Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Pendleton County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Casey, James T.  1864Pendleton County, Kentucky I8690
2 Hudson, Elmer  1890Pendleton County, Kentucky I8682
3 Mardis, Susannah  1865Pendleton County, Kentucky I8685
4 Marshall, Analiza  1869Pendleton County, Kentucky I8662
5 Marshall, Benjamin Franklin  1866Pendleton County, Kentucky I8646
6 Marshall, Emma Alice  Sep 1879Pendleton County, Kentucky I8674
7 Marshall, Enoch M.  Jan 1860Pendleton County, Kentucky I8658
8 Marshall, Florence  Feb 1887Pendleton County, Kentucky I8677
9 Marshall, Henry  1878Pendleton County, Kentucky I8666
10 Marshall, Henry Sanford  10 Jan 1840Pendleton County, Kentucky I4574
11 Marshall, Huldah Anne  1865Pendleton County, Kentucky I8644
12 Marshall, John  Apr 1872Pendleton County, Kentucky I8663
13 Marshall, Laura Newton  1877Pendleton County, Kentucky I8665
14 Marshall, Malinda "Lizzie"  Feb 1866Pendleton County, Kentucky I8661
15 Marshall, Martha "Mattie"  3 Mar 1874Pendleton County, Kentucky I8664
16 Marshall, Maud  1887Pendleton County, Kentucky I8669
17 Marshall, Myrtle  1883Pendleton County, Kentucky I8668
18 Marshall, Nancy A.  1861Pendleton County, Kentucky I8659
19 Marshall, Pendleton  1845Pendleton County, Kentucky I4591
20 Marshall, Susannah  1848Pendleton County, Kentucky I4592
21 Marshall, William  Apr 1849Pendleton County, Kentucky I4593
22 Marshall, William Silas  1865Pendleton County, Kentucky I8660
23 Payne, Agnes M.  1823Pendleton County, Kentucky I8672
24 Pickett, Alfred William  29 Jul 1810Pendleton County, Kentucky I40645
25 Roberts, Andrew Jack  Jul 1822Pendleton County, Kentucky I8671
26 Roberts, Andrew Jack  1853Pendleton County, Kentucky I8673
27 Roberts, John F.  Feb 1852Pendleton County, Kentucky I8684
28 Roberts, Rebecca  10 Dec 1856Pendleton County, Kentucky I8670
29 Rouse, James A.  1852Pendleton County, Kentucky I8735
30 Smoote, William Oliver  29 Jul 1879Pendleton County, Kentucky I8679


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ancrum, Elizabeth  1825Pendleton County, Kentucky I46874
2 Clayton, Robert Coleman  9 Sep 1850Pendleton County, Kentucky I25227
3 Crail, John  Abt 1816Pendleton County, Kentucky I41110
4 Cummins, John  1 Feb 1887Pendleton County, Kentucky I9736
5 Duncan, Lavina  1820Pendleton County, Kentucky I121287
6 Glackin, Frances Cordelia  1902Pendleton County, Kentucky I4332
7 Holsworth, Anne  1 Nov 1827Pendleton County, Kentucky I41097
8 Lancaster, Larkin (Lockey)  29 Jan 1872Pendleton County, Kentucky I6044
9 Lightfoot, John  Abt 1825Pendleton County, Kentucky I121288
10 Marshall, Carrie Frances  3 May 1930Pendleton County, Kentucky I8707
11 Marshall, Charlotte O'Neal  6 Nov 1956Pendleton County, Kentucky I8566
12 Marshall, Edward Lee  20 Oct 1890Pendleton County, Kentucky I8564
13 Marshall, Elizabeth  30 Jul 1928Pendleton County, Kentucky I8650
14 Marshall, Henry  Nov 1879Pendleton County, Kentucky I8666
15 Marshall, Henry Sanford  9 Mar 1910Pendleton County, Kentucky I4574
16 Marshall, John H.  Aft 1900Pendleton County, Kentucky I8656
17 Marshall, Malinda "Lizzie"  Pendleton County, Kentucky I8661
18 Marshall, Thomas  28 Mar 1853Pendleton County, Kentucky I4104
19 Offutt, Jane  Bef 1810Pendleton County, Kentucky I75728
20 Payne, Agnes M.  Pendleton County, Kentucky I8672
21 Pearl, Alexander  Abt 1849Pendleton County, Kentucky I16955
22 Roberts, Andrew Jack  Aft 1900Pendleton County, Kentucky I8671
23 Roberts, Andrew Jack  9 Dec 1922Pendleton County, Kentucky I8673
24 Sharp, Lincfield  1805Pendleton County, Kentucky I123635
25 Thrasher, John  Abt 1818Pendleton County, Kentucky I46875
26 Wheeler, Drummond  1834Pendleton County, Kentucky I75745
27 Wheeler, George Noble  Bef Dec 1813Pendleton County, Kentucky I52736
28 Williams, John Pope  1809Pendleton County, Kentucky I49719
29 Wilson, Mary "Polly"Anne  Aft 1900Pendleton County, Kentucky I8657


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Biddle / Marshall  31 Aug 1887Pendleton County, Kentucky F5982
2 Casey / Marshall  11 Jul 1903Pendleton County, Kentucky F5968
3 Crail / Stephens  25 Oct 1799Pendleton County, Kentucky F25625
4 Kemp / Marshall  4 Oct 1807Pendleton County, Kentucky F3377
5 Kendall / Owen  19 Oct 1808Pendleton County, Kentucky F29526
6 Marshall / Ellis  8 Sep 1836Pendleton County, Kentucky F3608
7 Marshall / Mardis  2 Apr 1885Pendleton County, Kentucky F5962
8 Marshall / Patton  28 Apr 1860Pendleton County, Kentucky F5953
9 Marshall / Pigg  6 Sep 1851Pendleton County, Kentucky F3614
10 Marshall / Wilson  30 Jun 1859Pendleton County, Kentucky F5960
11 Pickett / Wheeler  19 Oct 1809Pendleton County, Kentucky F535
12 Roberts / Marshall  18 May 1880Pendleton County, Kentucky F5963
13 Roberts / Payne  28 Nov 1842Pendleton County, Kentucky F5969
14 Wheeler / Offutt  Abt 1790Pendleton County, Kentucky F38446