Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Walton, Boone County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Black, Emily  1830Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000949
2 Black, Isabella  1827Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001002
3 Black, Joseph H.  1821Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000611
4 Black, Margaret  1819Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000978
5 Brazier, Abigail  Abt 1847Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I009054
6 Cleek, Benjamin W.  27 Mar 1828Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001254
7 Cleek, Esau  1 Jul 1835Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001256
8 Cleek, Frances Anne  3 Sep 1838Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001257
9 Cleek, John Dudley  28 Jul 1832Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001088
10 Cleek, John Jacob  2 Jul 1848Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001260
11 Cleek, Laura Jane  18 Jun 1830Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001255
12 Cleek, Margaret Julia  9 May 1851Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I006215
13 Cleek, Martha Mildred  4 Mar 1845Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001258
14 Cleek, Thomas Jefferson  4 Mar 1845Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001259
15 Finnell, Absalom Graves  23 Jun 1844Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I006231
16 Finnell, America  1826Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000812
17 Finnell, Anna Maria  1842Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000859
18 Finnell, Benjamin Franklin  9 Jan 1839Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000856
19 Finnell, Benjamin W.  Abt 1821Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000462
20 Finnell, Dorinda M.  1 Feb 1829Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000114
21 Finnell, Eliza B.  24 Feb 1839Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I006229
22 Finnell, Elizabeth  8 Feb 1820Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001099
23 Finnell, Elizabeth L.  1831Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000979
24 Finnell, Frances  27 Jul 1835Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000754
25 Finnell, James B.  1844Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000689
26 Finnell, James S.  30 May 1830Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I006255
27 Finnell, Juliann B.  31 Jul 1830Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000289
28 Finnell, Lucy Anne  20 Apr 1811Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001093
29 Finnell, Martha M. (Patsey)  15 May 1805Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001087
30 Finnell, Martin Van Buren  20 Sep 1840Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000860
31 Finnell, Milton M.  2 Jul 1847Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I006232
32 Finnell, Nancy Florence  31 Dec 1847Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000690
33 Finnell, Richard M.  1 Feb 1832Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000126
34 Finnell, Robert M. B.  31 May 1841Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I006230
35 Finnell, Susan B.  30 Jun 1837Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I006228
36 Finnell, Thomas Dudley  25 Mar 1817Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000862
37 Finnell, Weden S.  1834Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000994
38 Finnell, Williamson B.  1833Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I006227
39 Glackin, Amanda Florence  8 Feb 1840Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000988
40 Glackin, Andrew Price  26 Mar 1842Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I004337
41 Glackin, Charles Wright  1846Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I004338
42 Glackin, Isaac F.  1839Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000948
43 Glackin, James Hickerson  22 Jan 1831Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001003
44 Glackin, John Henry  21 Nov 1833Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001005
45 Glackin, Marsha Matilda  5 Jun 1844Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000991
46 Glackin, Mary Ellen  24 Dec 1835Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001006
47 Gregory, Lucretia  1827Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000291
48 Hedges, Ryland Dillard  Abt 1830Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000597
49 Hinds, Margaret  1818Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000093
50 Houston, Maria Frances  1827Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000996

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chambers, Cleveland Scott  12 Jan 1943Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I035919
2 Cleek, Esau  18 Nov 1889Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001256
3 Cleek, John Dudley  7 Jul 1848Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001088
4 Cleek, John Jacob  28 Aug 1859Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001252
5 Cleek, John Jacob  26 Jan 1927Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001260
6 Clements, Emma  1914Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I005455
7 Crisler, John George  8 Jan 1846Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I006106
8 Finnell, Artemesia  8 May 1876Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001089
9 Finnell, James  8 Mar 1850Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I006226
10 Finnell, Jameson Hawkins  1886Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001091
11 Finnell, Martha M. (Patsey)  6 Jun 1854Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001087
12 Finnell, Milton M.  23 Aug 1847Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I006232
13 Finnell, Richard M.  11 Apr 1906Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000126
14 Finnell, Robert  18 Jul 1841Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001081
15 Finnell, Thomas Dudley  30 Mar 1891Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000862
16 Glackin, Andrew Price  Abt 1846Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I004337
17 Glackin, Charles Wright  1846Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I004338
18 Glackin, Isaac F.  1950Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000948
19 Glackin, John Henry  30 Jan 1907Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001005
20 Glackin, Marsha Matilda  27 Jul 1909Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000991
21 Johnson, Louisa Noel  22 Jul 1838Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I006271
22 Lancaster, Hickerson Mallory  1828Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I005805
23 Lancaster, Hickerson Mallory  Aft 1870Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I005806
24 Lancaster, William Lee  Sep 1865Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I005803
25 Marshall, James W.  Aft 1880Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001119
26 Marshall, Julia  Bef 1902Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000373
27 Miller, Elizabeth Margaret  5 Feb 1905Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000857
28 Muffett, Elizabeth  18 Oct 1870Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I006246
29 Oldham, Robert F.  8 Nov 1840Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000179
30 Quinn, Frances  27 Apr 1845Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001082
31 Roberts, Elizabeth Rebecca  1894Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001092
32 Scott, Julianne  Aft 1870Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001134
33 Simpson, America  20 Jul 1848Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I000749
34 Sleet, Robert E.  25 Mar 1867Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I001090
35 Stansifer, Katherine "Kitty"  Walton, Boone County, Kentucky I005476


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Finnell / Miller  12 Jan 1838Walton, Boone County, Kentucky F00414