Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Browne, Anne Clagett  24 Mar 1833Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105345
2 Browne, Bettie Clagett  Aug 1848Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105352
3 Browne, Georgianna Miller  29 Dec 1844Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105351
4 Browne, James Thomas  14 Feb 1835Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105346
5 Browne, John Marshall  31 Jan 1832Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105344
6 Browne, Kate Ida  23 Nov 1850Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105354
7 Browne, Laura  13 May 1842Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105350
8 Browne, Louisa Elizabeth  22 Jan 1839Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105348
9 Browne, Mary Marshall  11 Sep 1837Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105341
10 Browne, Rebecca Eleanor  24 Feb 1836Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105347
11 Browne, Sarah Jane  6 Dec 1840Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105349
12 Browne, Willie Harrison  21 May 1849Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105353
13 Lancaster, Mary P.  1824Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I108166
14 Marshall, John Philip  1 Nov 1831Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105336


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Browne, Anne Clagett  22 Aug 1859Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105345
2 Browne, Bettie Clagett  15 Jan 1854Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105352
3 Browne, John Marshall  3 May 1838Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105344
4 Browne, John Marshall  15 Apr 1860Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105343
5 Browne, Kate Ida  20 Jul 1854Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105354
6 Browne, Laura  Jul 1842Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105350
7 Browne, Louisa Elizabeth  1 Jun 1910Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105348
8 Browne, Mary Marshall  11 Feb 1873Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105341
9 Compton, Ruel Keith  1899Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105414
10 Dement, Rachel  1880Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I105420
11 Hardy, Effie  Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland I108710


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Browne / Clagett  15 Mar 1831Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland F41301
2 Marshall / Browne  26 Jul 1860Pomonkey, Charles County, Maryland F41300