Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties




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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albrecht, Anna Elisabetha  Abt 1675Germany I005320
2 Aylor, Henry  Abt 1714Germany I005307
3 Baumgartner, Susannah  Abt 1720Germany I006986
4 Bean, Christina (Katrina)  16 Feb 1802Germany I000020
5 Blankenbaker, Mary  Abt 1687Germany I007086
6 Carpenter, John (Zimmerman)  Abt 1700Germany I006992
7 Crigler, Jacob  Abt 1700Germany I005964
8 Deer, Martin  1725Germany I005269
9 Finks, Mark  Abt 1700Germany I006989
10 Fishback, Philip  3 Apr 1661Germany I038625
11 Fout, Baltus  Bef 1741Germany I075412
12 Geulick, Nicholas  Bef 1658Germany I093258
13 Greenwood, Gerrard Dr.  1643Germany I073724
14 Hardman, Joseph  Germany I099380
15 Harnsberger, John  Germany I005358
16 House, Matthew  8 Aug 1739Germany I005257
17 Jaeckler, Maria Margaretha  1743Germany I005258
18 Kerker, Anna Barbara  Abt 1702Germany I006993
19 Kraus, Susannah  Germany I099015
20 Kyle, George  Abt 1782Germany I000579
21 Majer, Anna Barbara  Abt 1696Germany I005615
22 Marshall, Frantz  1720Germany I005112
23 Mercklin, Anna Maria  16 Jan 1685/86Germany I043916
24 Miller, Henry  Abt 1730Germany I099527
25 Miller, John Godfrey  14 Aug 1790Germany I067528
26 Otterbach, Anna Cathrina  2 Jan 1704/05Germany I038628
27 Presser, Henry  Germany I051141
28 Priggs, John Frederick Augustus  1727Germany I066004
29 Rottle, Dorothea  1687Germany I005344
30 Rucker, Peter  Bef 1670Germany I039839
31 Schlehuber, Gottlieb (Jon)  28 Feb 1801Germany I000022
32 Schneider, Anna Magdalena  Germany I005309
33 Sibley, Susanna  21 Feb 1730/31Germany I099524
34 Slacum, George  1674Germany I106114
35 Tanner, Barbara  1719Germany I005298
36 Tanner, Christiana  1716Germany I005295
37 Tanner, Christopher  1715Germany I004153
38 Tanner, Mary  1718Germany I005297
39 Tanner, Mary MNU  Abt 1689Germany I005300
40 Tanner, Robert Gerber  1685Germany I005299
41 Utz, Michael  Abt 1720Germany I006985
42 Wilhoit, Adam  1713Germany I007091
43 Wilhoit, Eva  Abt 1719Germany I007089
44 Wilhoit, Matthias  Abt 1715Germany I007088
45 Wilhoit, Michael  Abt 1683Germany I007085
46 Wilhoit, Phillip  1725Germany I007090
47 Wilhoit, Tobias  Abt 1709Germany I007087
48 Ziegler, Johanne Leonhart  1711Germany I005337
49 Zimmerman, Andrew  1712Germany I005321
50 Zimmerman, Barbara  1716Germany I005336

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rottle, Dorothea  16 Jan 1713/14Germany I005344
2 Íhler, Hans Jacob  Germany I005308