Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Shelby County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bartlett, William  1795Shelby County, Kentucky I091406
2 Bice, Mary Katherine  13 May 1808Shelby County, Kentucky I105679
3 Marshall, Ada H.  Abt 1896Shelby County, Kentucky I025140
4 Marshall, Aldive Geneva  Abt 1907Shelby County, Kentucky I025144
5 Marshall, Harry Jennings  12 Aug 1900Shelby County, Kentucky I025141
6 Marshall, Julian Elmer  1 Mar 1905Shelby County, Kentucky I025143
7 Marshall, Melton Earl  19 Sep 1902Shelby County, Kentucky I025142
8 Marshall, William Edgar  11 Dec 1894Shelby County, Kentucky I025139
9 Truman, Anderson  27 Feb 1816Shelby County, Kentucky I116037


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Simon  Dec 1809Shelby County, Kentucky I051361
2 Ballou, Charles  1818Shelby County, Kentucky I004906
3 Ballou, Edward  1837Shelby County, Kentucky I005006
4 Beazley, Sarah  Aft 1850Shelby County, Kentucky I024299
5 Boone, Samuel  3 Aug 1823Shelby County, Kentucky I111367
6 Clarke, Anna  10 Jun 1824Shelby County, Kentucky I053687
7 Collins, James  Apr 1823Shelby County, Kentucky I116078
8 Daniel, John  Aft 1797Shelby County, Kentucky I123200
9 Davis, Theophilus  1 Aug 1845Shelby County, Kentucky I020295
10 Doniphan, Elizabeth  Abt 1812Shelby County, Kentucky I019803
11 Gill, Mary  Bef 1836Shelby County, Kentucky I019596
12 Holmes, James  7 Jun 1833Shelby County, Kentucky I116039
13 Holmes, Jesse  8 May 1840Shelby County, Kentucky I116045
14 Lewis, Margaret  25 Mar 1832Shelby County, Kentucky I116040
15 Long, Samuel  1813Shelby County, Kentucky I127162
16 Lyon, Zachariah  Jan 1832Shelby County, Kentucky I048582
17 Marshall, Elizabeth  6 Aug 1863Shelby County, Kentucky I020294
18 Metcalfe, Mary  28 May 1848Shelby County, Kentucky I089379
19 Rogers, John H.  Abt 1840Shelby County, Kentucky I038760
20 Shipp, Richard  Abt 1828Shelby County, Kentucky I028045
21 Spillman, Philadelpha  10 Aug 1823Shelby County, Kentucky I036133
22 Stimson, Eramus  1838Shelby County, Kentucky I044874
23 Stimson, Solomon  Aft 1818Shelby County, Kentucky I044875
24 Stone, James  Aft 1790Shelby County, Kentucky I087245
25 Thornton, George  Aft Dec 1805Shelby County, Kentucky I076112
26 Tomlinson, Susannah  Aft 1799Shelby County, Kentucky I043627
27 Tyler, Margaret  15 Oct 1840Shelby County, Kentucky I116052
28 Vardeman, Prudence MNU  Aft 1811Shelby County, Kentucky I008623
29 Waters, Richard Duckett  Aft 1850Shelby County, Kentucky I053691
30 White, Anne  Abt 1839Shelby County, Kentucky I124684
31 Wilson, Lucinda  4 Dec 1856Shelby County, Kentucky I053686
32 Wilson, Otho  13 Dec 1853Shelby County, Kentucky I053684
33 Wren, Catherine  1835Shelby County, Kentucky I051362


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Davis / Marshall  15 Oct 1829Shelby County, Kentucky F00923
2 Foote / Washington  4 Dec 1817Shelby County, Kentucky F28437
3 Hite / Wren  13 Dec 1810Shelby County, Kentucky F26578
4 Holmes / Tyler  17 Nov 1803Shelby County, Kentucky F45981
5 Wise / Grigsby  4 Sep 1795Shelby County, Kentucky F38108