Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Scott County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Buford, Henry  Oct 1822Scott County, Kentucky I004926
2 Craig, Martha Wright  4 Jan 1797Scott County, Kentucky I019965
3 Hutchison, Archibald  21 Oct 1809Scott County, Kentucky I000218
4 Lee, Celicia  22 May 1813Scott County, Kentucky I025574
5 Marshall, Benjamin M.  Abt 1809Scott County, Kentucky I060268
6 Marshall, David  Abt 1812Scott County, Kentucky I026659
7 Marshall, Frances  9 Nov 1799Scott County, Kentucky I060272
8 Marshall, George M.  Abt 1814Scott County, Kentucky I023432
9 Marshall, Johanna  Bef 1813Scott County, Kentucky I060270
10 Marshall, John W.  26 Feb 1796Scott County, Kentucky I025619
11 Marshall, Reuben R.  1798Scott County, Kentucky I006301
12 Marshall, Samuel P. L.  1805Scott County, Kentucky I025610
13 Marshall, Stephen G.  Bef 1800Scott County, Kentucky I060257
14 Marshall, William  Abt 1802Scott County, Kentucky I060264
15 Rossell, Anthony  Bef 1806Scott County, Kentucky I060251
16 Sweatnam, John  23 Nov 1798Scott County, Kentucky I069278


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Anne  Aft 1808Scott County, Kentucky I038246
2 Barbee, Eleanor Smith  14 Aug 1835Scott County, Kentucky I115024
3 Belt, Osborn Sprigg  1816Scott County, Kentucky I036803
4 Benton, Erasmus  7 Dec 1822Scott County, Kentucky I110231
5 Bowles, John Baptist  1819Scott County, Kentucky I109746
6 Bradford, Benjamin  Aft 1808Scott County, Kentucky I038247
7 Bradford, Enoch  20 Jul 1823Scott County, Kentucky I038749
8 Bradford, Fielding  Aft Jul 1839Scott County, Kentucky I038753
9 Bradley, Robert  Bef 1820Scott County, Kentucky I116764
10 Bradley, Thomas  22 Oct 1820Scott County, Kentucky I109179
11 Brawner, Mary Anne  Nov 1850Scott County, Kentucky I007636
12 Briscoe, James Mackall  23 May 1832Scott County, Kentucky I007635
13 Briscoe, Mary Herbert  1848Scott County, Kentucky I079919
14 Cave, John  10 Mar 1810Scott County, Kentucky I035789
15 Clagett, Anne  8 Aug 1833Scott County, Kentucky I075669
16 Coleman, Mary  3 Oct 1818Scott County, Kentucky I037416
17 Conner, Elizabeth "Betsy"  Abt 1835Scott County, Kentucky I005874
18 Corbin, Elizabeth  Scott County, Kentucky I041468
19 Davis, Mildred  Aft 1802Scott County, Kentucky I109154
20 Dent, Anne  21 Dec 1846Scott County, Kentucky I009371
21 Duvall, Mareen  21 Dec 1844Scott County, Kentucky I079928
22 Ficklin, Philadelphia  13 Sep 1823Scott County, Kentucky I089273
23 Ficklin, Thomas  1812Scott County, Kentucky I109172
24 Field, Abraham  1827Scott County, Kentucky I075576
25 Gayle, Mary  Scott County, Kentucky I047237
26 Graves, Stephen  1818Scott County, Kentucky I055344
27 Hampton, Judith  18 Jul 1853Scott County, Kentucky I089271
28 Hardy, Elizabeth Ellen  1 Jan 1843Scott County, Kentucky I008006
29 Hardy, Solomon  1800Scott County, Kentucky I077621
30 Harrison, Joseph  22 Aug 1813Scott County, Kentucky I047229
31 Hawkins, Mary  6 Jan 1804Scott County, Kentucky I037391
32 Herndon, David  1824Scott County, Kentucky I089328
33 Herndon, John  13 Feb 1812Scott County, Kentucky I089455
34 Herndon, Mary  1816Scott County, Kentucky I109176
35 Hord, Caroline  Scott County, Kentucky I076159
36 Johnston, Hannah  Bef 1820Scott County, Kentucky I116763
37 Johnston, Robert  15 Oct 1815Scott County, Kentucky I076899
38 Lancaster, Reuben  Abt 1835Scott County, Kentucky I005873
39 Lee, Robert  6 Dec 1877Scott County, Kentucky I038697
40 Little, Phillip  1 Jul 1833Scott County, Kentucky I008007
41 Livers, Rachel  22 Feb 1822Scott County, Kentucky I008005
42 Marshall, Jane  Abt 1825Scott County, Kentucky I004106
43 Masterson, Zachariah  Jul 1795Scott County, Kentucky I110543
44 Medley, Eleanor  4 Sep 1844Scott County, Kentucky I079914
45 Metcalfe, Mary  20 Jul 1813Scott County, Kentucky I115022
46 Middleton, Elizabeth  Scott County, Kentucky I111942
47 Monroe, John  9 Apr 1814Scott County, Kentucky I114116
48 Nicholls, Joseph  Scott County, Kentucky I044790
49 Offutt, Alexander  31 Oct 1823Scott County, Kentucky I075672
50 Offutt, Baruch  May 1839Scott County, Kentucky I075731

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bradley / Ficklin  5 Mar 1788Scott County, Kentucky F43263
2 Briscoe / Duvall  29 Jul 1819Scott County, Kentucky F35283
3 Johnston / Suggett  Abt 1806Scott County, Kentucky F41194
4 Nicholls / Roberts  24 Dec 1810Scott County, Kentucky F24628
5 Peake / Forts  1791Scott County, Kentucky F29273
6 Peake / Marshall  Abt 1815Scott County, Kentucky F29272
7 Powell / Cavender  30 Oct 1824Scott County, Kentucky F19199
8 Wigginton / Campbell  3 Mar 1830Scott County, Kentucky F23470