Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Fauquier County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Anna  25 Jul 1780Fauquier County, Virginia I114753
2 Adams, Beale  Bef 1787Fauquier County, Virginia I088807
3 Adams, Charles Brandt  23 Feb 1798Fauquier County, Virginia I114760
4 Adams, Elizabeth  Abt 1825Fauquier County, Virginia I004691
5 Adams, Elizabeth Marshall  22 Feb 1796Fauquier County, Virginia I114759
6 Adams, Francis  5 Jan 1783Fauquier County, Virginia I114754
7 Adams, George  12 Mar 1786Fauquier County, Virginia I114756
8 Adams, John  26 Feb 1784Fauquier County, Virginia I114755
9 Adams, Josias  Bef 1772Fauquier County, Virginia I088800
10 Adams, Mary  Abt 1779Fauquier County, Virginia I080766
11 Adams, Mary Anne  7 Jan 1804Fauquier County, Virginia I114761
12 Adams, Thomas Marshall  23 Apr 1794Fauquier County, Virginia I114758
13 Adams, Willis  2 Jul 1789Fauquier County, Virginia I114757
14 Alexander, Ashton Dr.  Abt 1774Fauquier County, Virginia I034692
15 Alexander, Elizabeth Maria  20 Aug 1802Fauquier County, Virginia I004895
16 Allen, Anne F.  Bef 1795Fauquier County, Virginia I088978
17 Allen, John Tyler  14 May 1770Fauquier County, Virginia I114922
18 Ambler, Fannie L.  8 Aug 1825Fauquier County, Virginia I104189
19 Armistead, Bowles  26 Apr 1838Fauquier County, Virginia I004705
20 Arnold, Anne  22 Sep 1772Fauquier County, Virginia I087865
21 Arnold, Elijah  1771Fauquier County, Virginia I032199
22 Arnold, Isaac  Bef 1751Fauquier County, Virginia I032195
23 Ash, Dorothy  Bef 1758Fauquier County, Virginia I089950
24 Ash, Eleanor  Bef 1764Fauquier County, Virginia I095407
25 Ash, Margaret  Bef 1758Fauquier County, Virginia I095408
26 Ash, Mary  Aft 1760Fauquier County, Virginia I095410
27 Ash, Uriel  Bef 1763Fauquier County, Virginia I088804
28 Ash, William  Aft 1758Fauquier County, Virginia I095409
29 Ashby, Anne  Abt 1726Fauquier County, Virginia I028941
30 Ashby, Anne  Abt 1756Fauquier County, Virginia I038194
31 Ashby, Benjamin  Abt 1708Fauquier County, Virginia I028935
32 Ashby, Charlotte  Abt 1784Fauquier County, Virginia I105965
33 Ashby, Henry  Abt 1716Fauquier County, Virginia I028937
34 Ashby, Maria Louisa  1828Fauquier County, Virginia I025327
35 Ashby, Martha 'Patsy'  Abt 1762Fauquier County, Virginia I049939
36 Ashby, Mary Ellen  14 Jun 1826Fauquier County, Virginia I040161
37 Ashby, Rose  Abt 1724Fauquier County, Virginia I028940
38 Ashby, Sarah  Abt 1729Fauquier County, Virginia I049671
39 Ashton, Sarah Scott  1797Fauquier County, Virginia I113526
40 Atchison, Letitia  1 Feb 1769Fauquier County, Virginia I046279
41 Atwell, Mary  22 Jun 1778Fauquier County, Virginia I113531
42 Bailey, Elizabeth 'Betty'  10 May 1770Fauquier County, Virginia I037523
43 Bailey, John  Abt 1768Fauquier County, Virginia I037521
44 Bailey, Minter  19 Jun 1763Fauquier County, Virginia I037519
45 Bailey, William  Abt 1767Fauquier County, Virginia I037525
46 Ball, Benjamin  1772Fauquier County, Virginia I080680
47 Ball, Clemence  Abt 1766Fauquier County, Virginia I116794
48 Ball, Edward  1767Fauquier County, Virginia I038574
49 Ball, Margery  1766Fauquier County, Virginia I089954
50 Ball, Phoebe  Fauquier County, Virginia I065018

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Anna  17 Mar 1805Fauquier County, Virginia I114753
2 Adams, Anne  Aft 1774Fauquier County, Virginia I037927
3 Adams, Charles Brandt  11 Aug 1809Fauquier County, Virginia I114760
4 Adams, Elizabeth  Aft 3 Jun 1796Fauquier County, Virginia I037926
5 Adams, Elizabeth Marshall  10 Feb 1873Fauquier County, Virginia I114759
6 Adams, Francis  20 Jan 1841Fauquier County, Virginia I114754
7 Adams, George  5 Oct 1868Fauquier County, Virginia I114756
8 Adams, Josias  Aft 1781Fauquier County, Virginia I018857
9 Adams, Littleton  9 Feb 1833Fauquier County, Virginia I037925
10 Adams, Mary  Bef 1816Fauquier County, Virginia I065126
11 Adams, Mary Anne  20 Jan 1847Fauquier County, Virginia I114761
12 Adams, Thomas Marshall  8 Sep 1831Fauquier County, Virginia I114758
13 Adams, Willis  5 Jun 1847Fauquier County, Virginia I114757
14 Alexander, Sarah  1804Fauquier County, Virginia I040419
15 Allen, Dinah  16 May 1800Fauquier County, Virginia I028044
16 Allen, James  Aft 1793Fauquier County, Virginia I114917
17 Allen, John  Bef 1787Fauquier County, Virginia I114920
18 Allen, Thomas  Aft 1793Fauquier County, Virginia I114919
19 Allison, William  28 Apr 1800Fauquier County, Virginia I020342
20 Ambler, Fannie L.  21 May 1898Fauquier County, Virginia I104189
21 Ambler, Mary Cary  9 Feb 1868Fauquier County, Virginia I104144
22 Ambler, Thomas Marshall  4 Sep 1875Fauquier County, Virginia I089334
23 Ammon, Margaret 'Peggy'  23 Oct 1809Fauquier County, Virginia I041539
24 Ancrum, Jane  1798Fauquier County, Virginia I037004
25 Anderson, Anne  6 Jan 1793Fauquier County, Virginia I051086
26 Anderson, Elizabeth  Aft 1800Fauquier County, Virginia I033142
27 Anderson, Spencer  Aft 1834Fauquier County, Virginia I105396
28 Armistead, Walker Keith  13 Oct 1845Fauquier County, Virginia I025330
29 Arnold, Elijah  Fauquier County, Virginia I032169
30 Arnold, Isaac  Aft 1803Fauquier County, Virginia I032195
31 Asbury, William  1793Fauquier County, Virginia I037000
32 Ash, Eleanor  Aft 1774Fauquier County, Virginia I095407
33 Ash, Elizabeth  10 Aug 1791Fauquier County, Virginia I043549
34 Ash, Elizabeth Frances MNU  Aft 1779Fauquier County, Virginia I088803
35 Ash, Francis  Aft 1774Fauquier County, Virginia I088802
36 Ash, Margaret  Aft 1774Fauquier County, Virginia I095408
37 Ash, Mary  Aft 1774Fauquier County, Virginia I095410
38 Ash, Uriel  Aft 1783Fauquier County, Virginia I088804
39 Ash, William  Aft 1774Fauquier County, Virginia I095409
40 Ashby, Anne  6 Oct 1807Fauquier County, Virginia I038199
41 Ashby, Dorothy MNU  Bef 1783Fauquier County, Virginia I105628
42 Ashby, Enoch  1807Fauquier County, Virginia I038293
43 Ashby, Marshall  14 Mar 1850Fauquier County, Virginia I034699
44 Ashby, Millicent  Aft 1766Fauquier County, Virginia I075828
45 Ashby, Samuel Dr.  5 Feb 1816Fauquier County, Virginia I034702
46 Ashby, Thomson  14 Jul 1850Fauquier County, Virginia I040171
47 Ashby, William  1773Fauquier County, Virginia I038184
48 Ashford, Anne {unproven}  Aft 1850Fauquier County, Virginia I064061
49 Ashmore, Charlotte  Aft 1788Fauquier County, Virginia I027124
50 Athey, Lucy  Aft 1810Fauquier County, Virginia I034862

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Browne / Knox  19 Oct 1804Fauquier County, Virginia F01062
2 Marshall / Quisenberry  11 Nov 1747Fauquier County, Virginia F00403
3 Sharp / Marshall  Abt 1793Fauquier County, Virginia F00393