Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Jefferson County, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Johns, Elias  10 Nov 1803Jefferson County, West Virginia I65827
2 Marshall, Elizabeth  1788Jefferson County, West Virginia I57712
3 Marshall, Elizabeth V.  28 May 1844Jefferson County, West Virginia I7279
4 Marshall, George  1826Jefferson County, West Virginia I7274
5 Marshall, George W.  1839Jefferson County, West Virginia I7277
6 Marshall, Hester  6 Aug 1804Jefferson County, West Virginia I57719
7 Marshall, Hester  13 Nov 1824Jefferson County, West Virginia I7268
8 Marshall, James Paxton  Sep 1830Jefferson County, West Virginia I57708
9 Marshall, Jane  9 Jan 1790Jefferson County, West Virginia I57713
10 Marshall, John  12 May 1808Jefferson County, West Virginia I7275
11 Marshall, John M.  12 Feb 1834Jefferson County, West Virginia I57707
12 Marshall, Joseph E.  1842Jefferson County, West Virginia I7278
13 Marshall, Margaret  Mar 1839Jefferson County, West Virginia I7270
14 Marshall, Mason  12 Mar 1844Jefferson County, West Virginia I7272
15 Marshall, Phineas Paxton  18 Oct 1798Jefferson County, West Virginia I7290
16 Marshall, Robert Hite  1848Jefferson County, West Virginia I7280
17 Marshall, Rosa  18 Feb 1843Jefferson County, West Virginia I7271
18 Marshall, Sarah  4 May 1841Jefferson County, West Virginia I57709
19 Marshall, Susannah  11 Dec 1822Jefferson County, West Virginia I57706
20 Marshall, Thomas  1846Jefferson County, West Virginia I7273
21 Marshall, William  20 Oct 1796Jefferson County, West Virginia I57718
22 Marshall, William Abraham  15 Jul 1826Jefferson County, West Virginia I7269
23 Melvin, Mary  1804Jefferson County, West Virginia I7291
24 Payne, Sarah Margaret  26 Dec 1813Jefferson County, West Virginia I7276
25 Rush, Jacob  1 Mar 1838Jefferson County, West Virginia I57710
26 Stipp, Margaret M.  29 Nov 1790Jefferson County, West Virginia I57705
27 Strother, Storke Thornton  12 Nov 1795Jefferson County, West Virginia I115900
28 Trammell, Jacob S.  14 Aug 1844Jefferson County, West Virginia I57723


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Alexander, William Pearson  Aft 1850Jefferson County, West Virginia I96262
2 Blackburn, Catherine  15 Mar 1817Jefferson County, West Virginia I22419
3 Blackistone, Julia Anne  Abt 1835Jefferson County, West Virginia I105429
4 Gunnell, Mary  1 Jul 1827Jefferson County, West Virginia I20827
5 Hurst, James  27 Jan 1829Jefferson County, West Virginia I20818
6 Hurst, William  22 Dec 1831Jefferson County, West Virginia I20819
7 Lee, Edwin G.  24 Aug 1870Jefferson County, West Virginia I54172
8 Marshall, John M.  5 Nov 1854Jefferson County, West Virginia I57707
9 Marshall, Rosa  20 Aug 1925Jefferson County, West Virginia I7271
10 Marshall, Susannah  27 Feb 1839Jefferson County, West Virginia I57706
11 Marshall, Thomas  27 Jul 1854Jefferson County, West Virginia I7273
12 Marshall, William Abraham  28 Apr 1901Jefferson County, West Virginia I7269
13 Melvin, Mary  27 Mar 1864Jefferson County, West Virginia I7291
14 Melvin, Ruhanna  23 Jul 1890Jefferson County, West Virginia I57674
15 Pemberton, Sarah  1800Jefferson County, West Virginia I79815
16 Price, Catherine  9 Jun 1805Jefferson County, West Virginia I29829
17 Rush, Jacob  24 Sep 1922Jefferson County, West Virginia I57710
18 Steadman, James  Aft 1782Jefferson County, West Virginia I79814
19 Strother, Benjamin  22 Oct 1807Jefferson County, West Virginia I29828
20 Strother, Storke Thornton  8 Sep 1796Jefferson County, West Virginia I115900
21 Yates, Anne  13 Apr 1858Jefferson County, West Virginia I94906


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Cooksey / Johns  7 Nov 1848Jefferson County, West Virginia F34743
2 Crane / Strother  8 Jan 1807Jefferson County, West Virginia F47654
3 Lee / Bedinger  7 Sep 1835Jefferson County, West Virginia F5026
4 Marshall / Melvin  Abt 1822Jefferson County, West Virginia F5005
5 Marshall / Melvin  18 Jan 1827Jefferson County, West Virginia F5000
6 Marshall / Payne  18 Nov 1841Jefferson County, West Virginia F4993
7 Marshall / Rush  1838Jefferson County, West Virginia F4989
8 Marshall / Stipp  21 Dec 1819Jefferson County, West Virginia F4990
9 Rush / Marshall  30 Nov 1865Jefferson County, West Virginia F4991
10 Steadman / Perry  Bef 1780Jefferson County, West Virginia F39718
11 Trammell / Marshall  28 May 1866Jefferson County, West Virginia F4996
12 Washington / Whiting  5 Feb 1822Jefferson County, West Virginia F35319