Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Frederick County, Maryland



Matches 1251 to 1279 of 1279

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1251 Wilson, Francis  1752Frederick County, Maryland I111993
1252 Wilson, Hezekiah  1764Frederick County, Maryland I077528
1253 Wilson, James  1760Frederick County, Maryland I111989
1254 Wilson, Jane  Abt 1760Frederick County, Maryland I021328
1255 Wilson, Lucy  Abt 1766Frederick County, Maryland I090311
1256 Wilson, Margaret  1772Frederick County, Maryland I060703
1257 Wilson, Mary  1762Frederick County, Maryland I111991
1258 Wilson, Mary  1770Frederick County, Maryland I085265
1259 Wilson, Priscilla  1774Frederick County, Maryland I085266
1260 Wilson, Sarah  1766Frederick County, Maryland I085264
1261 Wilson, Susannah  Abt 1762Frederick County, Maryland I054194
1262 Wilson, Thomas P.  6 Apr 1768Frederick County, Maryland I075428
1263 Wilson, William  Bef 1755Frederick County, Maryland I001382
1264 Wilson, William  27 Aug 1760Frederick County, Maryland I107240
1265 Wimsatt, John  Bef 1792Frederick County, Maryland I062566
1266 Witten, Anne 'Nancy'  9 Feb 1755Frederick County, Maryland I055542
1267 Witten, James  17 Jan 1759Frederick County, Maryland I055544
1268 Witten, Jeremiah  30 Mar 1749Frederick County, Maryland I055539
1269 Witten, William  Feb 1757Frederick County, Maryland I055543
1270 Witten, William Hanley  7 Nov 1761Frederick County, Maryland I055545
1271 Wolfe, Mary  1748Frederick County, Maryland I069924
1272 Wolfe, Sarah  1747Frederick County, Maryland I069926
1273 Wood, James  Frederick County, Maryland I111699
1274 Wood, Sarah  Abt 1748Frederick County, Maryland I026191
1275 Worthington, Charlotte  25 Oct 1778Frederick County, Maryland I055451
1276 Wright, Benjamin  1752Frederick County, Maryland I000416
1277 Young, Anne 'Nancy'  Jan 1768Frederick County, Maryland I070127
1278 Young, Benjamin  1773Frederick County, Maryland I070126
1279 Young, William  1769Frederick County, Maryland I070125

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