Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barbee, William  1775North Carolina I43565
2 Basket, Nancy  21 Mar 1758North Carolina I47216
3 Bowman, James  Bef 1798North Carolina I80120
4 Middleton, Thomas  18 Mar 1756North Carolina I29296
5 Petrie, Catherine  16 Jul 1791North Carolina I9292
6 Pope, Burwell  1752North Carolina I25796
7 Pope, Henry Augustine  6 Aug 1760North Carolina I25798
8 Pope, Willis  Abt 1755North Carolina I25797
9 Riggin, Powell  Abt 1777North Carolina I41314
10 Rouse, Daniel J.  1802North Carolina I5267
11 Sanders, James  1772North Carolina I59269
12 Stewart, Frances Sarah  1766North Carolina I99629
13 Swinford, Joshua  2 Jul 1762North Carolina I69072
14 Underwood, Emelia  14 Oct 1758North Carolina I54444
15 Underwood, Joel  12 Mar 1776North Carolina I54449
16 Underwood, John  14 Dec 1767North Carolina I54447
17 Underwood, Thomas  13 May 1770North Carolina I54448
18 Underwood, William  17 Feb 1756North Carolina I54445
19 Wright, Clayborn  1807North Carolina I382
20 Wyatt, Martha A.  North Carolina I41491


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Sethy  Bef 1770North Carolina I56065
2 Blowers, John  Aft 1738North Carolina I37498
3 Brazier, John  Aft 1734North Carolina I89944
4 Browning, John  Aft 1792North Carolina I126324
5 Bush, Richard  Aft 1743North Carolina I62812
6 Cason, Elizabeth MNU  Aft 1756North Carolina I138285
7 Cason, Roger  Aft 1756North Carolina I124960
8 Collins, James  Aft 1759North Carolina I125050
9 Cox, William  1772North Carolina I30003
10 Dailey, Elizabeth  Aft 1765North Carolina I131041
11 Doyle, John  Aft 1735North Carolina I30397
12 Eastham, Robert  Aft 1780North Carolina I133977
13 Edmondson, Joseph  1743North Carolina I111876
14 Hannan, Robert  Feb 1829North Carolina I53133
15 Hannis, Joseph  Aft 1758North Carolina I125048
16 Harbin, Edward Villars  Aft 1786North Carolina I15888
17 Harris, John  1713North Carolina I71277
18 Harrison, Elizabeth  North Carolina I35865
19 Herndon, Joseph  Aft 1774North Carolina I89276
20 Hubbard, Peter  10 Nov 1772North Carolina I125386
21 Long, Henry  Abt 1792North Carolina I132246
22 Markland, Jonathan  8 Nov 1804North Carolina I100902
23 Markland, Joseph  1808North Carolina I100904
24 Markland, Nathaniel  20 Jan 1842North Carolina I100905
25 Moore, Elizabeth  Aft 1738North Carolina I126453
26 Nash, Leanna  1810North Carolina I134767
27 Neale, Christopher  Aft 1767North Carolina I119581
28 Newman, James  Bef 21 Jul 1777North Carolina I31052
29 Newman, Thomas  Between 1776 and 1778North Carolina I31053
30 Pablet, John  Abt 1778North Carolina I80688
31 Padgett, Eleanor  North Carolina I66130
32 Pell, Henry  1861North Carolina I50665
33 Pendleton, Philip  Aft 1786North Carolina I38171
34 Pope, John Henry  North Carolina I25774
35 Ruffin, Martha  Aft 1786North Carolina I38173
36 Shipley, Robert  1770North Carolina I95282
37 Shipp, Sarah  29 Oct 1800North Carolina I36638
38 Smallwood, William  Mar 1782North Carolina I8431
39 Smith, Nathaniel  Aft 1744North Carolina I66530
40 Snead, Israel  1788North Carolina I126645
41 Sudduth, William  1787North Carolina I50681
42 Trawick, Robert  Aft 1759North Carolina I49864
43 Tyler, Benjamin  North Carolina I116195
44 Veitch, Elijah  Aft 1819North Carolina I77541
45 Walker, Charles  Abt 1765North Carolina I131040


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barbee / Marshall  Abt 1772North Carolina F26661
2 Brookshire / Marlow  30 Mar 1779North Carolina F30105
3 Higdon / Holbrooke  5 Apr 1786North Carolina F20763
4 Lee / Ludwell  Abt 1720North Carolina F36967
5 Rouse / Morley  1803North Carolina F4286