Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Wilkes County, Georgia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Biddle, Martha 'Bidell'  16 Aug 1772Wilkes County, Georgia I59115
2 Hanson, Anna  1831Wilkes County, Georgia I91700
3 Hanson, Henry  1838Wilkes County, Georgia I91701
4 Hanson, John  1823Wilkes County, Georgia I91697
5 Hanson, Kitty  1836Wilkes County, Georgia I91699
6 Hanson, Mary  1833Wilkes County, Georgia I42141
7 Hanson, Walter  1821Wilkes County, Georgia I42142
8 Hanson, William  1828Wilkes County, Georgia I91698
9 Taylor, Clarke  1806Wilkes County, Georgia I86287
10 Taylor, Martha 'Patsy'  18 Jan 1802Wilkes County, Georgia I86236


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Apperson, Margaret  Aft 1783Wilkes County, Georgia I115306
2 Berry, Letitia  1800Wilkes County, Georgia I31341
3 Bethel, Seth  11 Mar 1790Wilkes County, Georgia I27561
4 Coates, Nathaniel  May 1816Wilkes County, Georgia I75166
5 Condon, Anastacia 'Stacy'  1807Wilkes County, Georgia I64067
6 Dent, John Turner  1840Wilkes County, Georgia I9324
7 Dodson, Cloe MNU  Aft 4 Mar 1819Wilkes County, Georgia I53184
8 Finnie, Thomas  Aft 1800Wilkes County, Georgia I133882
9 Hammett, Robert  Abt 1783Wilkes County, Georgia I27560
10 Hanson, John  Aft 1798Wilkes County, Georgia I77488
11 Hanson, John Maddox  12 Jan 1838Wilkes County, Georgia I8147
12 Hanson, Margaret Sophia  3 Oct 1891Wilkes County, Georgia I8148
13 Lamar, Martha  11 Nov 1826Wilkes County, Georgia I75167
14 Latimer, Luther Wesley  22 Feb 1917Wilkes County, Georgia I86260
15 Lindsey, John  1800Wilkes County, Georgia I116737
16 Madden, Dennis  1798Wilkes County, Georgia I64068
17 Manning, Mary  Bef Nov 1822Wilkes County, Georgia I9319
18 Moran, James  20 Dec 1796Wilkes County, Georgia I102928
19 Nelson, Catherine  1802Wilkes County, Georgia I72226
20 Nelson, John  Bef 13 Sep 1811Wilkes County, Georgia I72225
21 Pearson, Charles  Aft 1797Wilkes County, Georgia I114180
22 Penn, Moses  Bef 1802Wilkes County, Georgia I125151
23 Penn, Thomas  Aft 1802Wilkes County, Georgia I125152
24 Prather, Josiah Turner  Bef 1 Jul 1816Wilkes County, Georgia I111078
25 Reeves, Bennett  Aft 1830Wilkes County, Georgia I43290
26 Render, Joshua  19 Sep 1818Wilkes County, Georgia I87305
27 Riley, Samuel  Aft 1783Wilkes County, Georgia I108905
28 Seale, Dorothy  1 Feb 1820Wilkes County, Georgia I41641
29 Simms, Ignatius  6 Jun 1834Wilkes County, Georgia I102983
30 Simms, Joseph Milburn  4 Jun 1821Wilkes County, Georgia I18333
31 Simms, Mary  Aft 1812Wilkes County, Georgia I102984
32 Simms, Mary  Abt 1824Wilkes County, Georgia I102981
33 Simms, Thomas  16 Jun 1824Wilkes County, Georgia I102975
34 Simpson, Archibald  4 Nov 1828Wilkes County, Georgia I72227
35 Stribling, Francis  1796Wilkes County, Georgia I41637
36 Stubblefield, Peter  Abt 1795Wilkes County, Georgia I115308
37 Sudduth, Hannah MNU  Aft 1793Wilkes County, Georgia I49308
38 Swann, Basil  Aft 1696Wilkes County, Georgia I110025
39 Taliaferro, Elizabeth  Between 1807 and 1822Wilkes County, Georgia I6217
40 Thompson, Henrietta  Bef 1810Wilkes County, Georgia I102985
41 Turner, Meshack  28 Jan 1794Wilkes County, Georgia I127430
42 Wheeler, Ann Teresa  Aft 1805Wilkes County, Georgia I102982
43 Whitescarver, Lettice  1792Wilkes County, Georgia I135809
44 Winslow, Henry  Aft 1783Wilkes County, Georgia I62123
45 Wortham, Thomas  Abt 1805Wilkes County, Georgia I128032


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Adamson / Coates  26 Dec 1793Wilkes County, Georgia F29779
2 Dent / Heard  15 Oct 1807Wilkes County, Georgia F6399
3 Simms / Simms  Aft 1805Wilkes County, Georgia F45958