Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Frederick County, Maryland



Matches 1251 to 1300 of 1311

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1251 Wheeler, Susannah  Bef 1776Frederick County, Maryland I061230
1252 Wheeler, Thomas  Bef 1770Frederick County, Maryland I060942
1253 Whitaker, Thomas  Bef 1765Frederick County, Maryland I056374
1254 Whitmore, Julianne M. J.  10 Aug 1771Frederick County, Maryland I044242
1255 Wickham, John  1747Frederick County, Maryland I092519
1256 Wickham, Priscilla  1742Frederick County, Maryland I017339
1257 Wickham, Priscilla  Bef 1752Frederick County, Maryland I075443
1258 Wiggins, William  Bef 1768Frederick County, Maryland I075869
1259 Wilcoxon, Amos  1774Frederick County, Maryland I096891
1260 Wilcoxon, Andrew Jackson  11 May 1829Frederick County, Maryland I009663
1261 Wilcoxon, Anne  1764Frederick County, Maryland I096894
1262 Wilcoxon, Elizabeth  1759Frederick County, Maryland I096892
1263 Wilcoxon, Elizabeth  Abt 1810Frederick County, Maryland I009667
1264 Wilcoxon, John  1756Frederick County, Maryland I004677
1265 Wilcoxon, John  27 Dec 1807Frederick County, Maryland I009665
1266 Wilcoxon, Josiah  1758Frederick County, Maryland I096890
1267 Wilcoxon, Louisa  Abt 1815Frederick County, Maryland I009668
1268 Wilcoxon, Rachel  1762Frederick County, Maryland I096893
1269 Wilcoxon, Sarah  1775Frederick County, Maryland I096895
1270 Willard, Mary  16 Aug 1782Frederick County, Maryland I008106
1271 Williams, Cassandra  1752Frederick County, Maryland I101892
1272 Williams, Elie  1750Frederick County, Maryland I101889
1273 Williams, Elijhu  Bef 1755Frederick County, Maryland I111746
1274 Williams, Jared  4 Mar 1766Frederick County, Maryland I110691
1275 Williams, John  1762Frederick County, Maryland I110689
1276 Williams, Rezin  Abt 1750Frederick County, Maryland I100907
1277 Williams, Thomas  1764Frederick County, Maryland I110690
1278 Williams, Walter Cade  Abt 1768Frederick County, Maryland I061701
1279 Wilson, Anne  1766Frederick County, Maryland I091642
1280 Wilson, Archibald  1780Frederick County, Maryland I080181
1281 Wilson, Eleanor  1767Frederick County, Maryland I111992
1282 Wilson, Elizabeth  1768Frederick County, Maryland I091641
1283 Wilson, Frances  Bef 1778Frederick County, Maryland I101735
1284 Wilson, Francis  1752Frederick County, Maryland I111993
1285 Wilson, Hezekiah  1764Frederick County, Maryland I077528
1286 Wilson, James  1760Frederick County, Maryland I111989
1287 Wilson, Jane  Abt 1760Frederick County, Maryland I021328
1288 Wilson, Lucy  Abt 1766Frederick County, Maryland I090311
1289 Wilson, Margaret  1772Frederick County, Maryland I060703
1290 Wilson, Mary  1762Frederick County, Maryland I111991
1291 Wilson, Mary  1770Frederick County, Maryland I085265
1292 Wilson, Priscilla  1774Frederick County, Maryland I085266
1293 Wilson, Sarah  1766Frederick County, Maryland I085264
1294 Wilson, Susannah  Abt 1762Frederick County, Maryland I054194
1295 Wilson, Thomas P.  6 Apr 1768Frederick County, Maryland I075428
1296 Wilson, William  Bef 1755Frederick County, Maryland I001382
1297 Wilson, William  27 Aug 1760Frederick County, Maryland I107240
1298 Wimsatt, John  Bef 1792Frederick County, Maryland I062566
1299 Witten, Anne 'Nancy'  9 Feb 1755Frederick County, Maryland I055542
1300 Witten, James  17 Jan 1759Frederick County, Maryland I055544

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