Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Franklin County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bibb, Allison  23 Feb 1803Franklin County, Kentucky I107623
2 Bibb, Frances A.  13 Apr 1810Franklin County, Kentucky I107625
3 Bibb, Henry S.  23 Nov 1804Franklin County, Kentucky I107624
4 Bryan, Bertha  24 Apr 1875Franklin County, Kentucky I26246
5 Duvall, Cordelia  11 Dec 1857Franklin County, Kentucky I26259
6 Duvall, Lott  3 Jan 1799Franklin County, Kentucky I5216
7 Ethington, Joseph L.  1805Franklin County, Kentucky I25577
8 Graham, William L.  21 Jul 1840Franklin County, Kentucky I5134
9 Marshall, Benjamin Penn  27 Feb 1870Franklin County, Kentucky I26245
10 Marshall, Benjamin Penn  25 Sep 1921Franklin County, Kentucky I26256
11 Marshall, Charles  Abt 1800Franklin County, Kentucky I5212
12 Marshall, F. B.  11 Feb 1866Franklin County, Kentucky I26248
13 Marshall, Flossie Bell  3 Oct 1902Franklin County, Kentucky I26247
14 Marshall, Glen Jewel  2 Sep 1906Franklin County, Kentucky I26253
15 Marshall, Harold C.  10 Dec 1910Franklin County, Kentucky I26250
16 Marshall, Hazel Gregory  15 Oct 1919Franklin County, Kentucky I26258
17 Marshall, Humphrey  1837Franklin County, Kentucky I26240
18 Marshall, James C.  3 May 1857Franklin County, Kentucky I26244
19 Marshall, John  14 Jul 1905Franklin County, Kentucky I26252
20 Marshall, John H.  1812Franklin County, Kentucky I26082
21 Marshall, Kendall Bryan  5 Sep 1897Franklin County, Kentucky I26255
22 Marshall, Lucy  19 Jun 1802Franklin County, Kentucky I5215
23 Marshall, Lucy MNU  25 Sep 1857Franklin County, Kentucky I26241
24 Marshall, M. E. MNU  27 Nov 1872Franklin County, Kentucky I26249
25 Marshall, Martin Penn  20 Nov 1814Franklin County, Kentucky I5213
26 Marshall, Martin W.  1 Dec 1902Franklin County, Kentucky I26251
27 Marshall, Mary  Abt 1808Franklin County, Kentucky I25578
28 Marshall, Romona Bertha  9 Apr 1911Franklin County, Kentucky I26254
29 Marshall, William  8 Jan 1855Franklin County, Kentucky I26242
30 Penn, Squire  14 Dec 1818Franklin County, Kentucky I47514
31 Suter, Adelaide  Abt 1800Franklin County, Kentucky I26265
32 Tracy, Rosa Jane  27 Mar 1832Franklin County, Kentucky I26243


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bartlett, Harry  22 May 1822Franklin County, Kentucky I61432
2 Bibb, Allison  9 Dec 1825Franklin County, Kentucky I107623
3 Bibb, Henry S.  19 Dec 1823Franklin County, Kentucky I107624
4 Blakemore, John Neville  18 Apr 1856Franklin County, Kentucky I124412
5 Branham, Tavener  1818Franklin County, Kentucky I123741
6 Browne, Hezekiah  Bef Sep 1821Franklin County, Kentucky I125575
7 Bryan, Bertha  15 Aug 1959Franklin County, Kentucky I26246
8 Chapman, Sarah  1781Franklin County, Kentucky I26327
9 Clinkseales, Agnes  1832Franklin County, Kentucky I71481
10 Crane, Sarah  Jul 1792Franklin County, Kentucky I61431
11 Dale, Richard  Apr 1841Franklin County, Kentucky I118171
12 Daniel, William  11 Mar 1817Franklin County, Kentucky I123175
13 Dent, Catherine  Aft 1860Franklin County, Kentucky I76340
14 Duvall, Charles  1830Franklin County, Kentucky I76465
15 Duvall, Harriet  Aft 1870Franklin County, Kentucky I25572
16 Duvall, Lott  20 Nov 1881Franklin County, Kentucky I5216
17 Edwards, Elizabeth  Bef 1833Franklin County, Kentucky I124023
18 Edwards, Elizabeth C.  1815Franklin County, Kentucky I25128
19 Edwards, Rebecca  Aft 1838Franklin County, Kentucky I124022
20 Edwards, Uriah  Aft 1791Franklin County, Kentucky I126000
21 Fenwick, Cornelius Manning  1859Franklin County, Kentucky I79601
22 Fenwick, William  17 Jun 1833Franklin County, Kentucky I60075
23 Gaines, Mary  Abt 1831Franklin County, Kentucky I128321
24 Graham, Georgia Goebel  16 May 1963Franklin County, Kentucky I26257
25 Graham, William L.  Franklin County, Kentucky I5134
26 Hackley, Francis  17 Jul 1817Franklin County, Kentucky I45472
27 Hawkins, Anne MNU  Aft 1818Franklin County, Kentucky I36189
28 Hawkins, Elisha  28 Nov 1833Franklin County, Kentucky I124025
29 Hawkins, James  2 Mar 1819Franklin County, Kentucky I128323
30 Hawkins, Jehu Dier  Aft 1838Franklin County, Kentucky I128320
31 Head, Benjamin  1808Franklin County, Kentucky I67832
32 Hudson, Frances  Bef 18 Jan 1819Franklin County, Kentucky I135776
33 Kendall, Thomas  2 Mar 1814Franklin County, Kentucky I35071
34 Lee, Celicia  21 Aug 1897Franklin County, Kentucky I25574
35 Lewis, John  15 Aug 1858Franklin County, Kentucky I113622
36 Long, Elizabeth  Aft 1800Franklin County, Kentucky I67820
37 Long, James  Bef 1804Franklin County, Kentucky I126192
38 Long, John Bond  Abt 1819Franklin County, Kentucky I37623
39 Long, Mildred  Aft 1820Franklin County, Kentucky I132898
40 Long, Reuben  Aft 1810Franklin County, Kentucky I38833
41 Long, Thomas  Aft 1820Franklin County, Kentucky I33262
42 Long, Thomas P.  Aft 1828Franklin County, Kentucky I132249
43 Luckett, Samuel  Aft 1800Franklin County, Kentucky I106956
44 Major, Elizabeth Redd  1821Franklin County, Kentucky I107060
45 Major, John  10 Aug 1828Franklin County, Kentucky I40694
46 Marshall, Benjamin Penn  30 Jul 1951Franklin County, Kentucky I26245
47 Marshall, F. B.  20 Aug 1955Franklin County, Kentucky I26248
48 Marshall, Flossie Bell  10 Dec 1903Franklin County, Kentucky I26247
49 Marshall, Glen Jewel  7 Mar 1908Franklin County, Kentucky I26253
50 Marshall, Harold C.  18 Apr 1911Franklin County, Kentucky I26250

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Conner / Marshall  4 Dec 1796Franklin County, Kentucky F17441
2 Davies / Marshall  9 Jul 1803Franklin County, Kentucky F3769
3 Duvall / Howley  1827Franklin County, Kentucky F17062
4 Duvall / Lee  4 Feb 1834Franklin County, Kentucky F17060
5 Duvall / Marshall  27 Nov 1817Franklin County, Kentucky F4007
6 Foster / Marshall  Franklin County, Kentucky F3544
7 Graham / Marshall  26 Jan 1870Franklin County, Kentucky F3977
8 Gunnell / Major  1820Franklin County, Kentucky F32561
9 Marshall / Ball  8 Nov 1822Franklin County, Kentucky F3758
10 Marshall / Duvall  19 Dec 1866Franklin County, Kentucky F17517
11 Marshall / Edwards  14 Feb 1811Franklin County, Kentucky F16735
12 Marshall / Miles  3 Sep 1838Franklin County, Kentucky F3841
13 Marshall / Rust  7 Nov 1815Franklin County, Kentucky F968
14 Talbot / Garrard  24 Jan 1804Franklin County, Kentucky F36106