Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Middletown, Charles County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gardiner, Francis Dominic  1834Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I104799
2 Gardiner, John Benedict  1840Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I104800
3 Gardiner, Mary Catharine  24 Oct 1832Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I104797
4 Gardiner, Richard Henry  1836Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I104798
5 Gardiner, Thomas Samuel  27 Aug 1806Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I79300
6 Gray, Francis M.  1838Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I45552
7 Gray, John  1841Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I104944
8 Gray, Joseph  1829Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I104945
9 Gray, Mary J.  1835Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I104946
10 Gray, Sarah F.  1833Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I104947
11 Gray, Thomas  1843Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I104948


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boarman, Mary  14 Feb 1861Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I104801
2 Dement, George  Aft 1850Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I66979
3 Dement, William  Aft 1850Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I66978
4 Gardiner, Thomas Samuel  15 Nov 1859Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I79300
5 Gray, Catharine MNU  Aft 1850Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I104528
6 Gray, Francis M.  Aft 1850Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I45552
7 Gray, John  Aft 1850Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I104944
8 Gray, Joseph  Aft 1850Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I102648
9 Gray, Joseph  Aft 1850Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I104945
10 Gray, Mary J.  Aft 1850Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I104946
11 Gray, Sarah F.  Aft 1850Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I104947
12 Gray, Thomas  Aft 1850Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I104948
13 Guy, Elizabeth A.  Aft 1850Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I66972
14 Montgomery, Christina  Aft 1850Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I105402
15 Robey, Henry Malachi  Aft 1850Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I102409
16 Shaw, Walter Millard  4 Mar 1933Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I48207
17 Wilkerson, Innocence B.  18 Jun 1903Middletown, Charles County, Maryland I48199


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gray / Gray  Abt 1806Middletown, Charles County, Maryland F27462