Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties




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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Acton, Dinah  Abt 1711Maryland I25586
2 Adams, Henry  1797Maryland I49712
3 Allen, Thomas  1706Maryland I16466
4 Baird, Sophia  Abt 1756Maryland I76807
5 Burton, James  Abt 1775Maryland I27721
6 Carpenter, Henry  Bef 1670Maryland I48244
7 Carter, John  Bef 1767Maryland I42875
8 Cartwright, Matthew  Maryland I110298
9 Casey, Elizabeth  Bef 1774Maryland I78840
10 Casey, Joseph  1763Maryland I78817
11 Chittam, John  Bef 1680Maryland I63904
12 Cole, John  Bef 1692Maryland I119216
13 Cox, Priscilla MNU  Bef 1747Maryland I106658
14 Delahay, James  Abt 1665Maryland I20422
15 Dickerson, Jane 'Jenny'  Bef 1782Maryland I67405
16 Duncan, Bathsheba  Abt 1782Maryland I59165
17 Duvall, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1765Maryland I105773
18 Dyer, Alexander  Bef 1801Maryland I34962
19 Edwards, James  Bef 1798Maryland I53251
20 Farr, Priscilla  Bef 1772Maryland I110336
21 Fowler, Eleanor  Maryland I60827
22 Grant, George  1775Maryland I78767
23 Hance, Richard  Abt 1760Maryland I74775
24 Hargess, Robert  Bef 1732Maryland I62049
25 Hartley, Clement  Maryland I39976
26 Henderson, Richard {addl records}  Bef 1742Maryland I66070
27 Hill, Thomas  Abt 1745Maryland I100969
28 Hinkley, Frederick  Bef 1772Maryland I61219
29 Hollyday, Sarah Brooke  Abt 1772Maryland I40604
30 Holmes, Catherine MNU  Maryland I131006
31 Jones, Maria Frances  1800Maryland I80601
32 Jones, William Butler  1826Maryland I63191
33 King, Mary Eleanor  1793Maryland I54139
34 Kirwin, Catherine  28 Jan 1790Maryland I108299
35 Lamb, Catherine MNU  Maryland I26174
36 Lemaster, Jacob  21 Mar 1770Maryland I52487
37 Little, Phillip  1 Jul 1755Maryland I8007
38 Marshall, Hannah MNU  Jun 1780Maryland I9016
39 Martin, Mary  1730Maryland I53093
40 McCullough, Mary A.  1830Maryland I162
41 McKin, Ruhama Heath  8 Oct 1773Maryland I16143
42 Morgan, Mary  Bef 1685Maryland I47867
43 Morris, Robert  Abt 1652Maryland I37792
44 Murray, Anna Maria  13 Oct 1776Maryland I20351
45 Palmer, Thomas  Bef 1731Maryland I62297
46 Peek, Margaret  11 Jan 1779Maryland I5550
47 Pell, Richard  Abt 1767Maryland I39525
48 Perrill, Samuel  Bef 1750Maryland I6158
49 Pitt, Elizabeth  1787Maryland I39627
50 Poole, Clarissa  19 Nov 1816Maryland I227

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barker, Christian MNU  Aft 1736Maryland I17005
2 Carroll, Charles [Homewood]  3 Apr 1825Maryland I26170
3 Connelly, Thomas  Aft 1649Maryland I14182
4 Corbin, Sophia  17 Aug 1801Maryland I22582
5 Harvey, Henry  Aft 1685Maryland I88081
6 Hilton, John  Aft 1778Maryland I50271
7 Ingles, Richard Capt.  Bef 1646Maryland I34529
8 Johnston, John  Aft 1769Maryland I81738
9 Kenton, William  Aft 1688Maryland I89146
10 Kidwell, Ezekiel  Aft 1782Maryland I110982
11 Larkin, Methitable  Aft 1754Maryland I36964
12 Lord, William  Aft 1733Maryland I86337
13 Maddox, Tobias  Abt 1762Maryland I106570
14 Minor, Elijah  Aft 1777Maryland I36246
15 Packer, Samuel  Aft 1670Maryland I37849
16 Pope, James  Aft 1800Maryland I96852
17 Reynolds, Margaret  1786Maryland I66213
18 Riggs, John Summers  1818Maryland I12285
19 Robins, Jervis  Aft 1704Maryland I44027
20 Rowley, Christopher  Aft 1656Maryland I39623
21 Thornton, Jane MNU  Aft 1754Maryland I1676
22 Tippett, Thomas  1837Maryland I62424
23 Ward, Sampson  Aft 1688Maryland I71355
24 Woodward, Benjamin  Aft 1750Maryland I30355


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bradford / Carter  May 1781Maryland F33203
2 Chittam / Chittam  Bef 1674Maryland F23361
3 Chittam / Morgan  Bef 1701Maryland F26288
4 Early / Early  Bef 1771Maryland F47423
5 Games / Strother  Abt 1809Maryland F45602
6 Kirwin / Sewall  Bef 1790Maryland F12044
7 McDaniel / Kerrick  Aft 1791Maryland F35926
8 Mitchell / Davidson  1794Maryland F46235
9 Peerce / Sprigg  Bef 1682Maryland F10379