Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Oglethorpe County, Georgia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Felton, William Harrell  19 Jun 1822Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86249
2 Latimer, Alice Jane  10 Nov 1845Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86244
3 Latimer, Clarke  13 Dec 1835Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86253
4 Latimer, Francis Adelade  3 Jun 1832Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86239
5 Latimer, George Thomas  31 Jan 1843Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86243
6 Latimer, Henry  Aft 1800Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86231
7 Latimer, James Wyatt  1807Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86233
8 Latimer, Jane  1838Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86255
9 Latimer, Joanna Rebecca  31 Oct 1839Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86242
10 Latimer, Joel Harrison  16 May 1840Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86256
11 Latimer, Levina  1842Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86257
12 Latimer, Luther Wesley  5 Feb 1839Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86260
13 Latimer, Maggie G  11 Feb 1839Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86246
14 Latimer, Mary A.  1846Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86258
15 Latimer, Mary Cordelia  3 Feb 1834Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86238
16 Latimer, Nancy F.  1844Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86259
17 Latimer, Robert Clayton  13 Dec 1837Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86241
18 Latimer, Sarah Elvira  13 Mar 1836Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86240
19 Latimer, Thomas  1810Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86232
20 Latimer, William  Aft 1802Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86262
21 Latimer, William Arthur  25 Sep 1851Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86245
22 Stone, Barton Warren  14 Mar 1798Oglethorpe County, Georgia I59150
23 Stone, Elizabeth  4 May 1790Oglethorpe County, Georgia I59123
24 Stone, Harrison Musgrove  25 Aug 1801Oglethorpe County, Georgia I59152
25 Stone, Lucy Duke  3 Oct 1793Oglethorpe County, Georgia I59148
26 Stone, Mary Warren  6 Dec 1791Oglethorpe County, Georgia I59147
27 Stone, Nancy  9 Apr 1800Oglethorpe County, Georgia I59151
28 Stone, Sarah Briscoe  30 Sep 1795Oglethorpe County, Georgia I59149


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bledsoe, Elizabeth  Aft 1827Oglethorpe County, Georgia I131341
2 Gaines, Martha  7 Oct 1802Oglethorpe County, Georgia I90000
3 Jones, Lucy  Aft 1807Oglethorpe County, Georgia I135841
4 Lowen, Mary  24 Jan 1836Oglethorpe County, Georgia I132970
5 Taylor, Clarke  Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86261
6 Taylor, Clarke  Aft 1850Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86287
7 Taylor, Martha 'Patsy'  7 Nov 1850Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86236
8 Thomas, James  6 Jun 1826Oglethorpe County, Georgia I123916
9 Wailes, Edward Lloyd  27 Jan 1809Oglethorpe County, Georgia I51971
10 Warren, Mary  1811Oglethorpe County, Georgia I3663
11 Whitehead, Elizabeth  Oglethorpe County, Georgia I86264


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Latimer / Taylor  31 Jan 1836Oglethorpe County, Georgia F41832
2 Menefee / Collier  27 Jul 1807Oglethorpe County, Georgia F52406
3 Stone / Duke  20 Jul 1789Oglethorpe County, Georgia F26812