Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Nansemond County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ayres, Anne  1635Nansemond County, Virginia I34532
2 Ayres, Susannah  Bef 1645Nansemond County, Virginia I47191
3 Bennett, Elizabeth  1645Nansemond County, Virginia I37877
4 Bennett, Richard  Abt 1644Nansemond County, Virginia I3060
5 Brashears, Anne  Between 1654 and 1660Nansemond County, Virginia I10617
6 Brashears, Benjamin  1645Nansemond County, Virginia I10614
7 Brashears, Elizabeth  1660Nansemond County, Virginia I10620
8 Brashears, John  1649Nansemond County, Virginia I10615
9 Brashears, Martha  Abt 1661Nansemond County, Virginia I10619
10 Brashears, Robert  1646Nansemond County, Virginia I10613
11 Brashears, Susanna Marie  1650Nansemond County, Virginia I10618
12 Brasseur, Mary  Abt 1671Nansemond County, Virginia I114074
13 Bruce, Abraham  Bef 1666Nansemond County, Virginia I62487
14 Bruce, Nicholas  Bef 1668Nansemond County, Virginia I62488
15 Jordan, Mary  24 Feb 1700Nansemond County, Virginia I112602
16 Lloyd, Philemon  1646Nansemond County, Virginia I3061
17 Lloyd, Richard  Bef 1640Nansemond County, Virginia I10003
18 Minor, Mary  Abt 1650Nansemond County, Virginia I37213
19 Mountague, Anne  Abt 1638Nansemond County, Virginia I37217
20 Mountague, Elizabeth  1653Nansemond County, Virginia I37207
21 Mountague, Ellen  Bef 1643Nansemond County, Virginia I37221
22 Mountague, Peter  Bef 1639Nansemond County, Virginia I37209
23 Norris, Thomas  1638Nansemond County, Virginia I11880
24 Wardrop, Margaret  Bef 1748Nansemond County, Virginia I25310


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Abbott, George  Aft 1656Nansemond County, Virginia I72161
2 Bennett, Phillip  Aft 1648Nansemond County, Virginia I37875
3 Bennett, Richard Gov.  12 Apr 1675Nansemond County, Virginia I34356
4 Bennett, Robert  1648Nansemond County, Virginia I37872
5 Billingsley, George  21 Dec 1681Nansemond County, Virginia I44486
6 Bruce, Abraham  Aft 1695Nansemond County, Virginia I62487
7 Bruce, Nicholas  Aft 1693Nansemond County, Virginia I62274
8 Bruce, Walter  Between 1688 and 1690Nansemond County, Virginia I62486
9 Burbage, Thomas  Dec 1654Nansemond County, Virginia I70601
10 Burnett, Margaret  Bef 1708Nansemond County, Virginia I21568
11 Carr, Samuel  16 May 1777Nansemond County, Virginia I113961
12 Clift, Richard  Aft 1662Nansemond County, Virginia I63089
13 George, Anne MNU  Bef 1688Nansemond County, Virginia I60553
14 Gill, Michael  Aft 1664Nansemond County, Virginia I67560
15 Hackley, Henry  Aft 1722Nansemond County, Virginia I77132
16 Knott, Eleanor MNU  Aft 1653Nansemond County, Virginia I37766
17 Knott, James  13 May 1653Nansemond County, Virginia I32373
18 Lawrence, Giles  Aft 1664Nansemond County, Virginia I78287
19 Oldis, Elizabeth MNU  Aft 1662Nansemond County, Virginia I72216
20 Oudelant, Cornelius  Bef 1666Nansemond County, Virginia I24179
21 Perrott, John  Aft 1650Nansemond County, Virginia I83664
22 Perrott, Nicholas  1678Nansemond County, Virginia I106759
23 Pope, William  Aft 1656Nansemond County, Virginia I72159
24 Stafford, William  Aft 1695Nansemond County, Virginia I60481
25 Streater, Edward  Bef 9 May 1660Nansemond County, Virginia I72215
26 Swann, Thomas  Aft 1703Nansemond County, Virginia I51719
27 Thompson, Elizabeth  Aft 1704Nansemond County, Virginia I51721
28 Utie, Mary Anne MNU  Bef 1674Nansemond County, Virginia I37894
29 Willis, Anne  Bef 1695Nansemond County, Virginia I50313
30 Yeo, Rebecca  Between 1691 and 1693Nansemond County, Virginia I114748


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Ayres / Ayres  1634Nansemond County, Virginia F22276
2 Burbage / Oldis  Bef 1654Nansemond County, Virginia F36655
3 Carter / Carter  Bef 1650Nansemond County, Virginia F14888
4 Lear / Oldis  Bef 1658Nansemond County, Virginia F53616
5 Lear / Willis  Abt 1693Nansemond County, Virginia F29326
6 Lear / Yeo  Abt 1689Nansemond County, Virginia F32883
7 Mountague / Mountague  Bef 1639Nansemond County, Virginia F23620
8 Norris / Hynson  1637Nansemond County, Virginia F2918
9 Streater / Oldis  Bef 16 Jul 1658Nansemond County, Virginia F37245