Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Green County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Latimer, Elizabeth  1810Green County, Kentucky I060815
2 Latimer, Robert  1812Green County, Kentucky I060816
3 Latimer, Thomas Harvey  7 Jul 1815Green County, Kentucky I060817
4 Mardis, Harriet A  10 Mar 1831Green County, Kentucky I060825
5 Mardis, Rebecca  1817Green County, Kentucky I060913
6 Mardis, Sarah  30 Nov 1807Green County, Kentucky I060912
7 Piper, Dolly  23 Jun 1804Green County, Kentucky I025661
8 Preyer, Elizabeth  Bef 1808Green County, Kentucky I051145
9 Sherrill, Malinda  20 Jul 1808Green County, Kentucky I026766
10 Shipp, Martin  10 Sep 1799Green County, Kentucky I051144
11 Shipp, Nancy  Apr 1828Green County, Kentucky I051143
12 Shipp, Richard  9 Nov 1802Green County, Kentucky I060915
13 Shipp, Walker  1809Green County, Kentucky I060917


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Eleanor 'Nellie'  21 Nov 1828Green County, Kentucky I051147
2 Brockman, Margaret Peggy  1 Aug 1834Green County, Kentucky I036375
3 Brumfield, Rachel  Abt 1807Green County, Kentucky I070927
4 Brumfield, Sarah  Bef 1809Green County, Kentucky I051620
5 Buckner, Anne  Abt 1834Green County, Kentucky I044278
6 Buckner, Elizabeth Lewis  1868Green County, Kentucky I062151
7 Buckner, Horace  Abt 1810Green County, Kentucky I044282
8 Buckner, John  Aft 1822Green County, Kentucky I044277
9 Buckner, Louisa  Bef 1810Green County, Kentucky I037026
10 Buckner, William  Apr 1822Green County, Kentucky I038152
11 Buckner, William  Abt 1843Green County, Kentucky I044274
12 Chowning, Sarah  1818Green County, Kentucky I042455
13 Coleman, Jane Roy  Aft 1811Green County, Kentucky I114131
14 Dobson, Amy  1801Green County, Kentucky I008485
15 Durrett, Elizabeth  Bef 1830Green County, Kentucky I062662
16 Durrett, Mildred  28 Feb 1844Green County, Kentucky I062670
17 Gimlin, Daniel  12 Sep 1806Green County, Kentucky I070930
18 Gordon, Anna  1826Green County, Kentucky I035761
19 Greenwell, John  Aft 1834Green County, Kentucky I065780
20 Greenwell, Richard  Aft 1834Green County, Kentucky I065782
21 Henderson, Ambrose  1811Green County, Kentucky I036373
22 Henderson, Richard  12 Jan 1818Green County, Kentucky I110671
23 Henderson, William  20 Aug 1874Green County, Kentucky I036364
24 Hiestand, Anna  6 Nov 1830Green County, Kentucky I070929
25 Johnston, William Waller  14 Apr 1823Green County, Kentucky I044287
26 Latimer, Elizabeth  Aft 16 Mar 1805Green County, Kentucky I051616
27 Lyne, Millicent 'Milly'  Abt 1800Green County, Kentucky I008484
28 Mardis, Rowland  1850Green County, Kentucky I060914
29 Martin, Isabel MNU  Abt 1817Green County, Kentucky I051148
30 Minor, Larkin  6 Nov 1830Green County, Kentucky I070928
31 Moran, Joseph William  1807Green County, Kentucky I102927
32 Mustain, Anna  Abt 1817Green County, Kentucky I038153
33 Naylor, Nicholas  Aft 1800Green County, Kentucky I107495
34 Piper, Benjamin  11 Jan 1802Green County, Kentucky I022412
35 Poore, Jane  Bef 1818Green County, Kentucky I054440
36 Robards, Elizabeth Lewis  Bef 1842Green County, Kentucky I044275
37 Sanford, Mary  Aft 1845Green County, Kentucky I128207
38 Selby, Lingan Wilson  5 Feb 1821Green County, Kentucky I107484
39 Selby, Mary  Aft 1800Green County, Kentucky I107490
40 Shipp, Ambrose  Abt 1845Green County, Kentucky I051146
41 Shipp, John  1848Green County, Kentucky I051168
42 Thornton, Frances  1818Green County, Kentucky I025258
43 Wathen, Francis Hudson  Aft 1834Green County, Kentucky I043438
44 Wilkerson, Judith  Aft 1810Green County, Kentucky I028594
45 Wood, Mary Polly  7 Sep 1867Green County, Kentucky I036363


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Buckner / Buckner  7 Oct 1805Green County, Kentucky F21426
2 Gimlin / Hiestand  5 Apr 1799Green County, Kentucky F32612
3 Latimer / Day  25 Jan 1818Green County, Kentucky F26749
4 Latimer / Poore  16 Feb 1809Green County, Kentucky F26748
5 Mahon / Latimer  18 Jul 1804Green County, Kentucky F26744
6 Minor / Hiestand  30 Apr 1807Green County, Kentucky F32611
7 Philpott / Bartlett  22 Mar 1802Green County, Kentucky F05015
8 Philpott / Dobson  Abt 1800Green County, Kentucky F05014
9 Philpott / Lyne  20 Apr 1797Green County, Kentucky F05013
10 Shipp / Mardis  15 Oct 1823Green County, Kentucky F29347
11 Shipp / Mardis  20 Dec 1831Green County, Kentucky F29348
12 Shipp / Preyer  24 Jun 1824Green County, Kentucky F26543
13 Shipp / Sanders  29 Jan 1792Green County, Kentucky F26556
14 Willett / Sanders  1785Green County, Kentucky F20851