Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Jefferson County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Helm, Delpha  26 Aug 1804Jefferson County, Kentucky I091408
2 Helm, Samuel  26 Aug 1804Jefferson County, Kentucky I091409
3 Helm, Zylpha  1801Jefferson County, Kentucky I091405
4 Hinkle, Emily  26 Apr 1826Jefferson County, Kentucky I041995
5 Sebastian, Benjamin  1820Jefferson County, Kentucky I041991
6 Sebastian, Charles  1821Jefferson County, Kentucky I041987
7 Sebastian, Elizabeth  4 Apr 1815Jefferson County, Kentucky I041989
8 Sebastian, George W.  27 Feb 1813Jefferson County, Kentucky I041988
9 Sebastian, John  27 Sep 1817Jefferson County, Kentucky I041990
10 Souther, William Wilhoit  1820Jefferson County, Kentucky I006065


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ashby, Edward  1809Jefferson County, Kentucky I028952
2 Bate, John Leslie  1844Jefferson County, Kentucky I108306
3 Beall, Nathaniel  1802Jefferson County, Kentucky I008323
4 Beall, Sarah  Aft 1840Jefferson County, Kentucky I008310
5 Blankenbaker, Felix  16 Jan 1859Jefferson County, Kentucky I006967
6 Bradford, Mary  Aft 1790Jefferson County, Kentucky I093162
7 Bullitt, Alexander Scott  13 Apr 1816Jefferson County, Kentucky I102326
8 Burch, Agnes  Aft 1793Jefferson County, Kentucky I108307
9 Christian, Priscilla  11 Nov 1806Jefferson County, Kentucky I102325
10 Chunn, John Thomas  Aft 1847Jefferson County, Kentucky I065460
11 Churchill, Samuel  1865Jefferson County, Kentucky I117892
12 Crisler, Maria  3 Feb 1846Jefferson County, Kentucky I006966
13 Dorsey, Charles Griffith  12 Sep 1814Jefferson County, Kentucky I096012
14 Fenley, Isaac  7 Jul 1829Jefferson County, Kentucky I011543
15 Fenley, Richard  8 Apr 1822Jefferson County, Kentucky I008853
16 Field, Abner  1831Jefferson County, Kentucky I025789
17 Foster, Mary  1790Jefferson County, Kentucky I028207
18 Funck, Jacob  6 May 1794Jefferson County, Kentucky I112312
19 Garnett, Tabitha  Aft 1816Jefferson County, Kentucky I116019
20 Green, Emeline  1841Jefferson County, Kentucky I041992
21 Grigsby, Charles  Aft 1790Jefferson County, Kentucky I040189
22 Hayden, Elizabeth  Abt 1775Jefferson County, Kentucky I036520
23 Helm, Leonard  Jun 1782Jefferson County, Kentucky I080432
24 Hite, Abraham  2 Feb 1790Jefferson County, Kentucky I063595
25 Hite, Rebecca  2 Jan 1789Jefferson County, Kentucky I063572
26 Lawrence, Benjamin  5 Mar 1814Jefferson County, Kentucky I031218
27 Lawrence, Mary  20 Aug 1810Jefferson County, Kentucky I105273
28 Luckett, David Lawson  Aft 1824Jefferson County, Kentucky I093150
29 Mardis, Elizabeth MNU  Aft 1814Jefferson County, Kentucky I060905
30 Mardis, Nancy  Aft 1814Jefferson County, Kentucky I086149
31 Maupin, Mildred  Jefferson County, Kentucky I107379
32 McClanahan, John  1815Jefferson County, Kentucky I107378
33 Meriwether, William  24 Dec 1790Jefferson County, Kentucky I114119
34 Mills, Jane  1862Jefferson County, Kentucky I080577
35 Mills, Lydia  Aft 1870Jefferson County, Kentucky I080580
36 Mills, Peyton  1854Jefferson County, Kentucky I080579
37 Oldham, Abigail  1854Jefferson County, Kentucky I117893
38 Owings, Urath Randall  1807Jefferson County, Kentucky I055441
39 Pack, Richard  Aft 1850Jefferson County, Kentucky I075563
40 Poulter, William  Aft 1814Jefferson County, Kentucky I086150
41 Sebastian, John  1830Jefferson County, Kentucky I040154
42 Simpson, Francis  Aft 1857Jefferson County, Kentucky I080581
43 Simpson, George  Bef 1856Jefferson County, Kentucky I101382
44 Sisson, John  Jefferson County, Kentucky I102348
45 Slaughter, William  Aft 1800Jefferson County, Kentucky I089345
46 Souther, Jacob  18 Sep 1841Jefferson County, Kentucky I005731
47 Taylor, Edmund Gibson  1 Jul 1786Jefferson County, Kentucky I101950
48 Taylor, James Gibson  1808Jefferson County, Kentucky I101948
49 Thompson, Mildred  21 Feb 1828Jefferson County, Kentucky I085805
50 Wells, Samuel  2 Apr 1782Jefferson County, Kentucky I036519

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bartlett / Helm  31 Jan 1822Jefferson County, Kentucky F38025
2 Blankenbaker / Crisler  1 Feb 1807Jefferson County, Kentucky F04667
3 Gantt / McClanahan  30 Nov 1827Jefferson County, Kentucky F42515
4 Harmon / Sebastian  10 Aug 1831Jefferson County, Kentucky F23706
5 McKinley / Kendall  21 Feb 1788Jefferson County, Kentucky F20658
6 Pope / Sturgess  23 Jan 1800Jefferson County, Kentucky F15971
7 Sebastian / Green  29 Jun 1836Jefferson County, Kentucky F23704
8 Sebastian / Hinkle  22 Jan 1812Jefferson County, Kentucky F22884
9 Sebastian / Hinkle  16 Jan 1841Jefferson County, Kentucky F23707
10 Sebastian / Hudson  8 Mar 1842Jefferson County, Kentucky F23705
11 Sebastian / Strother  5 Apr 1804Jefferson County, Kentucky F22885
12 Sebastian / Wood  4 Mar 1845Jefferson County, Kentucky F23703
13 Slaughter / Ferguson  30 Sep 1805Jefferson County, Kentucky F45433