Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Stafford County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adie, William  Bef 1734Stafford County, Virginia I057928
2 Alexander, Anne  Bef 1704Stafford County, Virginia I048633
3 Alexander, Charles  1697Stafford County, Virginia I019590
4 Alexander, Elizabeth  15 Sep 1698Stafford County, Virginia I017027
5 Alexander, Elizabeth  1805Stafford County, Virginia I001541
6 Alexander, Mary Dent  Abt 1777Stafford County, Virginia I041939
7 Alexander, Philip  1664Stafford County, Virginia I017034
8 Alexander, Sarah  1667Stafford County, Virginia I020450
9 Alexander, Sarah  1718Stafford County, Virginia I017022
10 Allen, Mary MNU  Stafford County, Virginia I080098
11 Alsop, Edward  Abt 1680Stafford County, Virginia I041668
12 Alsop, Elizabeth  Aft 1684Stafford County, Virginia I047041
13 Alsop, John  Abt 1678Stafford County, Virginia I070721
14 Amber, Elizabeth  7 Apr 1827Stafford County, Virginia I061118
15 Ancrum, Frances  3 Feb 1733/34Stafford County, Virginia I046840
16 Ancrum, Jane  1728Stafford County, Virginia I037004
17 Ancrum, Sarah  23 Nov 1727Stafford County, Virginia I046839
18 Anderson, David  Abt 1660Stafford County, Virginia I028999
19 Anderson, David  Abt 1695Stafford County, Virginia I029003
20 Anderson, Rosanna  Bef 1700Stafford County, Virginia I028197
21 Anderson, Seth  Abt 1691Stafford County, Virginia I114928
22 Anderson, William  Abt 1720Stafford County, Virginia I029005
23 Armstrong, Thomas  1688Stafford County, Virginia I039598
24 Ashby, Edward  6 Jun 1754Stafford County, Virginia I028952
25 Ashby, Jane  20 Sep 1750Stafford County, Virginia I028948
26 Ashby, Mary  20 Sep 1750Stafford County, Virginia I028954
27 Ashby, Nathaniel  4 Jan 1747/48Stafford County, Virginia I028950
28 Ashby, Thomas  1722Stafford County, Virginia I058994
29 Ashford, Constance  Bef 1734Stafford County, Virginia I021897
30 Ashton, Sarah  Abt 1741Stafford County, Virginia I053528
31 Atchison, Adam  Bef 1722Stafford County, Virginia I046281
32 Atchison, Rebecca MNU  Abt 1749Stafford County, Virginia I046288
33 Ballenger, Eleanor  1733Stafford County, Virginia I039359
34 Banks, Adam  Abt 1698Stafford County, Virginia I042055
35 Banks, Gerard  Abt 1672Stafford County, Virginia I042057
36 Banks, Gerard  Abt 1705Stafford County, Virginia I042060
37 Banks, Gerard  1737Stafford County, Virginia I042040
38 Banks, Linn  1739Stafford County, Virginia I114898
39 Banks, Richard  Abt 1700Stafford County, Virginia I042059
40 Barbee, Anne  Abt 1751Stafford County, Virginia I061273
41 Barbee, Mary  Abt 1692Stafford County, Virginia I048615
42 Barbee, William  1759Stafford County, Virginia I047330
43 Barker, Mary  11 Sep 1735Stafford County, Virginia I061256
44 Barton, Edward  1664Stafford County, Virginia I047316
45 Barton, Thomas  Abt 1660Stafford County, Virginia I080145
46 Baxter, Elizabeth  Abt 1690Stafford County, Virginia I020529
47 Baxter, John  Abt 1708Stafford County, Virginia I037297
48 Baxter, Mary MNU  Abt 1684Stafford County, Virginia I085940
49 Baxter, Thomas  Abt 1680Stafford County, Virginia I037302
50 Beasley, Diana  1735Stafford County, Virginia I049418

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Acton, Female MNU  Bef 1685Stafford County, Virginia I048510
2 Acton, John Axton  Bef Jun 1687Stafford County, Virginia I048504
3 Adams, Mary  Aft 1728Stafford County, Virginia I024953
4 Addison, John  Aft 1769Stafford County, Virginia I062930
5 Addison, Mary MNU  Aft 1769Stafford County, Virginia I062931
6 Adie, Jane  5 Apr 1886Stafford County, Virginia I036728
7 Adie, William  Stafford County, Virginia I057928
8 Alexander, Anne Fowke  Aft 1782Stafford County, Virginia I017014
9 Alexander, Elizabeth  Aft 1860Stafford County, Virginia I001541
10 Alexander, Elizabeth MNU  Bef 1680Stafford County, Virginia I048452
11 Alexander, Philip  Bef 11 Sep 1706Stafford County, Virginia I017034
12 Alexander, Philip  10 Aug 1753Stafford County, Virginia I032455
13 Alexander, Robert  1746Stafford County, Virginia I032454
14 Alexander, Sarah  30 Oct 1739Stafford County, Virginia I017022
15 Alexander, William Sigismund  27 Aug 1836Stafford County, Virginia I046484
16 Allen, Elizabeth  Bef 15 Nov 1797Stafford County, Virginia I048533
17 Allen, Sarah  Abt 1776Stafford County, Virginia I048532
18 Allentharp, Margaret  Aft 1754Stafford County, Virginia I040228
19 Allerton, Female {Unproven}  Abt 1669Stafford County, Virginia I048141
20 Allerton, Mary  Aft 1700Stafford County, Virginia I024158
21 Alsop, John  Aft 1734Stafford County, Virginia I070721
22 Amber, Elizabeth  2 Mar 1848Stafford County, Virginia I061118
23 Ancrum, Mary  Aft 1727Stafford County, Virginia I046843
24 Ancrum, William  6 Jan 1734/35Stafford County, Virginia I025480
25 Anderson, David  Bef 1692Stafford County, Virginia I024192
26 Anderson, David  Abt 1776Stafford County, Virginia I029003
27 Anderson, George  Aft 1707Stafford County, Virginia I029001
28 Anderson, Jane MNU  Stafford County, Virginia I029004
29 Ashford, Michael  Aft 1714Stafford County, Virginia I001811
30 Ashton, Frances  1707Stafford County, Virginia I017033
31 Ashton, John  26 Jan 1682/83Stafford County, Virginia I023937
32 Atkins, Thomas  Aft 1687Stafford County, Virginia I048507
33 Austrey, George  Aft 1690Stafford County, Virginia I044089
34 Ayliffe, Anne MNU  Aft 1708Stafford County, Virginia I086015
35 Ayliffe, Richard  Aft 1708Stafford County, Virginia I048459
36 Baldridge, Charles  Bef 9 Nov 1692Stafford County, Virginia I025468
37 Baldridge, Mary  Aft 1664Stafford County, Virginia I025274
38 Balfe, Oliver  Bef 9 Jan 1671/72Stafford County, Virginia I058059
39 Ball, Edward  Aft 1680Stafford County, Virginia I029832
40 Banister, Nathan  Aft 1785Stafford County, Virginia I048929
41 Banks, Adam  Bef 1690Stafford County, Virginia I042061
42 Banks, Diana  1771Stafford County, Virginia I042039
43 Banks, Elizabeth MNU  Aft 1709Stafford County, Virginia I042058
44 Banks, Gerard  Between 1709 and 1721Stafford County, Virginia I042057
45 Banks, Mary MNU  Aft 1687Stafford County, Virginia I048518
46 Banks, Richard  Aft 1693Stafford County, Virginia I015939
47 Barbee, Mary  Aft 1701Stafford County, Virginia I048615
48 Barnes, Sarah  8 May 1805Stafford County, Virginia I029635
49 Barron, Martha MNU  Bef 1685Stafford County, Virginia I044038
50 Barton, Anne  Aft 1691Stafford County, Virginia I048365

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Rosanna  Stafford County, Virginia I028197
2 Botts, Rowland (Roland) Gaines  Stafford County, Virginia I026853


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alexander / Alexander  1795Stafford County, Virginia F00910
2 Alexander / Fowke  1711Stafford County, Virginia F01099
3 Mason / French  Abt 1658Stafford County, Virginia F01092
4 Scott / Alexander  1830Stafford County, Virginia F00909