Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Harrison County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Corbin, Albert  31 Mar 1826Harrison County, Kentucky I006920
2 Earle, Thomas C.  May 1842Harrison County, Kentucky I008653
3 Harding, Henry Newton  1880Harrison County, Kentucky I004440
4 Hodges, Benjamin  1801Harrison County, Kentucky I006478
5 Hodges, Washington  Abt 1799Harrison County, Kentucky I006488
6 Lawson, Nathan "Buck"  21 Jun 1867Harrison County, Kentucky I008686
7 Lawson, Owen Abraham  Dec 1869Harrison County, Kentucky I008687
8 Marshall, Benjamin  1829Harrison County, Kentucky I004639
9 Marshall, Boone  1841Harrison County, Kentucky I004629
10 Marshall, Daniel  1840Harrison County, Kentucky I004641
11 Marshall, Elbert  1842Harrison County, Kentucky I004642
12 Marshall, Elizabeth  1821Harrison County, Kentucky I004627
13 Marshall, Elizabeth  16 Dec 1842Harrison County, Kentucky I008650
14 Marshall, Else  1843Harrison County, Kentucky I004648
15 Marshall, Emily  1843Harrison County, Kentucky I004647
16 Marshall, Emma Elizabeth  1890Harrison County, Kentucky I004439
17 Marshall, Enoch  1807Harrison County, Kentucky I004614
18 Marshall, George P.  Sep 1836Harrison County, Kentucky I008640
19 Marshall, Hannah  1848Harrison County, Kentucky I004643
20 Marshall, Harriett MNU  1813Harrison County, Kentucky I004646
21 Marshall, James William  8 May 1861Harrison County, Kentucky I008642
22 Marshall, John H.  1837Harrison County, Kentucky I008656
23 Marshall, Joshua  7 Sep 1840Harrison County, Kentucky I008648
24 Marshall, Louisa  Abt 1818Harrison County, Kentucky I021977
25 Marshall, Margaretta Jane  1833Harrison County, Kentucky I004616
26 Marshall, Martha Anne  1847Harrison County, Kentucky I008655
27 Marshall, Mary  1813Harrison County, Kentucky I004638
28 Marshall, Mildred 'Milie'  1834Harrison County, Kentucky I004617
29 Marshall, Robert  1846Harrison County, Kentucky I008654
30 Marshall, Selena  Apr 1849Harrison County, Kentucky I004644
31 Marshall, Serena "Rainey"  15 Dec 1844Harrison County, Kentucky I008652
32 Marshall, Susan  1836Harrison County, Kentucky I004640
33 Marshall, William  1829Harrison County, Kentucky I004628
34 Marshall, William  1847Harrison County, Kentucky I004649
35 Marshall, William Silas  1831Harrison County, Kentucky I004615
36 Marshall, William W.  1810Harrison County, Kentucky I004645
37 McCarty, Malinda  Abt 1822Harrison County, Kentucky I043694
38 McCollum, Elizabeth  Bef 1798Harrison County, Kentucky I089542
39 McCollum, John Dr.  9 Mar 1796Harrison County, Kentucky I012366
40 McCollum, Nancy  Abt 1801Harrison County, Kentucky I089543
41 McCollum, Sarah  Harrison County, Kentucky I089545
42 Neale, Elizabeth  13 Aug 1774Harrison County, Kentucky I006354
43 Parker, Judith Wren  Abt 1800Harrison County, Kentucky I013312
44 Patton, Jane  1838Harrison County, Kentucky I008641


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Hannah  16 Jul 1801Harrison County, Kentucky I027208
2 Barnett, Joseph  1850Harrison County, Kentucky I061055
3 Breeden, Caleb  Bef 12 Feb 1815Harrison County, Kentucky I124509
4 Cook, Sally  Harrison County, Kentucky I004438
5 Duncan, John 'Jr'  Abt 1788Harrison County, Kentucky I121372
6 Earle, Thomas C.  Jan 1920Harrison County, Kentucky I008653
7 Flint, Mary  13 Oct 1847Harrison County, Kentucky I075859
8 Harding, Henry Newton  1978Harrison County, Kentucky I004440
9 Harrison, Catherine MNU  1836Harrison County, Kentucky I068348
10 Harrison, Elizabeth  Bef 1808Harrison County, Kentucky I068353
11 Hawkins, Alexander Smith Hendly  Aft 1819Harrison County, Kentucky I018671
12 King, Sarah  Aft 1880Harrison County, Kentucky I004437
13 Marshall, Alice  Harrison County, Kentucky I004422
14 Marshall, Elizabeth  Harrison County, Kentucky I004109
15 Marshall, Emma Elizabeth  1973Harrison County, Kentucky I004439
16 Marshall, Enoch  Aft 1880Harrison County, Kentucky I004614
17 Marshall, George  1830Harrison County, Kentucky I004039
18 Marshall, James William  25 Jan 1931Harrison County, Kentucky I008642
19 Marshall, John Boone  Harrison County, Kentucky I004426
20 Marshall, Laura Newton  1940Harrison County, Kentucky I008665
21 Marshall, Margaretta Jane  Bef 1863Harrison County, Kentucky I004616
22 Marshall, Mildred 'Milie'  Aft 1900Harrison County, Kentucky I004617
23 Marshall, Samuel  Aft 1850Harrison County, Kentucky I004625
24 Marshall, Serena "Rainey"  6 May 1923Harrison County, Kentucky I008652
25 McCarty, David  Aft 1 Jun 1850Harrison County, Kentucky I043717
26 Offutt, Archibald  1833Harrison County, Kentucky I076109
27 Offutt, Deborah  1835Harrison County, Kentucky I057586
28 Offutt, Nathaniel  3 Jun 1818Harrison County, Kentucky I076108
29 Parker, Thomas  Harrison County, Kentucky I004423
30 Patton, Jane  Abt 1868Harrison County, Kentucky I008641
31 Ralls, Lydia Beck  Aft 1830Harrison County, Kentucky I038962
32 Schooler, William  Harrison County, Kentucky I068354
33 Sharp, Lincfield  Aft 1790Harrison County, Kentucky I004117
34 Smith, Charles  26 Oct 1821Harrison County, Kentucky I102276
35 Smith, George  22 Jun 1813Harrison County, Kentucky I126361
36 Smith, John  22 Aug 1832Harrison County, Kentucky I119098
37 Smith, Temple  3 Feb 1818Harrison County, Kentucky I086038
38 Swinford, Joshua  1820Harrison County, Kentucky I069072
39 Thornley, Epaphroditus  Abt 1802Harrison County, Kentucky I027664
40 Waggoner, Susannah  Aft 1850Harrison County, Kentucky I004626
41 Withers, Benjamin  14 Oct 1830Harrison County, Kentucky I025202


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / McCarty  23 Dec 1799Harrison County, Kentucky F31943
2 Harding / Marshall  1907Harrison County, Kentucky F03407
3 Hodges / Neale  23 Nov 1797Harrison County, Kentucky F04386
4 Lawson / Marshall  1891Harrison County, Kentucky F05663
5 Marshall / Cook  Abt 1887Harrison County, Kentucky F03395
6 Marshall / King  13 Jun 1816Harrison County, Kentucky F03236
7 Marshall / King  31 Jan 1829Harrison County, Kentucky F03406
8 Marshall / Maybrier  16 Nov 1882Harrison County, Kentucky F05652
9 Marshall / Maybrier  14 Jul 1890Harrison County, Kentucky F05654
10 Marshall / McDuffie  5 May 1818Harrison County, Kentucky F03391
11 Marshall / Parker  Aft 1821Harrison County, Kentucky F03393
12 Maybrier / Marshall  8 Apr 1887Harrison County, Kentucky F05653
13 McCollum / Minter  1 Sep 1794Harrison County, Kentucky F08112
14 McNees / Marshall  2 Sep 1852Harrison County, Kentucky F03466
15 Moncrief / Marshall  14 Sep 1816Harrison County, Kentucky F03242
16 Pavey / Crooke  16 Jan 1815Harrison County, Kentucky F00125
17 Townshend / Marshall  31 Mar 1855Harrison County, Kentucky F03467