Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Owen County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elliott, Amanda  Bef 1870Owen County, Kentucky I001035
2 Elliott, Lucinda  9 Aug 1863Owen County, Kentucky I001038
3 Lawrence, Glady  1852Owen County, Kentucky I004381
4 Marshall, Alma  1903Owen County, Kentucky I004365
5 Marshall, Andrew Thomas  1 May 1857Owen County, Kentucky I001023
6 Marshall, Annie E.  1854Owen County, Kentucky I004378
7 Marshall, Arabella  1845Owen County, Kentucky I004390
8 Marshall, Austin Hawk  26 Jun 1854Owen County, Kentucky I001027
9 Marshall, Bessie  23 Oct 1883Owen County, Kentucky I004379
10 Marshall, Binford  1827Owen County, Kentucky I004386
11 Marshall, Charles  1876Owen County, Kentucky I004394
12 Marshall, David W.  1869Owen County, Kentucky I004395
13 Marshall, Elizabeth Jane  Abt 1821Owen County, Kentucky I004371
14 Marshall, Frances Ellen  29 Jan 1847Owen County, Kentucky I001028
15 Marshall, Francis 'Frank' Marion  Bef 1852Owen County, Kentucky I004380
16 Marshall, Garfield S.  1911Owen County, Kentucky I004396
17 Marshall, George  1834Owen County, Kentucky I004393
18 Marshall, Hannah  1844Owen County, Kentucky I004382
19 Marshall, Hannah F.  1846Owen County, Kentucky I004376
20 Marshall, Harold E.  1904Owen County, Kentucky I004397
21 Marshall, Harry A.  1907Owen County, Kentucky I004398
22 Marshall, Henrietta Diana  Sep 1855Owen County, Kentucky I001030
23 Marshall, James H.  1869Owen County, Kentucky I004399
24 Marshall, James M.  1845Owen County, Kentucky I004377
25 Marshall, Jesse William  1896Owen County, Kentucky I004364
26 Marshall, John William  1847Owen County, Kentucky I004375
27 Marshall, Joshua R.  1820Owen County, Kentucky I004388
28 Marshall, Julia Anne  6 Feb 1849Owen County, Kentucky I001026
29 Marshall, Lucy C.  1863Owen County, Kentucky I004400
30 Marshall, Marcellus  1840Owen County, Kentucky I004385
31 Marshall, Martha  1846Owen County, Kentucky I004391
32 Marshall, Mary  Abt 1841Owen County, Kentucky I001024
33 Marshall, Mary Margaret  Abt 1820Owen County, Kentucky I004366
34 Marshall, Nancy  1839Owen County, Kentucky I004383
35 Marshall, Robert M.  1867Owen County, Kentucky I004401
36 Marshall, Rosa  1 Nov 1856Owen County, Kentucky I004363
37 Marshall, Sallie MNU  1829Owen County, Kentucky I004389
38 Marshall, Sarah  Abt 1843Owen County, Kentucky I001025
39 Marshall, Sarah MNU  1831Owen County, Kentucky I004387
40 Marshall, Stanley S.  1891Owen County, Kentucky I004402
41 Marshall, Susannah  1837Owen County, Kentucky I004384
42 Marshall, Thomas S.  1871Owen County, Kentucky I004403
43 Marshall, William  1849Owen County, Kentucky I004392
44 Marshall, Willough T.  1892Owen County, Kentucky I004404
45 True, Anna Elizabeth  16 Aug 1851Owen County, Kentucky I001033
46 Works, Lura Davis  28 Mar 1883Owen County, Kentucky I004372
47 Wynne, William R.  13 Jan 1858Owen County, Kentucky I001032


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bramell, Ann  Jun 1875Owen County, Kentucky I106436
2 Bramell, Eleanor  2 Oct 1882Owen County, Kentucky I106438
3 Byrnes, William  Aft 1840Owen County, Kentucky I110550
4 Drake, Elizabeth Bruce  29 Sep 1851Owen County, Kentucky I047994
5 Elliott, Amanda  Bef 1892Owen County, Kentucky I001035
6 Elliott, Lucinda  16 Sep 1914Owen County, Kentucky I001038
7 Elliott, Sarah  Bef 1890Owen County, Kentucky I001034
8 Glackin, Sarah Anne  1898Owen County, Kentucky I000605
9 Lawrence, Glady  13 Mar 1889Owen County, Kentucky I004381
10 Marshall, Alma  29 Apr 1999Owen County, Kentucky I004365
11 Marshall, Andrew Thomas  14 May 1932Owen County, Kentucky I001023
12 Marshall, Annie E.  14 Jul 1924Owen County, Kentucky I004378
13 Marshall, Bessie  23 Jul 1884Owen County, Kentucky I004379
14 Marshall, Charles  12 Oct 1964Owen County, Kentucky I004394
15 Marshall, David W.  16 Jun 1953Owen County, Kentucky I004395
16 Marshall, Francis 'Frank' Marion  Owen County, Kentucky I004380
17 Marshall, Garfield S.  11 Mar 1986Owen County, Kentucky I004396
18 Marshall, Hannah F.  1929Owen County, Kentucky I004376
19 Marshall, Hannah MNU  Bef 1850Owen County, Kentucky I004370
20 Marshall, Harold E.  13 Jun 1966Owen County, Kentucky I004397
21 Marshall, Harry A.  2 Sep 1939Owen County, Kentucky I004398
22 Marshall, James H.  5 Aug 1927Owen County, Kentucky I004399
23 Marshall, James M.  2 Jul 1919Owen County, Kentucky I004377
24 Marshall, Jesse William  1975Owen County, Kentucky I004364
25 Marshall, John William  1928Owen County, Kentucky I004375
26 Marshall, Julia Anne  19 Apr 1926Owen County, Kentucky I001026
27 Marshall, Lucy C.  2 Jan 1947Owen County, Kentucky I004400
28 Marshall, Mary  1841Owen County, Kentucky I001024
29 Marshall, Mary Margaret  Abt 1845Owen County, Kentucky I004366
30 Marshall, Robert M.  10 Oct 1913Owen County, Kentucky I004401
31 Marshall, Stanley S.  16 Dec 1961Owen County, Kentucky I004402
32 Marshall, Thomas S.  12 Oct 1955Owen County, Kentucky I004403
33 Marshall, Willough T.  14 Mar 1967Owen County, Kentucky I004404
34 Moreland, James Lawson  8 Apr 1873Owen County, Kentucky I106435
35 Moreland, James Naylor  26 Oct 1863Owen County, Kentucky I106432
36 Moreland, Samuel  3 Aug 1859Owen County, Kentucky I106440
37 Moreland, Thomas Henry  10 May 1828Owen County, Kentucky I106439
38 Moreland, Zeanous  7 Jan 1867Owen County, Kentucky I106444
39 Simpson, Jemima  7 Aug 1834Owen County, Kentucky I110538
40 Vanlandingham, Lewis  2 Feb 1845Owen County, Kentucky I047993
41 Works, John R.  30 Nov 1883Owen County, Kentucky I004373
42 Wynne, William R.  18 Apr 1908Owen County, Kentucky I001032


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Lenahan / Marshall  Abt 1874Owen County, Kentucky F00600
2 Marcus / Marshall  26 Jan 1826Owen County, Kentucky F03361
3 Marshall / Bartlett  28 Dec 1820Owen County, Kentucky F03358
4 Marshall / Bartlett  6 Jul 1821Owen County, Kentucky F03360
5 Marshall / Elliott  17 Jan 1878Owen County, Kentucky F00597
6 Marshall / Elliott  10 Aug 1879Owen County, Kentucky F00595
7 Marshall / Elliott  9 Jan 1890Owen County, Kentucky F00598
8 Marshall / Marshall  Owen County, Kentucky F03371
9 Marshall / Marshall  1 Apr 1892Owen County, Kentucky F00599
10 Marshall / Skinner  31 Jan 1824Owen County, Kentucky F03359
11 White / Marshall  9 Feb 1829Owen County, Kentucky F03363
12 Wilson / Marshall  27 Oct 1873Owen County, Kentucky F00601
13 Works / Hale  29 Sep 1875Owen County, Kentucky F03370
14 Wynne / Marshall  7 Dec 1878Owen County, Kentucky F00596