Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Orange County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Acres, George  Bef 1814Orange County, Virginia I007472
2 Adams, Charles Pitt  1812Orange County, Virginia I101920
3 Adams, Elizabeth  Bef 1780Orange County, Virginia I089465
4 Adams, Lucy  Bef 1785Orange County, Virginia I039848
5 Adams, Mary  Bef 1779Orange County, Virginia I089464
6 Adams, Sarah Frances  5 Jun 1808Orange County, Virginia I101919
7 Adams, Thomas Boswell  1814Orange County, Virginia I101921
8 Alford, Thomas  1725Orange County, Virginia I093453
9 Baker, Sarah  Abt 1741Orange County, Virginia I069159
10 Ballenger, Francis  1717Orange County, Virginia I051514
11 Ballenger, Margery  Abt 1736Orange County, Virginia I068342
12 Barbour, Eleanor Madison  10 Mar 1785Orange County, Virginia I038975
13 Barbour, James Gov.  10 Jun 1775Orange County, Virginia I032699
14 Barbour, Thomas  1735Orange County, Virginia I038973
15 Beale, Anne  Aft 1753Orange County, Virginia I114008
16 Beale, Charles  Bef 1740Orange County, Virginia I113259
17 Bell, Roger  Bef 1769Orange County, Virginia I036398
18 Bickers, Joanna  2 Mar 1793Orange County, Virginia I100607
19 Bickers, Nicholas  16 Aug 1744Orange County, Virginia I100608
20 Booth, Sarah Hannah  1775Orange County, Virginia I005794
21 Booth, William Aylett  29 Dec 1754Orange County, Virginia I063574
22 Boswell, Lucy  17 Apr 1802Orange County, Virginia I040711
23 Boswell, William  Abt 1796Orange County, Virginia I040708
24 Botts, John  Bef 1741Orange County, Virginia I087659
25 Bourne, Agnes  9 Feb 1757Orange County, Virginia I036245
26 Bradley, Elizabeth  1751Orange County, Virginia I091061
27 Bradley, Sarah  1778Orange County, Virginia I036369
28 Briles, Zacharias 'Broyles'  1744Orange County, Virginia I005578
29 Brockman, Anne  Abt 1769Orange County, Virginia I036346
30 Brockman, Catherine  Bef 1773Orange County, Virginia I036385
31 Brockman, Rachel  1729Orange County, Virginia I106038
32 Brockman, Samuel Jr.  Abt 1770Orange County, Virginia I062667
33 Brockman, William  23 Oct 1740Orange County, Virginia I036391
34 Browning, Rachel  Abt 1755Orange County, Virginia I006199
35 Bruce, John  Bef 1735Orange County, Virginia I062309
36 Bryant, Mary Ann  Aft 1737Orange County, Virginia I038401
37 Bryant, William  Aft 1736Orange County, Virginia I089419
38 Buckner, Lucy  3 Mar 1786Orange County, Virginia I105973
39 Burnley, Edwin  23 Feb 1796Orange County, Virginia I000100
40 Burnley, Jane Moore  14 Mar 1783Orange County, Virginia I101925
41 Burnley, Judith  14 Nov 1787Orange County, Virginia I101916
42 Burnley, Lucy Taylor  2 Sep 1784Orange County, Virginia I101924
43 Burnley, Mary Bell  16 Feb 1772Orange County, Virginia I043553
44 Burnley, Sarah Garland  7 Sep 1780Orange County, Virginia I101918
45 Burton, Hannah  30 Jun 1786Orange County, Virginia I115034
46 Burton, May  1752Orange County, Virginia I032926
47 Bush, Ambrose  8 Apr 1748Orange County, Virginia I037084
48 Bush, Ambrose  1779Orange County, Virginia I037110
49 Bush, Elizabeth  14 Jan 1739/40Orange County, Virginia I037032
50 Bush, Esther  28 Oct 1781Orange County, Virginia I037111

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Elizabeth  Aft 1820Orange County, Virginia I089465
2 Adams, Lucy  Aft 1830Orange County, Virginia I039848
3 Balmaine, Alexander  Aft 1786Orange County, Virginia I101968
4 Barbour, Elizabeth  Orange County, Virginia I068364
5 Barbour, Thomas  16 May 1825Orange County, Virginia I038973
6 Beale, Charles  Aft 1760Orange County, Virginia I113259
7 Beale, Susanna  25 Nov 1821Orange County, Virginia I040275
8 Belfield, Elizabeth  Orange County, Virginia I068103
9 Belfield, Elizabeth  Dec 1810Orange County, Virginia I047892
10 Bell, Mary  1802Orange County, Virginia I101927
11 Bell, Roger  Aft 1740Orange County, Virginia I089182
12 Berry, James  Aft 1745Orange County, Virginia I089183
13 Blackerby, Thaddeus  Aft 1801Orange County, Virginia I027373
14 Bledsoe, Hannah 'Margaret'  Abt 1770Orange County, Virginia I035788
15 Bledsoe, Moses  Aft 1833Orange County, Virginia I089444
16 Bohannon, Dunkin  2 Mar 1753Orange County, Virginia I038635
17 Boston, Elizabeth  Aft 1800Orange County, Virginia I089460
18 Boswell, Charles  23 Dec 1830Orange County, Virginia I017858
19 Botts, John  23 Jun 1747Orange County, Virginia I055365
20 Bourne, Elizabeth  Between 1777 and 1786Orange County, Virginia I036190
21 Bourne, Henry  15 Oct 1787Orange County, Virginia I036219
22 Bourne, Sarah  Aft 1758Orange County, Virginia I036215
23 Bradley, Richard  22 Dec 1785Orange County, Virginia I085293
24 Brockman, Susannah  1750Orange County, Virginia I106037
25 Bruce, Elizabeth  1823Orange County, Virginia I042051
26 Bruce, Margaret  Abt 1730Orange County, Virginia I042066
27 Bryant, Mary  Bef 1772Orange County, Virginia I037075
28 Bryant, William  Aft 1740Orange County, Virginia I089418
29 Buckner, George Thornton  Aft 1786Orange County, Virginia I105974
30 Burgess, Lucy  Aft 1760Orange County, Virginia I115809
31 Burgess, Moses  11 May 1796Orange County, Virginia I040468
32 Carrington, Mary Elizabeth  19 Sep 1892Orange County, Virginia I104098
33 Carter, Benjamin  Aft 1773Orange County, Virginia I040703
34 Carty, Jane  Aft 1836Orange County, Virginia I100609
35 Cave, Benjamin  1762Orange County, Virginia I035787
36 Cave, Benjamin  29 Mar 1832Orange County, Virginia I047891
37 Cave, Elizabeth  Feb 1803Orange County, Virginia I000455
38 Cave, Hannah  1817Orange County, Virginia I035786
39 Cave, Joseph  Orange County, Virginia I068104
40 Cavenaugh, Jael  Aft 1748Orange County, Virginia I022756
41 Coan, Edward  1748Orange County, Virginia I082688
42 Coffey, Martha  Abt 1772Orange County, Virginia I036423
43 Coleman, Robert Spilsby  Dec 1795Orange County, Virginia I038140
44 Coleman, Sarah (Unproven}  Orange County, Virginia I100611
45 Coleman, Thomas  Aft 1793Orange County, Virginia I113944
46 Collins, Mary  1759Orange County, Virginia I036393
47 Conway, Catlett  14 Sep 1827Orange County, Virginia I033870
48 Conway, Elizabeth Catlett  4 Aug 1844Orange County, Virginia I033869
49 Conway, Sarah  8 Nov 1820Orange County, Virginia I101954
50 Conway, Susannah  Aft 1835Orange County, Virginia I033872

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Finnell / Porter  Abt 1745Orange County, Virginia F00575
2 Parker / Cave  17 Apr 1780Orange County, Virginia F00358