Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Surry County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Isabel  Aft 1642Surry County, Virginia I51777
2 Allen, Joan  Aft 1642Surry County, Virginia I60540
3 Allen, Katherine  Abt 1647Surry County, Virginia I95569
4 Allen, William  1730Surry County, Virginia I114163
5 Beckwith, Grace  1646Surry County, Virginia I67954
6 Binns, Mary  Abt 1668Surry County, Virginia I115501
7 Briggs, Henry  1662Surry County, Virginia I67956
8 Browne, William  1671Surry County, Virginia I129205
9 Carter, Joseph  Bef 1655Surry County, Virginia I61408
10 Carter, William  1650Surry County, Virginia I88689
11 Cary, John  1 Jan 1640Surry County, Virginia I71453
12 Cary, Mary  1678Surry County, Virginia I27027
13 Cary, Thomas  22 Feb 1667Surry County, Virginia I71455
14 Chambers, Edward  Bef 1714Surry County, Virginia I69435
15 Chambers, Elizabeth  Bef 1714Surry County, Virginia I69447
16 Chambers, Jonathan  Bef 1714Surry County, Virginia I69436
17 Chambers, Martha  Bef 1714Surry County, Virginia I69451
18 Chambers, Mary  Abt 1672Surry County, Virginia I69457
19 Chambers, Mary  Bef 1714Surry County, Virginia I69448
20 Chambers, Olive  Bef 1714Surry County, Virginia I69450
21 Chevers, William  Abt Apr 1660Surry County, Virginia I67949
22 Cocke, John  Abt 1740Surry County, Virginia I47102
23 Cocke, Thomas  1694Surry County, Virginia I47100
24 Flood, Elizabeth  Bef 1660Surry County, Virginia I65106
25 Flood, Jane  1646Surry County, Virginia I71454
26 Flood, John  Aft 1622Surry County, Virginia I68209
27 Flood, Mary  Abt 1630Surry County, Virginia I35099
28 Flood, Thomas  Bef 1636Surry County, Virginia I72143
29 Gilliam, Anne  Mar 1742Surry County, Virginia I68095
30 Halliman, William  1661Surry County, Virginia I69461
31 Harrison, Anne  1680Surry County, Virginia I71450
32 Harrison, Elizabeth  1685Surry County, Virginia I71457
33 Harrison, Henry  1675Surry County, Virginia I71451
34 Harrison, Mary  14 Mar 1725Surry County, Virginia I89279
35 Harrison, Peter Dr.  Abt 1635Surry County, Virginia I19206
36 Harrison, Sarah  14 Aug 1670Surry County, Virginia I71449
37 Heath, Henry Dr.  Bef 1735Surry County, Virginia I85110
38 Holt, John  Abt 1664Surry County, Virginia I115502
39 Holt, William  Abt 1666Surry County, Virginia I67288
40 Jarrett, Charles  Bef 1670Surry County, Virginia I69459
41 Jarrett, Elizabeth  Bef 1671Surry County, Virginia I69460
42 Jones, Elizabeth  Abt 1720Surry County, Virginia I42068
43 Lucas, Elizabeth  Aft 1674Surry County, Virginia I67957
44 Lucas, William  1654Surry County, Virginia I67955
45 Ludwell, Hannah Philipa  Bef 1753Surry County, Virginia I55390
46 Mansfield, Mary  Bef 1652Surry County, Virginia I44629
47 Mason, Frances  Aft 1673Surry County, Virginia I115503
48 Mason, Francis  Bef 1653Surry County, Virginia I60556
49 Person, Thomas  19 Jan 1733Surry County, Virginia I133951
50 Pittman, Thomas  Abt 1658Surry County, Virginia I69458

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bacon, Anne  Between 1693 and 1698Surry County, Virginia I116313
2 Beckwith, Marmaduke  7 Oct 1667Surry County, Virginia I68131
3 Beighton, Rosamund  Bef 1693Surry County, Virginia I69446
4 Binns, Mary  Surry County, Virginia I115501
5 Binns, Thomas  1669Surry County, Virginia I60560
6 Blunt, Richard  1656Surry County, Virginia I35165
7 Bray, James  Aft 1774Surry County, Virginia I85489
8 Briggs, Henry  1686Surry County, Virginia I35166
9 Briggs, Henry  25 Oct 1739Surry County, Virginia I67956
10 Browne, Anne Widow  12 Aug 1668Surry County, Virginia I51718
11 Browne, William  1746Surry County, Virginia I129205
12 Bruce, James  Aft 1757Surry County, Virginia I62272
13 Buckner, Cary  1747Surry County, Virginia I62106
14 Buckner, Edward  Aft 12 Jan 1746Surry County, Virginia I62104
15 Bullock, Richard  1703Surry County, Virginia I78726
16 Burroughs, Johanna  Bef 1746Surry County, Virginia I62105
17 Carter, Robert  1664Surry County, Virginia I61420
18 Carter, William  18 Oct 1655Surry County, Virginia I61421
19 Chambers, John  1727Surry County, Virginia I69424
20 Chambers, Jonathan  1735Surry County, Virginia I69436
21 Chambers, Mary  Aft 1710Surry County, Virginia I69457
22 Chambers, William  1677Surry County, Virginia I69432
23 Chambers, William  1718Surry County, Virginia I69423
24 Chevers, Thomas  Aft 8 Feb 1664Surry County, Virginia I67944
25 Claiborne, Ursula  Aft 1705Surry County, Virginia I45408
26 Cocke, John  23 Jan 1798Surry County, Virginia I47102
27 Cocke, Thomas  2 Dec 1750Surry County, Virginia I47100
28 Cocke, Walter  21 Mar 1738Surry County, Virginia I47099
29 Edwards, Thomas  Feb 1702Surry County, Virginia I115500
30 Ellis, Jeremiah  1743Surry County, Virginia I62107
31 Flood, Elizabeth  Bef 1719Surry County, Virginia I65106
32 Flood, Jane  1669Surry County, Virginia I71454
33 Flood, John  Bef 14 Nov 1658Surry County, Virginia I65108
34 Flood, John  1679Surry County, Virginia I68209
35 Flood, Mary  Abt 1686Surry County, Virginia I35099
36 Ford, Charles  Abt 1658Surry County, Virginia I35167
37 Hamlin, Hannah  Surry County, Virginia I47101
38 Hancock, John  1732Surry County, Virginia I115497
39 Harrison, Anne  1707Surry County, Virginia I71450
40 Harrison, Anne MNU  Aft 1654Surry County, Virginia I71459
41 Harrison, Elizabeth  1702Surry County, Virginia I71457
42 Harrison, Henry  24 Sep 1732Surry County, Virginia I71451
43 Hartwell, John  1714Surry County, Virginia I114866
44 Hicks, John  1729Surry County, Virginia I88451
45 Higgs, John  Aft 1724Surry County, Virginia I67318
46 Holt, Elizabeth  Bef 1709Surry County, Virginia I115499
47 Holt, Jane  Aft 1733Surry County, Virginia I115495
48 Holt, John  1705Surry County, Virginia I115502
49 Jarrett, Margery MNU  Aft 1677Surry County, Virginia I69455
50 Jarrett, Richard  Bef 1672Surry County, Virginia I69456

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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Allen / Lightfoot  Abt 1765Surry County, Virginia F48396
2 Allen / Tucker  Abt 1641Surry County, Virginia F29935
3 Allen / Walker  Abt 1753Surry County, Virginia F48397
4 Binns / Aston  Abt 1667Surry County, Virginia F32886
5 Blair / Harrison  2 Jun 1687Surry County, Virginia F36975
6 Blunt / Flood  1652Surry County, Virginia F22551
7 Bolling / Rogers  Abt 1715Surry County, Virginia F26104
8 Brashears / Pitt  Bef 1640Surry County, Virginia F32880
9 Briggs / Flood  1661Surry County, Virginia F22553
10 Briggs / Lucas  Surry County, Virginia F35601
11 Buckner / Burroughs  17 Nov 1694Surry County, Virginia F33455
12 Carter / Darnall  Surry County, Virginia F33182
13 Cary / Flood  1665Surry County, Virginia F17936
14 Chambers / Beighton  Bef 1685Surry County, Virginia F36199
15 Chambers / Jarrett  Bef 1672Surry County, Virginia F36203
16 Chambers / Ruffin  Bef 1693Surry County, Virginia F36200
17 Cocke / Hamlin  Abt 1714Surry County, Virginia F28045
18 Cocke / Mason  15 Jul 1693Surry County, Virginia F28044
19 Cocke / Stark  Bef 1760Surry County, Virginia F28043
20 Flood / Creed  Bef 1679Surry County, Virginia F35693
21 Flood / Finch  1624Surry County, Virginia F22554
22 Ford / Flood  1657Surry County, Virginia F22552
23 Halliman / Chambers  Abt 1693Surry County, Virginia F36214
24 Harris / Newman  Aft 1666Surry County, Virginia F14461
25 Harrison / Cary  Abt 1702Surry County, Virginia F16206
26 Harrison / Daniel  Between 1743 and 1747Surry County, Virginia F35415
27 Hartwell / Rogers  Abt 1706Surry County, Virginia F26108
28 Holt / Binns  Aft 1684Surry County, Virginia F48792
29 Holt / Mason  Aft 1689Surry County, Virginia F35370
30 Jarrett / Jarrett  Bef 1670Surry County, Virginia F36212
31 Lucas / Beckwith  1679Surry County, Virginia F35599
32 Ludwell / Grymes  29 Jul 1737Surry County, Virginia F19384
33 Mason / Aston  Abt 1673Surry County, Virginia F32885
34 Mountfort / Holt  1709Surry County, Virginia F48790
35 Pittman / Chambers  Bef May 1687Surry County, Virginia F36213
36 Randolph / Swann  17 Dec 1687Surry County, Virginia F30005
37 Ruffin / Prime  1675Surry County, Virginia F36206
38 Short / Skipwith  Abt 1756Surry County, Virginia F42151
39 Smith / Flood  Bef 2 Nov 1680Surry County, Virginia F14821
40 Swann / Browne  1663Surry County, Virginia F15395
41 Swann / Drummond  24 Mar 1674Surry County, Virginia F29904
42 Swann / Mansfield  20 Dec 1668Surry County, Virginia F15396
43 Washington / Flood  15 Sep 1658Surry County, Virginia F18800