Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Hampshire County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Flora, Deborah  9 Jun 1769Hampshire County, Virginia I008577
2 Manning, Joseph Hite  21 Jun 1774Hampshire County, Virginia I127390
3 Prather, Laban Austin  9 Jan 1810Hampshire County, Virginia I080728
4 Price, Samuel  1785Hampshire County, Virginia I105551
5 Sanford, William T.  26 Apr 1795Hampshire County, Virginia I049696
6 Shook, Jemima  Hampshire County, Virginia I065427
7 Stone, Anna  Abt 1791Hampshire County, Virginia I128729
8 Stone, Eleanor  1789Hampshire County, Virginia I128728
9 Stone, Thomas  Abt 1785Hampshire County, Virginia I128727
10 Tarvin, Joseph C.  16 Jan 1773Hampshire County, Virginia I008604
11 Tarvin, Richard  27 Oct 1775Hampshire County, Virginia I008606
12 Tarvin, Ruth  4 Aug 1792Hampshire County, Virginia I008573
13 Tarvin, Thomas  14 Apr 1769Hampshire County, Virginia I008576
14 Wiggins, Philip  Bef 1753Hampshire County, Virginia I075866
15 Williams, John  4 Apr 1783Hampshire County, Virginia I043610
16 Williams, Remembrance  1758Hampshire County, Virginia I030781
17 Williams, Remembrance  Abt 1788Hampshire County, Virginia I043611


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arnold, John  14 Jun 1819Hampshire County, Virginia I032288
2 Asbury, Henry  1816Hampshire County, Virginia I068691
3 Asbury, Joseph  Between 1822 and 1823Hampshire County, Virginia I068689
4 Atchison, William  Aft 1785Hampshire County, Virginia I046930
5 Beall, Elisha  Aft 1774Hampshire County, Virginia I100790
6 Beall, George  1800Hampshire County, Virginia I021306
7 Browne, Elizabeth  Aft 1819Hampshire County, Virginia I036131
8 Cheshire, Samuel  Aft 1787Hampshire County, Virginia I067204
9 Clayton, Thomas  Aft 1778Hampshire County, Virginia I106565
10 Conway, Anne  Apr 1796Hampshire County, Virginia I050179
11 Corbin, David  14 Apr 1828Hampshire County, Virginia I049158
12 Cox, Friend  Aft 1760Hampshire County, Virginia I113448
13 Cox, Gabriel  Aft 1761Hampshire County, Virginia I113449
14 Davis, Eli  Aft 1791Hampshire County, Virginia I027043
15 Elliott, Samuel  Aft 1789Hampshire County, Virginia I068612
16 Fant, Frances  1787Hampshire County, Virginia I006864
17 Flora, Thomas  1810Hampshire County, Virginia I008578
18 Frye, Henry  Aft 1776Hampshire County, Virginia I080407
19 Gaddis, William  1773Hampshire County, Virginia I089603
20 Hayes, Mary  Between 1801 and 1810Hampshire County, Virginia I054076
21 Hite, Anna  10 Mar 1783Hampshire County, Virginia I114610
22 Humphrey, Bathsheba  1825Hampshire County, Virginia I049159
23 Lucas, Basil  Aft 1798Hampshire County, Virginia I020972
24 Lynch, Charles  Aft 1778Hampshire County, Virginia I035877
25 Mallory, Anne Humston  17 Oct 1873Hampshire County, Virginia I080730
26 Manning, Nathaniel Rev.  Feb 1777Hampshire County, Virginia I127386
27 Marshall, John Lucas  6 Nov 1847Hampshire County, Virginia I022078
28 Marshall, Mary  12 Oct 1849Hampshire County, Virginia I030782
29 Menefee, Gerrard  Aft 1761Hampshire County, Virginia I106571
30 Menefee, Gerrard  Aft 1765Hampshire County, Virginia I113454
31 Menefee, Jonas  Aft 1761Hampshire County, Virginia I106572
32 Moreland, William  Bef 21 May 1821Hampshire County, Virginia I056137
33 Murray, Alice  1830Hampshire County, Virginia I051387
34 Oldham, John  Abt Mar 1765Hampshire County, Virginia I078461
35 Pigman, John Bean  Aft 173Hampshire County, Virginia I106567
36 Pigman, Moses  Aft 1778Hampshire County, Virginia I033056
37 Piper, Henry  Aft 1770Hampshire County, Virginia I069654
38 Prather, Jeremiah  Aft 1768Hampshire County, Virginia I017354
39 Prather, Silas  28 Aug 1849Hampshire County, Virginia I080729
40 Spillman, John  Aft 1819Hampshire County, Virginia I036132
41 Stricker, George  Aft 1774Hampshire County, Virginia I008287
42 Taylor, Tarpley  1784Hampshire County, Virginia I114603
43 Van Metere, Henry  Aft 1774Hampshire County, Virginia I106564


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blue / Marshall  23 Mar 1784Hampshire County, Virginia F18532
2 Cox / Bruce  21 Mar 1768Hampshire County, Virginia F24097
3 Marshall / Marshall  Aft Oct 1786Hampshire County, Virginia F00834
4 Masters / Marshall  28 Sep 1826Hampshire County, Virginia F18564
5 Rogers / Matheny  26 Aug 1790Hampshire County, Virginia F16785
6 Tarvin / Craycroft  Abt 1768Hampshire County, Virginia F05621
7 Tarvin / Flora  9 Feb 1788Hampshire County, Virginia F05620
8 Wiggins / Flint  1762Hampshire County, Virginia F33959
9 Williams / Marshall  1780Hampshire County, Virginia F18531
10 Williamson / Prather  3 Sep 1800Hampshire County, Virginia F25664
11 Williamson / Stone  Abt 1786Hampshire County, Virginia F50376
12 Williamson / Stone  Abt 1790Hampshire County, Virginia F50377