Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Granville County, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bullock, Nathaniel  1738Granville County, North Carolina I038364
2 McGehee, Osborne  1771Granville County, North Carolina I067407
3 Smith, James Webb  18 May 1770Granville County, North Carolina I115865


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atkins, Elizabeth  1800Granville County, North Carolina I109505
2 Billingsley, Lydia  2 May 1836Granville County, North Carolina I061876
3 Bledsoe, Abraham  29 May 1753Granville County, North Carolina I083243
4 Bullock, James  8 Nov 1782Granville County, North Carolina I096185
5 Bullock, William  Aft 1787Granville County, North Carolina I105646
6 Cave, Sarah  Aft 1755Granville County, North Carolina I047912
7 Clarke, Elizabeth  1772Granville County, North Carolina I067372
8 Colclough, Margaret  1793Granville County, North Carolina I048821
9 Cooke, Richard Donaldson  Aft 1785Granville County, North Carolina I091289
10 Cooke, Richard Dr.  1785Granville County, North Carolina I003456
11 Cox, Sarah  Aft 1762Granville County, North Carolina I027921
12 Dutton, Zachariah  1829Granville County, North Carolina I102093
13 Foote, Henry  Aft 1762Granville County, North Carolina I041634
14 Garner, Frances  Aft 1763Granville County, North Carolina I113477
15 Haile, Millicent  1820Granville County, North Carolina I037245
16 Higgs, John  Aft 1800Granville County, North Carolina I067378
17 Higgs, Kenelm H.  Aft 1801Granville County, North Carolina I067379
18 Higgs, Leonard Clarke  17 Dec 1850Granville County, North Carolina I067373
19 Higgs, Mary Ann Juliet  Aft 1823Granville County, North Carolina I067380
20 Higgs, Mary Jane  Bef 1810Granville County, North Carolina I067374
21 Higgs, Sothoron  1834Granville County, North Carolina I067382
22 Higgs, William  1 Jan 1830Granville County, North Carolina I067383
23 Higgs, Zachariah  1816Granville County, North Carolina I067322
24 Hopewell, Mary MNU  Aft 11 Aug 1787Granville County, North Carolina I010706
25 Howard, Anne Eleanor  1742Granville County, North Carolina I116484
26 Lamkin, Eleanor  Aft 1771Granville County, North Carolina I027920
27 Locke, John  Bef 1 May 1789Granville County, North Carolina I095060
28 Lyon, John  Apr 1813Granville County, North Carolina I061879
29 Merryman, Charles  May 1789Granville County, North Carolina I037589
30 Middleton, John  Between 1756 and 1757Granville County, North Carolina I029912
31 Moran, Gabriel  20 Sep 1810Granville County, North Carolina I102933
32 Pendleton, Catherine  26 Jul 1774Granville County, North Carolina I038167
33 Penn, Moses  4 Nov 1759Granville County, North Carolina I038236
34 Read, Susannah  Aft 1792Granville County, North Carolina I035118
35 Rogers, Mary  25 Oct 1800Granville County, North Carolina I090273
36 Rust, John  Abt 1819Granville County, North Carolina I027922
37 Shemwell, James  Aft 18 Feb 1797Granville County, North Carolina I067375
38 Smallwood, William  Aft 1776Granville County, North Carolina I008366
39 Suit, William  Aft 1771Granville County, North Carolina I084078
40 Taylor, Catherine  4 Nov 1774Granville County, North Carolina I038242
41 Taylor, Edmund  Abt 1755Granville County, North Carolina I032099
42 Taylor, Edmund  Apr 1808Granville County, North Carolina I047902
43 Taylor, Elizabeth  Aft 1787Granville County, North Carolina I105645
44 Taylor, Isabella  Aft 1780Granville County, North Carolina I105644
45 Taylor, John  22 Mar 1780Granville County, North Carolina I038169
46 Taylor, John  Nov 1787Granville County, North Carolina I105640
47 Taylor, Joseph  Aft 1780Granville County, North Carolina I105642
48 Taylor, Philip  7 Sep 1765Granville County, North Carolina I044688
49 Taylor, William  Aft 1780Granville County, North Carolina I105641
50 Thomason, Richard Pollard  Abt 1808Granville County, North Carolina I109504

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Dickerson, Jane 'Jenny'  Granville County, North Carolina I067405