Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Gloucester County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Anne  Abt 1698Gloucester County, Virginia I024316
2 Alexander, Anne  Bef 1750Gloucester County, Virginia I068670
3 Alexander, David  Abt 1668Gloucester County, Virginia I044279
4 Alexander, David  Abt 1704Gloucester County, Virginia I024599
5 Anderson, James  24 Jan 1739/40Gloucester County, Virginia I114773
6 Annis, Anne  Bef 1690Gloucester County, Virginia I084071
7 Armistead, Anna Lee  1696Gloucester County, Virginia I069821
8 Armistead, Catherine  Abt 1644Gloucester County, Virginia I023641
9 Armistead, Elizabeth  16 Feb 1666/67Gloucester County, Virginia I023524
10 Armistead, Frances  Abt 1644Gloucester County, Virginia I055150
11 Armistead, Francis  1690Gloucester County, Virginia I084400
12 Armistead, Henry  1673Gloucester County, Virginia I026385
13 Armistead, John  1670Gloucester County, Virginia I084405
14 Armistead, John  Abt 1695Gloucester County, Virginia I035190
15 Armistead, John  Abt 1730Gloucester County, Virginia I035613
16 Armistead, Judith  1665Gloucester County, Virginia I024411
17 Armistead, Judith  Bef 1702Gloucester County, Virginia I115227
18 Armistead, Lucy  Abt 1719Gloucester County, Virginia I032958
19 Armistead, Martha  1721Gloucester County, Virginia I033853
20 Armistead, Mary  1696Gloucester County, Virginia I033751
21 Armistead, Mary  Bef 1710Gloucester County, Virginia I087002
22 Armistead, Robert  Abt 1712Gloucester County, Virginia I040364
23 Armistead, Sarah  Feb 1776Gloucester County, Virginia I067132
24 Armistead, Susannah  Abt 1732Gloucester County, Virginia I035191
25 Armistead, William  Abt 1694Gloucester County, Virginia I035192
26 Armistead, William  Abt 1715Gloucester County, Virginia I033745
27 Armistead, William  Abt 1734Gloucester County, Virginia I035614
28 Aylett, John  Bef 1724Gloucester County, Virginia I029181
29 Aylett, Judith {Not Proven}  Abt 1702Gloucester County, Virginia I023648
30 Aylett, William  Bef 1680Gloucester County, Virginia I023875
31 Aylett, William  1703Gloucester County, Virginia I023872
32 Ballard, Anne  Abt 1674Gloucester County, Virginia I024591
33 Ballard, John  1683Gloucester County, Virginia I039288
34 Baytop, Sarah Smith  Abt 1749Gloucester County, Virginia I027065
35 Benson, Lucy  Abt 1752Gloucester County, Virginia I032660
36 Berkeley, Edmund  Between 1665 and 1679Gloucester County, Virginia I033841
37 Bernard, Elizabeth  Abt 1664Gloucester County, Virginia I033674
38 Bernard, Lucy  Abt 1660Gloucester County, Virginia I044611
39 Beverley, Anne  Abt 1690Gloucester County, Virginia I092788
40 Beverley, Catherine  Abt 1684Gloucester County, Virginia I108736
41 Beverley, Elizabeth Peyton  1 Jan 1690/91Gloucester County, Virginia I007731
42 Beverley, Sarah  Abt 1754Gloucester County, Virginia I115207
43 Beverley, Susannah  1692Gloucester County, Virginia I033809
44 Blair, Christian  1727Gloucester County, Virginia I047106
45 Bohannon, Anne  Bef 1711Gloucester County, Virginia I078483
46 Bohannon, Dunkin  Bef 16 Feb 1660/61Gloucester County, Virginia I110278
47 Bohannon, Dunkin  1666Gloucester County, Virginia I038635
48 Bohannon, Dunkin  17 Jan 1702/03Gloucester County, Virginia I115905
49 Bohannon, Elizabeth  1664Gloucester County, Virginia I038553
50 Bohannon, Elliott  21 Dec 1711Gloucester County, Virginia I110828

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Christopher  Aft 1674Gloucester County, Virginia I072785
2 Abbott, Mary  Aft 1674Gloucester County, Virginia I072786
3 Abbott, Samuel  Aft 1642Gloucester County, Virginia I072643
4 Alexander, Anne {Unproven}  1756Gloucester County, Virginia I062149
5 Allaman, Thomas  9 Mar 1705/06Gloucester County, Virginia I085742
6 Annis, Thomas  Aft 1678Gloucester County, Virginia I064120
7 Armistead, John  Abt 1693Gloucester County, Virginia I024405
8 Armistead, John  1734Gloucester County, Virginia I035190
9 Armistead, Ralph  Aft 1680Gloucester County, Virginia I072954
10 Armistead, William  13 Jun 1671Gloucester County, Virginia I055148
11 Armistead, William  15 May 1782Gloucester County, Virginia I025345
12 Baker, Henry  Aft 1690Gloucester County, Virginia I117206
13 Baker, John  Aft 1690Gloucester County, Virginia I117207
14 Banister, William  Aft 1638Gloucester County, Virginia I072634
15 Bayley, Richard  Aft 1674Gloucester County, Virginia I072783
16 Baytop, Sarah Smith  Gloucester County, Virginia I027065
17 Bedell, Dorothy  Aft 28 Jul 1648Gloucester County, Virginia I044635
18 Bernard, Lucy  Aft 1685Gloucester County, Virginia I044611
19 Bernard, Robert  Bef 1745Gloucester County, Virginia I041898
20 Bernard, William  31 Mar 1665Gloucester County, Virginia I044610
21 Beverley, Peter  1728Gloucester County, Virginia I033717
22 Bohannon, Dunkin  16 Feb 1660/61Gloucester County, Virginia I110278
23 Bohannon, John  Gloucester County, Virginia I038636
24 Booker, George  1769Gloucester County, Virginia I113818
25 Booker, Richard  3 Jan 1764Gloucester County, Virginia I113819
26 Booker, Sarah  Aft 1761Gloucester County, Virginia I113822
27 Bowles, Judith  Gloucester County, Virginia I024416
28 Brooke, Mary Lewis  Aft 1860Gloucester County, Virginia I025324
29 Broughton, Francis  Aft 1675Gloucester County, Virginia I072791
30 Brumfield, James  Gloucester County, Virginia I070931
31 Buckner, Anne  1743Gloucester County, Virginia I062113
32 Buckner, Anne  30 Oct 1757Gloucester County, Virginia I039466
33 Buckner, Dorothy  8 Dec 1757Gloucester County, Virginia I045426
34 Buckner, Elizabeth  26 Jan 1758Gloucester County, Virginia I062110
35 Buckner, George  1731Gloucester County, Virginia I062102
36 Buckner, John  1790Gloucester County, Virginia I046527
37 Buckner, Mary  18 Aug 1765Gloucester County, Virginia I067149
38 Buckner, Sarah  Bef 1725Gloucester County, Virginia I062093
39 Buckner, Thomas  Bef 17 Sep 1703Gloucester County, Virginia I062069
40 Buckner, Thomas  Aft 1740Gloucester County, Virginia I062091
41 Burton, John  Aft 1687Gloucester County, Virginia I056104
42 Burwell, Anne  10 Dec 1777Gloucester County, Virginia I114303
43 Burwell, Lewis  24 Aug 1834Gloucester County, Virginia I067127
44 Burwell, Nathaniel  1821Gloucester County, Virginia I004759
45 Byrd, Jane  1774Gloucester County, Virginia I033731
46 Cant, David  Bef 1675Gloucester County, Virginia I072735
47 Carter, Maria Byrd  21 Aug 1817Gloucester County, Virginia I033747
48 Cary, Elizabeth  Aft 1677Gloucester County, Virginia I062681
49 Clayton, Jasper  Aft 1776Gloucester County, Virginia I115804
50 Clayton, William Beverley  Bef 14 Dec 1797Gloucester County, Virginia I115802

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carter / Dale  4 May 1670Gloucester County, Virginia F00485