abt 1790Culpeper County, Virginia I007428
12 Anderson, William  Abt 1775Culpeper County, Virginia I007451
13 Arnold, John  10 Jan 1754Culpeper County, Virginia I061059
14 Ashford, Catherine  1 May 1789Culpeper County, Virginia I081193
15 Ashford, Elizabeth  Abt 1781Culpeper County, Virginia I088227
16 Ashford, Sarah  Abt 1783Culpeper County, Virginia I081194
17 Ashford, Thomas Harrison  24 Apr 1791Culpeper County, Virginia I081190
18 Ashford, William  Between 1780 and 1784Culpeper County, Virginia I081191
19 Austin, Nancy  Abt 1770Culpeper County, Virginia I040854
20 Aylor, Benjamin  26 Apr 1778Culpeper County, Virginia I005461
21 Aylor, Elizabeth  25 Dec 1776Culpeper County, Virginia I005275
22 Aylor, Henry  1797Culpeper County, Virginia I006606
23 Aylor, Michael  11 Oct 1772Culpeper County, Virginia I001123
24 Ball, William  1719Culpeper County, Virginia I032908
25 Banister, Frances  1780Culpeper County, Virginia I000322
26 Banks, Adam  1742Culpeper County, Virginia I114905
27 Banks, Elizabeth  1744Culpeper County, Virginia I092690
28 Banks, Mary  5 Jun 1754Culpeper County, Virginia I114903
29 Banks, Rachel  1746Culpeper County, Virginia I114900
30 Banks, Rueben  1750Culpeper County, Virginia I114901
31 Banks, Sarah  1756Culpeper County, Virginia I114904
32 Banks, Thomas  1752Culpeper County, Virginia I114902
33 Banks, William  Bef 1755Culpeper County, Virginia I081410
34 Barbee, Andrew  15 Mar 1767Culpeper County, Virginia I038761
35 Barbee, Anne  1 Feb 1773Culpeper County, Virginia I038764
36 Barbee, Eleanor Smith  22 Jan 1771Culpeper County, Virginia I115024
37 Barbee, Elizabeth  18 Dec 1779Culpeper County, Virginia I038767
38 Barbee, Ezkiel  4 Nov 1774Culpeper County, Virginia I038765
39 Barbee, Lydia  4 Mar 1777Culpeper County, Virginia I038766
40 Barbee, Rose  20 Aug 1765Culpeper County, Virginia I038757
41 Barbee, Susannah Howe  18 Mar 1767Culpeper County, Virginia I038762
42 Barber, Anne  1743Culpeper County, Virginia I056480
43 Barbour, Elizabeth  1747Culpeper County, Virginia I068364
44 Barbour, James  21 Dec 1734Culpeper County, Virginia I038979
45 Barbour, Thomas Throckmorton  9 Mar 1766Culpeper County, Virginia I101949
46 Barlow, Daniel  Between 1775 and 1780Culpeper County, Virginia I007433
47 Barlow, Daniel  1779Culpeper County, Virginia I007771
48 Barnes, Armistead  1757Culpeper County, Virginia I058312
49 Barnes, Eleanor 'Nellie'  1767Culpeper County, Virginia I051147
50 Barnes, Elizabeth  22 Oct 1762Culpeper County, Virginia I058314

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Sarah {MNU}  Aft 1807Culpeper County, Virginia I049731
2 Alexander, Jane  1804Culpeper County, Virginia I046470
3 Allen, Anne  Aft 1758Culpeper County, Virginia I081383
4 Allen, Elizabeth  Aft 1758Culpeper County, Virginia I081385
5 Allen, Henry  Aft 1790Culpeper County, Virginia I077054
6 Allen, Jane  Culpeper County, Virginia I006929
7 Allen, Martha  Aft 1758Culpeper County, Virginia I081384
8 Allen, William  Aft 1758Culpeper County, Virginia I081382
9 Ashby, Mary Ellen  2 Oct 1869Culpeper County, Virginia I040161
10 Atwell, Mary  14 Feb 1845Culpeper County, Virginia I113531
11 Austin, Phebe  1851Culpeper County, Virginia I115001
12 Ball, Margaret  Culpeper County, Virginia I035988
13 Ball, Mary  1800Culpeper County, Virginia I036002
14 Ballenger, Edward  Aft 1745Culpeper County, Virginia I081350
15 Ballenger, Margery  Culpeper County, Virginia I068342
16 Banks, Baylor  6 Apr 1815Culpeper County, Virginia I114968
17 Banks, Elizabeth  Culpeper County, Virginia I092690
18 Barber, Anne  1803Culpeper County, Virginia I056480
19 Barbour, James Sr.  1775Culpeper County, Virginia I038977
20 Barnes, John  16 Dec 1799Culpeper County, Virginia I051150
21 Barnes, Leonard  20 Aug 1810Culpeper County, Virginia I106036
22 Barrow, John  1810Culpeper County, Virginia I035987
23 Basye, Edmund  1804Culpeper County, Virginia I038272
24 Bayley, Helen  Aft 1790Culpeper County, Virginia I088237
25 Bayne, George  Abt 1798Culpeper County, Virginia I027614
26 Beall, Priscilla  1815Culpeper County, Virginia I101695
27 Beasley, Thomas  Aft 1850Culpeper County, Virginia I077068
28 Benson, Lucy  Bef 1823Culpeper County, Virginia I032660
29 Benton, Thomas  Bef 1803Culpeper County, Virginia I110246
30 Berry, Aaron  Abt 1815Culpeper County, Virginia I051163
31 Berry, Elisha  20 Jun 1814Culpeper County, Virginia I051160
32 Beverley, Carter Dr.  Culpeper County, Virginia I040916
33 Blackwell, Anne  Aft 1766Culpeper County, Virginia I051245
34 Blackwell, Anne Eliza  18 Nov 1854Culpeper County, Virginia I027061
35 Blackwell, Mary  Aft 1777Culpeper County, Virginia I051249
36 Blackwell, Mary  Aft 1828Culpeper County, Virginia I113817
37 Blankenbaker, Anna Maria  Bef 28 Dec 1762Culpeper County, Virginia I005385
38 Blankenbaker, Dorothea  Aft 1754Culpeper County, Virginia I005646
39 Bledsoe, Moses  Between 1750 and 1770Culpeper County, Virginia I055307
40 Bledsoe, Sarah  1769Culpeper County, Virginia I047909
41 Bobo, Spencer  Aft 15 Mar 1764Culpeper County, Virginia I108385
42 Bohannon, Elliott  21 May 1781Culpeper County, Virginia I110828
43 Bonnifield, Mary  Culpeper County, Virginia I008161
44 Botts, Elizabeth  15 Jul 1824Culpeper County, Virginia I041402
45 Botts, Jemima MNU  Aft 1761Culpeper County, Virginia I087657
46 Botts, John  Aft 1761Culpeper County, Virginia I087659
47 Botts, William  1792Culpeper County, Virginia I026680
48 Boughan, Mary  Aft 1748Culpeper County, Virginia I116075
49 Bourne, John  Mar 1774Culpeper County, Virginia I036211
50 Bourne, Polly  Bef 1802Culpeper County, Virginia I036199

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cave / Mallory  28 Dec 1761Culpeper County, Virginia F00364
2 Corbin / Corbin  15 Sep 1786Culpeper County, Virginia F00371
3 Finnell / Finnell  25 Jul 1786Culpeper County, Virginia F00112
4 Quinn / Vernon  1771Culpeper County, Virginia F00626
5 Slaughter / Stanton  Abt 1770Culpeper County, Virginia F01146
6 Terrill / Cornelius  20 Apr 1789Culpeper County, Virginia F00187
7 Terrill / Willis  26 Nov 1760Culpeper County, Virginia F00181