Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Shenandoah County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cooksey, Mary  12 Jan 1773Shenandoah County, Virginia I065127
2 Cooksey, Rebecca  12 Oct 1774Shenandoah County, Virginia I065128
3 Gimlin, Daniel  Abt 1768Shenandoah County, Virginia I070930
4 Marshall, Sarah Jane Broadus  Nov 1832Shenandoah County, Virginia I056473
5 Ross, Elizabeth  Abt 1797Shenandoah County, Virginia I053437
6 Ross, Jemima  Aft 1799Shenandoah County, Virginia I053440
7 Ruffner, Mary  25 Apr 1785Shenandoah County, Virginia I040047
8 Taylor, Artemisia  17 Jun 1774Shenandoah County, Virginia I115056
9 Young, Willis Sinnitt  1790Shenandoah County, Virginia I092555


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Atheliah  Aft 1779Shenandoah County, Virginia I058171
2 Allison, William  Aft 1778Shenandoah County, Virginia I069681
3 Barnes, Joseph  Aft 1786Shenandoah County, Virginia I113511
4 Barnes, Ruth  Aft 1786Shenandoah County, Virginia I049451
5 Beale, Elizabeth  Shenandoah County, Virginia I039056
6 Beale, Priscilla  Abt 1780Shenandoah County, Virginia I059888
7 Bowman, Joseph  21 Jul 1883Shenandoah County, Virginia I032205
8 Calfee, John  Bef 30 Mar 1786Shenandoah County, Virginia I085834
9 Calfee, Judith  Aft 1781Shenandoah County, Virginia I085835
10 Cooksey, Andrew  Bef 1825Shenandoah County, Virginia I065000
11 Cooksey, Barbara MNU  Bef 1840Shenandoah County, Virginia I065001
12 Cooksey, Dorothy  Aft 1800Shenandoah County, Virginia I065069
13 Cooksey, John  Aft Jun 1800Shenandoah County, Virginia I065002
14 Cooksey, Kelly 'Callile'  Aft 1790Shenandoah County, Virginia I065070
15 Cooksey, Margaret  Aft 1796Shenandoah County, Virginia I065068
16 Ewing, John  Aft 1786Shenandoah County, Virginia I113509
17 Fox, Thomas  Dec 1818Shenandoah County, Virginia I115311
18 George, Wilmouth  8 Dec 1795Shenandoah County, Virginia I049771
19 Grandstaff, Robert Henry  13 Aug 1913Shenandoah County, Virginia I107043
20 Haldeman, Mary Magdalena  16 Jan 1837Shenandoah County, Virginia I053439
21 Halley, Frances  Aft 1785Shenandoah County, Virginia I059890
22 Hambaugh, John  1813Shenandoah County, Virginia I021047
23 Harding, Henry  25 Nov 1779Shenandoah County, Virginia I049769
24 Hopewell, Joseph  Aft 1779Shenandoah County, Virginia I058422
25 Hord, Elizabeth  29 Jul 1823Shenandoah County, Virginia I089981
26 Humston, Edward  Aft 1789Shenandoah County, Virginia I025978
27 Hurst, William  Bef 29 Mar 1781Shenandoah County, Virginia I088056
28 Johnston, Elizabeth Virginia  25 Jun 1922Shenandoah County, Virginia I107042
29 Johnston, Sarah Anne  4 Jul 1892Shenandoah County, Virginia I032210
30 Jones, Anne  Abt 1796Shenandoah County, Virginia I115269
31 Kelly, Elizabeth  Aft Jun 1800Shenandoah County, Virginia I065003
32 Madesette, James  Shenandoah County, Virginia I040038
33 Martin, Jane  Shenandoah County, Virginia I059782
34 Marye, William Staige  28 Sep 1837Shenandoah County, Virginia I040046
35 Moore, Riley  1760Shenandoah County, Virginia I046066
36 Moreland, Sarah  Aft 1813Shenandoah County, Virginia I021041
37 Odell, Samuel  Bef 1786Shenandoah County, Virginia I113510
38 Piper, Augustine  Aft 1794Shenandoah County, Virginia I069655
39 Ross, David  26 Jan 1857Shenandoah County, Virginia I053438
40 Ruffner, Mary  26 Dec 1852Shenandoah County, Virginia I040047
41 Russell, William  14 Jan 1793Shenandoah County, Virginia I058169
42 Slater, Richard  Bef 1810Shenandoah County, Virginia I059786
43 Slater, William  Aft 1792Shenandoah County, Virginia I059783
44 Smith, Rowley  21 May 1823Shenandoah County, Virginia I051091
45 Steenbergen, William  23 Jul 1839Shenandoah County, Virginia I039057
46 Triplett, Daniel  27 Sep 1845Shenandoah County, Virginia I026825
47 Williams, Philip  Aft 1814Shenandoah County, Virginia I094797
48 Williams, William Clayton  Aft 1794Shenandoah County, Virginia I067129
49 Young, Edwin  9 Apr 1793Shenandoah County, Virginia I059889
50 Young, Edwin  1870Shenandoah County, Virginia I092550


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beatty / McConihay  Between 1786 and 1795Shenandoah county, Virginia F10354
2 Cave / Vaught  21 Jun 1816Shenandoah County, Virginia F25809
3 Dulin / Smith  19 Aug 1806Shenandoah County, Virginia F37679
4 Harrison / Beale  24 Dec 1772Shenandoah County, Virginia F17615
5 Marye / Ruffner  6 May 1802Shenandoah County, Virginia F22851
6 Owen / Owen  20 Sep 1773Shenandoah County, Virginia F43579
7 Ross / Haldeman  5 May 1792Shenandoah County, Virginia F27433
8 Sansbury / Bradford  Between 1804 and 1812Shenandoah County, Virginia F30358
9 Shaver / Pence  Jul 1784Shenandoah County, Virginia F04873
10 Stonestreet / Ross  4 Dec 1821Shenandoah County, Virginia F27432
11 Stonestreet / Ross  25 Feb 1823Shenandoah County, Virginia F27435
12 Watkins / Cave  11 Jan 1811Shenandoah County, Virginia F27088
13 Young / Moore  16 Dec 1783Shenandoah County, Virginia F38276