Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Loudoun County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Charles David  16 Dec 1854Loudoun County, Virginia I049708
2 Adams, Richard  Bef 1788Loudoun County, Virginia I077906
3 Alexander, Susannah Pearson  Abt 1762Loudoun County, Virginia I046624
4 Allen, Emily Hirst  17 Oct 1854Loudoun County, Virginia I079975
5 Ash, Elizabeth  Bef 1765Loudoun County, Virginia I067455
6 Atterbury, James  1758Loudoun County, Virginia I078872
7 Atterbury, Thomas  1755Loudoun County, Virginia I078898
8 Atterbury, Thomas  Between 1770 and 1775Loudoun County, Virginia I078879
9 Ball, Fayette  20 Apr 1791Loudoun County, Virginia I042337
10 Ball, George Washington  May 1828Loudoun County, Virginia I042339
11 Barker, William Walker  Abt 1792Loudoun County, Virginia I102361
12 Barnett, Alice 'Alyess'  1739Loudoun County, Virginia I057834
13 Beatty, Elizabeth  Aft 1769Loudoun County, Virginia I092639
14 Beatty, Keziah  Aft 1769Loudoun County, Virginia I092637
15 Beatty, Robert  Aft 1769Loudoun County, Virginia I092635
16 Belt, John Lloyd  20 Feb 1819Loudoun County, Virginia I105998
17 Binns, Charles  Bef 1739Loudoun County, Virginia I024851
18 Boggess, Robert  Abt 1830Loudoun County, Virginia I000633
19 Braden, Caroline Stephens  29 May 1813Loudoun County, Virginia I105828
20 Braden, Elizabeth  8 Nov 1768Loudoun County, Virginia I105841
21 Braden, Frances  1779Loudoun County, Virginia I105845
22 Braden, John  25 Jan 1777Loudoun County, Virginia I077527
23 Braden, Joseph  1789Loudoun County, Virginia I105851
24 Braden, Margaret  1783Loudoun County, Virginia I105846
25 Braden, Mary  22 Nov 1769Loudoun County, Virginia I105843
26 Braden, Noble Stephens  12 Jan 1800Loudoun County, Virginia I105830
27 Braden, Robert  10 Jun 1765Loudoun County, Virginia I105833
28 Braden, Sarah  Abt 1785Loudoun County, Virginia I105849
29 Bronaugh, Anne Cooke  1802Loudoun County, Virginia I049686
30 Bronaugh, Chesley Mitchell  1796Loudoun County, Virginia I049685
31 Bronaugh, George William  1803Loudoun County, Virginia I049687
32 Bronaugh, Jeremiah William  25 Apr 1779Loudoun County, Virginia I039767
33 Bronaugh, Joseph William  1805Loudoun County, Virginia I049688
34 Bronaugh, Sarah Lenah  1792Loudoun County, Virginia I049683
35 Bronaugh, William John  1796Loudoun County, Virginia I049684
36 Carr, Joseph  Abt 1761Loudoun County, Virginia I077932
37 Carter, Charles Landon  24 Feb 1774Loudoun County, Virginia I061491
38 Carter, Jonathan  10 Apr 1785Loudoun County, Virginia I007341
39 Carter, Landon  31 Dec 1810Loudoun County, Virginia I029570
40 Chichester, Anne Mason  16 Oct 1789Loudoun County, Virginia I040885
41 Chichester, George Mason  2 Mar 1793Loudoun County, Virginia I040891
42 Chichester, Richard McCarty Barnes  26 Jun 1791Loudoun County, Virginia I040890
43 Chichester, Sarah Elizabeth  2 Mar 1820Loudoun County, Virginia I040894
44 Chilton, Mary Catherine Simms  16 Dec 1806Loudoun County, Virginia I054213
45 Chilton, William Orrick  12 Mar 1805Loudoun County, Virginia I054214
46 Cocke, Lucinda 'Lucy'  1809Loudoun County, Virginia I021232
47 Cockerill, Fannie  Loudoun County, Virginia I077996
48 Cockerill, Jemima  Bef 1739Loudoun County, Virginia I080001
49 Conn, Gerrard Trammell  Aft 1757Loudoun County, Virginia I078065
50 Conn, Hugh  Aft 1757Loudoun County, Virginia I078061

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Henry  Aft 1854Loudoun County, Virginia I049712
2 Adams, Josias Peake  Nov 1796Loudoun County, Virginia I113767
3 Adams, Richard  Loudoun County, Virginia I077906
4 Alexander, John  Bef 1806Loudoun County, Virginia I032457
5 Armistead, Mary Bowles  2 Mar 1864Loudoun County, Virginia I115855
6 Ash, Elizabeth  Loudoun County, Virginia I067455
7 Ashford, Michael  Feb 1804Loudoun County, Virginia I021894
8 Atterbury, William  Between 1766 and 1769Loudoun County, Virginia I052944
9 Awbrey, Elizabeth  Aft 1748Loudoun County, Virginia I034216
10 Awbrey, Francis  22 Feb 1740/41Loudoun County, Virginia I034215
11 Awbrey, Francis  Aft Sep 1767Loudoun County, Virginia I086620
12 Awbrey, Jemima  Bef 1787Loudoun County, Virginia I106507
13 Awbrey, Thomas  Aft 1787Loudoun County, Virginia I075814
14 Baker, Sarah  1778Loudoun County, Virginia I108434
15 Ball, Burgess  7 Mar 1800Loudoun County, Virginia I040405
16 Ball, Fayette  Abt 1835Loudoun County, Virginia I042337
17 Barber, Rebecca  25 Aug 1822Loudoun County, Virginia I102905
18 Barker, Susannah  May 1815Loudoun County, Virginia I044971
19 Barnes, Elizabeth  Aft 1770Loudoun County, Virginia I114770
20 Bartleson, Phoebe  Aft 1831Loudoun County, Virginia I114709
21 Bayley, Pierce  7 Oct 1800Loudoun County, Virginia I075204
22 Beall, David Fendall  Aft 1807Loudoun County, Virginia I016826
23 Beall, Rachel  Aft 1781Loudoun County, Virginia I036671
24 Beatty, Elizabeth  Loudoun County, Virginia I092639
25 Beatty, Female  Aft 1800Loudoun County, Virginia I092633
26 Beatty, Keziah  Loudoun County, Virginia I092637
27 Beatty, Margaret  Aft 1824Loudoun County, Virginia I092636
28 Beatty, Robert  Loudoun County, Virginia I092635
29 Becraft, Rebecca  Aft 1757Loudoun County, Virginia I080194
30 Belt, Alfred  1 Jul 1872Loudoun County, Virginia I106002
31 Berkeley, John  Aft 1764Loudoun County, Virginia I081286
32 Berry, Baldwin  Aft 1778Loudoun County, Virginia I034177
33 Berry, William  Aft 1768Loudoun County, Virginia I108406
34 Beverley, James Bradshaw  15 Jun 1853Loudoun County, Virginia I040901
35 Beverley, Maria Martha Gaines  12 Sep 1834Loudoun County, Virginia I050747
36 Blackburn, Alice  16 Nov 1811Loudoun County, Virginia I022068
37 Blackburn, Elizabeth  Loudoun County, Virginia I049955
38 Bland, Robert  1760Loudoun County, Virginia I048891
39 Botts, Aaron  1778Loudoun County, Virginia I038181
40 Braden, Ann  Loudoun County, Virginia I105821
41 Braden, Caroline Stephens  1 Jul 1841Loudoun County, Virginia I105828
42 Braden, Frances  Aft 1810Loudoun County, Virginia I105845
43 Braden, Jane  1813Loudoun County, Virginia I105854
44 Braden, John  26 Nov 1847Loudoun County, Virginia I077527
45 Braden, Joseph  Aft 1804Loudoun County, Virginia I114708
46 Braden, Joseph  12 Oct 1816Loudoun County, Virginia I105851
47 Braden, Margaret  Aft 1817Loudoun County, Virginia I105846
48 Braden, Noble Stephens  19 Jul 1871Loudoun County, Virginia I105830
49 Braden, Robert  Aft 1795Loudoun County, Virginia I105832
50 Braden, Robert  14 Nov 1827Loudoun County, Virginia I105833

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Marshall / Fling  Abt 1817Loudoun County, Virginia F00240